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What the Governments of India and Pakistan
could have done
at their respective
Official celebrations
marking the 50th annivarsary 
But wont do ?

"Azaadi was also Partition"
by Vijay Prashad




From the Sound Archives 

(the following files will open with Real Audio)

Jinnah speaking on
August 14 1947
Nehru's Speech of
August 15 1947

[Tryst with destiny



- Garam Hawa ( An important film on the Partition of India -1947)
The Division of Hearts ( A documentary of Partition by Peter Chappel and Sati Khanna)
- Mammo (A valuable film on Partition by Shyam Benegal)
- Partition (A film by Tariq Ali and McMullen)
- War Crimes File (3 War criminals from Bangaldesh War of 1971) 
- In the Name of God, Father Son & Holy war and other documentary films by Anand Patwardhan 
- Anand Patwardhan's Films
- Song of Freedom / Muktir Gaan (A documentary on the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971) 
- Films by Ali Kazimi
- A Season Outside (A film by Amar Kanwar )  
- Stop the Hatred (A 50 second spot for communal harmony in India)
- Taxi-Vala (A film about South Asian taxi drivers in NY) 
- BomGay (A film from the Gay Community in Bombay) 
- Fire (An important film about women and sexuality in India) 
- Earth (based on Pakistani novelist Bapsi Sidwa's Cracking India on the political dynamics of the India/Pakistan 1947 partition) 
- My Son the Fanatic (A film on young south Asians meddling with fundamentalist politics in the UK.) 
- East is East
- Talking Peace (A documentary on the experience of Pakistan-India People Forum for Peace & Democracy)
- South Asian Film and Video Association (SAFVA)
- Film South Asia
- New Delhi Video Forum
- South Asia Film and TV

The Mainstream Newsmedia: Magazines / Portals / E.News spaces 
Dhaka Courier | Holiday | Weekly Robbar | The Friday Times | The Herald | Himal | Outlook | India Today | The Week | | Rediff on the Net | The South Asian | Little India | Megaeast | Pakistan Observer | Pakistan Today | Samachar | The Hoot: Watching the Media in the Subcontinent

Progressive Periodicals / Webzines / Portals
- Akhbar
Bytes for All
Communalism Combat (India)
Delhi Magazine (India)
- Down to Earth (Indian fortnightly on Environmental issues)
Economic and Political Weekly (India)
- Frontline (a popular Indian newsmagazine)
- Gallerie (India)
- Ghadhar (journal of the Forum of Indian Leftists)
- Jaal (alternative, humorous take on Indian events)
- Lines (Sri Lanka)
Mainstream (India)
Meghbarta (Bangladeshi Webzine)
Meghdutam Plus
People's Democracy (India)
Refugee Watch
- Sangat (An Electronic journal on Politics, Culture, Poetry & Fiction)
- Seminar (India) Seminar Contents pages 1993
SAMAR (South Asian Magazine for Action & Reflection, N.Y.)
Shobak: Alternative Asian Voices
- Sanskriti (a South Asian journal)
- South Asian Voice
- Tamil Rights
Trikone (A journal of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual South Asians) 
- Weekly Ganashakti (India)
- Kuknalim.Net (the site for Naga news, issues and views) 
- The Little Magazine (India)

Journals / Projects / Scholars, intellectuals, artists & activists: 
- Berkeley Journal of Asian Studies
- Biblio: A review of Books
- South Asia Bulletin
- South Asian History
- Studies in Nepali History and Society
- People For Peace Between Pakistan and India
- : a forum to promote dialog between the peoples of India & Pakistan.
- Aligarh Historians Society
- Association for Communal Harmony in Asia
- Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars [Contents Pages 1968-93]
- Center for Advocacy in Mental Health (Pune, India)
- Social Scientist [Contents Pages 1993-96]
- Indian Economic and Social History Review [Contents Pages 1993-96]
- Indian Journal of Gender Studies [Contents Pages 1996-97]
- India Media Review (E-Zine)
- Journalists Resource Centre (Pakistan)
- Drik Picture Library (Dhaka)
- Ekta : A South Asian Progressive Network
- Sarai: The new media initiative in India
Anumukti: A Journal for a Nuclear Energy Free India
- Indo Pakistan Jazz Coalition (IPJC) [web sites of IPJC members Rudresh Mahanthappa;
Fareed Haque; Samir Chatterjee ]
Vijay Iyer's home page - Jazz Pianist
The Experiment. Bengali rock band. Music of India, Bangladesh
- International Journal of Punjab Studies 
- Lokayan Bulletin 
- Pravada

- Social Scientists Association (Sri Lanka)
Shanthi: An Online Journal Promoting Peace in Sri Lanka
Friends for Peace in Sri Lanka (FPSL), Australia
South Asia Solidarity Group
Progressive South Asia Network (Proxsa Net)
South Asians Against Nukes Mailing List
South Asia Nuclear Dialogue Weekly
Indian Progressive Study Group (at Columbia Univ, N.Y.)
Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS), Bombay. | [Indian Journal of Secularism
International South Asia Forum (Montreal)
India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch
Insaf International (India)
South Asia Watch
- Taking On Telematic Surveillance
The Atheist Centre Website (Vijayavada, India)
Ahimsa (London, UK)
- South Asia Citizens Wire (Archive of SACW posts)
Tarksheel Bharat / Rationalist Society (India)
Community Development Library (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Center for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement
A Database on South Asian Scholars
A Directory of independent NGO's & activists in India
A Guide to Pakistani NGOs
Mangalbare Forum ( a weekly discussion forum of activists & intellectuals in Kathmandu)
Oral History project on the 1971 Bangladesh war of Independence
Bangaldesh's War Liberation Museum
Bangla Nuremberg: Raising Awareness About 1971 War Criminals
UBINIG Policy Research for Development Alternatives (Dhaka)
Asia Source by Asia Society, NY
Centre for Policy Dialogue, Dhaka
International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo
Centre for Studies in Social (CSSS) Sciences, India
Goa Research Net (GRN)
Centre for Eductaion and Documentation (Bombay & Bangalore)
Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace
Amitav Ghosh
Shashi Tharoor
Asma Jahangir: Interviewed by Amitav Ghosh (lawyer and human rights activist, Lahore, August 29, 1998)
Praful Bidwai Interviewed by Amitav Ghosh
Some Writings of D D Kosambi
Political Writings of Hamza Alavi
Writings by Achin Vanaik
- Selected Writings of Eqbal Ahmed (A collections of his writings)
- In Memory of Eqbal Ahmed (Obitutaries & tributes)
- Akhtar Hamid Khan
- Faiz Ahmad Faiz (The official website)

Publishers and Bookstores: 

- Kali for Women (New Delhi) | More on Kali for Women
Katha (New Delhi, India)
- City Press (Karachi, Pakistan)
- Mashaal Books (Lahore, Pakistan)
- Vanguard Books (Lahore, Pakistan)
- Narigrantha Prabartana [ The Feminist Bookstore ] (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
- Narigrantha Prabartana (The Official Site)
- Permanent Black (New Delhi, India)
- Ram Advani Bookseller (Lucknow, India)
- Seagull Books (Calcutta, India)
- The Other India Bookstore (Goa, India)
- Tulika Books (Madras)
- Three Essays Press (New Delhi, India)
- University Press Ltd. (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
- Leftword Books ( New Delhi)
- Streelekha Feminist Bookstore (Bangalore, India)
- Suriya Bookshop (Colombo, Sri Lanka) 
- Asian Rare Books

I. The Hindu Fundamentalist Circuit 
(The proponents of National - Hinduism: RSS, VHP, BJP)
(This is a series of links to web sites maintained by Religious right wing organisations such as that of the Hindu Fascists from the RSS, VHP; You can find their propaganda materials here.
Some of you may take strong objection to such links here, but we feel that it is very important to monitor and read what these guys are doing)

RSS in Action

Hindutva's Foreign Tie-Ups In The 1930's: Archival Evidence
by Marzia Casolari
A Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva
by Sabrang Communications / SACW [20 November 2002]
Et Tu, RSS?
by Kuldip Nayar (6 June 2000)
VHP in brief: The Sanghís right fist
by Vandita Mishra (Feb 24, 2002)
SS or Shivsena of Bombay [Bombay Fascists go electronic]
Culture Cops of Hindutwa [What BJP and Shiv Sena are doing to art and artists...]
Deepa Mehta speaks out against Hindu extremists campaign to stop her film
Jai Sri Bomb ! (How some vendors of Hinduism are now planning to build a National Shrine at India's Nuclear Test Site and Planning another Nuclear Bomb Temple in Nepal. Hope these guys will glow at night.... )
How Hindu Holy men use muscle power in the name of god
[Of Crime & Management of Hindu Religious Shrines and Religious
properties in Northern India]

VHP Property Dealers

Violence Against Christians and Muslims in Gujarat by members of the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad
- (A statement from Chairman of National Commission of Minorities, India )
[Sept.1998 onwards =>] Reports on Violence Against Christians in India
India's Minorities Are Targets of Government-Abetted Violence (HRW Commentary, March 20, 2000)
The Staines Killings: Religious Intolerance and Government Inaction - Human Rights Features (13 August 1999)
Catholic priest killed in Mathura June 8, 2000
Bombs explode in Indian churches June 8, 2000
Anti-Christian, anti-Indian (The recent attacks on Christians & churches hurt the foundations of India)
June 09, 2000
Extremist Hindus launch anti Christian attacks June 10, 2000
Conversion and the Assertive Margins: Hindu Nationalist Discource and the recent attacks on Christians
by John Zavos

Dangey Matram !
The Inferno of Hate, Horror in Gujarat, India ( 27 Feb 2002 on): A Record

Courtesy: the deadly VHP, RSS, BJP and other operations of the 'Jang' Parivar (family of the Hindu right)
Links:For latest information on Gujarat see:
Shanti: An initiative for Justice, Peace and Communal Harnony

*Gujarat : Hindutva's Laboratary [ Gujarat today, India tomorrow? ]

Specialists in rioting, demolition, murder and maiming for free in the name of God
[If you require services of hitmen call the nearest 'Jang Parivar' office]

Free Rides to 'Theocracy' on Mad Cow driven Chariots (Opening soon in your nearest City)   Sponsored by Hindu Gobar Gas Chambers of India 

Nuclear Rath Yatra Planned To Join Write to: 
A[kand] B[harat] Vajpayee, New Delhi, India


II. Muslim Fundamentalists in South Asia:
A comment on the antics of the Jamaat-e-Islami (Bangladesh)
Religious Extremism And Nationalism In Bangladesh
by Bertil Lintner
Plights of Ethnic and Religious Minorities & Rise of Islamic Extremism in Bangladesh
by Bertil Lintner. [February 2003]
Jamaat-e-Islami [Pakistan] claims that the Basant festival a plot against Pak culture
Pakistan:Women Bus Conductors [under attack by the Mullas]
by Harun ur Rashid
The 'Jehad Factories' of Pakistan
Pakistan's Jihad Culture
Religion and Political Identity: Gathering storm in Pakistan
by Zulfiqar Ahmad (October 15, 2002)
Pakistani religious bloc exerts pressure on province
(Jan 14, 2003)
Taliban-type terror in Kashmir as the Islamic Right launches its burkha campaign
by Praveen Swami (January 18, 2003)

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