Educating to Hate: 
The impact of fundamentalist ideas on the school text books in India and Pakistan

A preliminary collection of writings
Allah's Army in Pakistan, Hindutva Brigade in India, Buddhist Lions in Sri Lanka
A prominent South Asia Historians' meet unravels our shared past to dispel the myth--making and hate --preaching in the name of history teaching in the sub-continent

What Makes Sri Lankans One? - Highlights of and Reflections on K. Indrapala's. . . : The evolution of an ethnic identity
by Tissa Jayatilaka

Present's Tresspass on South Asian Pasts
by Sajid Huq

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The making of a peace activist
-- Ruth Firer 
... building trust across divides is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian 'peace process'.

Education in India in times of Hindutva:

Tolerance begins in the classroom
By C.P. Bhambhri [May 14, 2007]

Experts see textbooks promoting 'half-truths' in Rajasthan
-- The Hindu
[February 14, 2007]

Report of National Consultation on Minorities and Biases in Textbooks (13 - 14 January 2007, New Delhi)
[January 19, 2007]

Return of the rightwing textbook
By Apporvanand [January 17, 2007]

Furore over Rajasthan's 'Saffron' syllabus
By NDTV Correspondent
[December 12, 2006]

HRW for a council to review textbooks
By Akshaya Mukul  [December 2, 2006]

Another Tiger in the crosshairs (Hindu right campaign to
delete Tipu Sultan from textbooks)
By Amar Farooqui [October 3, 2006]

NCERT Textbooks
Editorial, Economic and Political Weekly
[August 26, 2006]

'Beef' cut from India's history textbooks
By Shaikh Azizur Rahman
[June 20, 2006]

Little star loses its twinkle in Indian state's schools
By Maseeh Rahman
[June 15, 2006]

Debating The California Textbook Controversy
In the shadow of Saraswati

By Vijay Prashad
[March 2006]

History Hungama:
The California Textbook Debate

By Sunaina Maira and Raja Swamy
[February 2006]

Looking for a Hindu Identity
By D N Jha
[Presentation at the 66th Indian History Congress, Shantiniketan, January 28, 2006]

RSS Now Targets California Textbooks
By Nalini Taneja [Dec 2005]

Council eye on textbooks
-- News Report 
[October 20, 2005]

'Nazi' row over Indian textbooks
-- BBC
[23 July, 2005]

The Constitutional Mandate and Education A Report on the
(i) Impact of Pedagogy of the Approach, Teaching Textbook and Curricullum being followed in some of these non-governmental and governmental schools;
(ii) Spread of the RSS/VHP Network in the Field of Education,
(iii) Spread and Reach of Madrassa Education,
(iv) State and Private Funding of These Institutions/Networks
Presented to the CABE sub-Committee on "Regulatory Mechanisms for Textbooks and Parallel Textbooks Taught in Schools Outside the Government System"
Edited and Produced by KHOJ for a plural India Programme, Sabrang, Mumbai [April 6-7, 2005]

Knowledge and education
By Romila Thapar [January 15, 2005]

Politics of Hindutva and the NCERT Text Books
By Atishi Marlena [September 2004]

Education: beyond review
By K.N. Panikkar [June 29, 2004]

Students submit memorandum to NCERT panel

--News Report [June 24, 2004]

Myth and hate as history
By B.G. Verghese [June 23, 2004]

Educational Reforms: What Is Not To Be Done

Shahid Amin [June 2, 2004]

Teaching to Hate - RSS' Pedagogical Programme
By Nandini Sundar [April 17, 2004]

'Hinduness' with vengeance: Schools offer Indians way out of poverty, lessons in religious bias
By Jehangir Pocha [April 16, 2004]

Smuggling hindutva through textbooks
By Yoginder Sikand [March 2, 2004]

Dont go by the book - document

[On text books in Gujarat] From the Asian Centre for Human Rights' alternate report for the UN committee on the rights of the child concluded [December 30, 2003]

Thapar talks on distortion in India
By Samuel Rendall [November 18, 2003]

Communalisation of Education

By Nalini Taneja
[27 Oct 2003]

Notion of Nation | Subtext of Doctored Textbooks
By Anuradha M Chenoy
[Oct. 17, 2003]

Text-Books, Politics and the Practice of History
by Tripta Wahi
[September 2003]

In the Name of History
Examples from Hindutva-inspired school textbooks in India

By Teesta Seetalvad

Peace with the past
By Krishna Kumar
[Pride and Prejudice - School Histories of the Freedom Struggle in India and Pakistan by Krishna Kumar (Published by Viking) ]

Historical pedagogy of the Sangh Parivar
By Tanika Sarkar [March 2003]

Manufacturing believers
The RSS runs a network of schools [across India]

By Anjali Mody [February 10, 2003]

Hindu Nationalists Campaign to Remake Education in India
Ruling party and its allies enlist academics to revise the canon

By Marion Lloyd

Whither Indian Education
By K.N.Panikkar

Communalisation of Education:
The History Textbook Controversy
: An Overview
By Mridula Mukherjee and Aditya Mukherjee

Hindutva Institutions in Education: The spreading network of RSS
By Venkitesh Ramakrishnan

On saffronization of education
By Hiren Gohain

Distorting History
By Basharat Peer 
[November, 2002]

A Judicial letdown [Commentry on the Indian Supreme Court judgment in the NCERT case]
Praful Bidwai [October 11, 2002]   

Indian Supreme Court and the right to secular education
By Praful Bidwai [September 21, 2002]

Eklavya loses thumb again
By Harbans Mukhia [August 2002]

History period [Review of Krishna Kumar's Book]
By Shahid Amin [March 2002]

Re-Schooling Society: A Study of the Education Policy of the BJP-led Indian Government (1998- )
By Tapan Basu
[March 2002]

Attempt to rewrite History fascist: Bipan
[ 21 February, 2002] History and community sentiment
By Rajeev Bhargava [Jan., 2002]

Recasting the past in india
By K.N.Panikkar [November, 2001]

Concern over distortions
Participants at the Kolkata session of the Indian History Congress express concern over attempts to distort history in school textbooks and thus subvert secular education.
By Suhrid Sankar Chattopadhyay [February 2001]

Outsider as enemy
The politics of rewriting history in India

By K.N.Panikkar [January, 2001]

Hindu right-wing seeks to control culture, education
By Praful Bidwai [December 14, 1999]

Rewriting history with a Hindu message
By Praful Bidwai [October 30, 1999]

End of Indian History
By J B D'Souza
[March 10, 1999]

Taking Hindutva to School
By Sukumar Muralidharan and S.K. Pande
[November 7, 1998]

Doctoring textbooks
State governments run by the BJP have sought to rewrite historical accounts and effect changes in school syllabi so as to reflect the Hindutva view. Some illustrations.
By Parvathi Menon and T.K. Rajalakshmi
[November 7, 1998]
Islamisation and Education in Pakistan:

A Distorted History
Editorial, Dawn [July 10, 2008]

History as we know it
By Manzur Ijaz [July 9, 2008]

Curriculum of Hate
By Farruq Saleem [June 8, 2008]

Indoctrinating young minds
By Ali Shan Azhar [October 14, 2007]

History distorted
Pakistan persists with biased textbooks

By Kuldip Nayar [March 12, 2007]

History: an obscurantist view
-- Editorial, Dawn [February 23, 2007]

Distorting History
-- Editorial, The News [February 23, 2007]

MMA against teaching pre-Islamic History
By Raja Asghar [February 22, 2007]

Telling the Truth for a Change
Editorial, The News [December 8, 2006]

Good News about curriculum
Editorial, The Daily Times [December 7, 2006]

School curriculum 'enlightened'; Two-nation theory explained
By Irafn Ghauri [December 7, 2006]

Destruction of Minds
By Kamila Hyat [August 3, 2006]

Schoolbooks on alternative history to be launched today [April 26, 2006]

Curriculum change controversy
By Omar R. Quraishi [January 17, 2006]

IJT slams minister for ‘secularising’ education curriculum [December 23, 2005]
Allegations against Mubarak Ali are false [December 23, 2005]

Intolerance of dissent
By Anwar Syed [November 7, 2005]

Murderers of history
By Hafizur Rahman [March 2, 2005]

Educational reform vs fundamentalist fury

By Mohammad Shehzad [February 16, 2005]

Rewriting the History of Pakistan
By Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy and Abdul Hameed Nayyar (1985) [SACW, 6 February, 2005]

On madarsas and making education a vehicle of change
[January 20, 2005]

We will not 'secularise' education system: Aga Khan Board
[Jan 19, 2005]

'Distorted history is breeding hatred'

By Zakir Hassnain

Theocracy, bureaucracy and hypocrisy

The Punjab chapter of the Tanzeem-e-Usatiza, the teacher's wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami has accused the federal government of "poisoning" the schools curriculum by adding lesson of liberalism and eliminating lessons of jihad as it panders to American, British, Israeli and Indian interests. [September 27, 2004]

Pakistan's inner battle for education reform

By Juliette Terzieff
[May 30, 2004]

Lessons in Intolerance

Massoud Ansari [May 13, 2004]

Storming the textbooks

By Abbas Rashid
[April 3, 2004]

Jihad and the Curriculum
By Beena Sarwar
[April 2, 2004]

A curriculum of hatred

By Zubeida Mustafa [March 31, 2004]

Debating education reform-II

By A H Nayyar
[March 20, 2004]

Debating education reform-I
By A H Nayyar
[March 16, 2004]

Past Masters
A H Nayyar, in conversation with Anuradha M Chenoy [February 26, 2004]

Pakistan: Ministry of Education-II

By Dr Farrukh Saleem [December 21, 2003]

Pakistan: Ministry of Education-I

By Dr Farrukh Saleem [December 14, 2003]

 'When ideology becomes supreme, history suffers'
An interview with
Mubarak Ali by Zaman Khan

The Subtle Subversion: A report on Curricula and Textbooks in Pakistan

By Prof. A. H. Nayyar and Ahmed Salim

A history of their own
By Dr Tariq Rahman
[September 2002]

Nation State, Education and Textbooks
By Mubarak Ali
[August 2000]

School Books That Teach Children To Hate
By Mohammad Shehzad
Language, Religion and Identity in Pakistan: Language-Teaching in Pakistan Madrassas
By Tariq Rahman

Censorship in Pakistani Urdu Textbooks
By Ajmal Kamal

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