A Resource Centre on Sexuality

SANGAMA, 1st Floor, No. 7, 8th Main, 3rd Phase,
Domlur 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560 071, India. Phone: 530 9591.

SANGAMA is a resource centre on sexuality with a focus on the rights of
sexuality minorities (lesbians, bisexuals, gays and others who are
discriminated due to their sexuality). We document information in Kannada and
English through newspaper clippings, journals, newsletters, books, reports,
conference papers, films and internet. Our aim is to enlarge social, cultural
and political space for sexuality minorities. We work to help sexuality
minorities to come to terms with their sexuality and live with self-
acceptance, self-respect and dignity.

HOW TO REACH US: While travelling on the Airport road take the road bang
opposite 'New Shanthi Sagar Restaurent'. You will have Domlur Bus Depot to
your right. After 500 meters the road will curve to the left. 100 meters
after this curve you will find a 3 storied red brick (unplastered) building
sporting 'ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH FOUNDATION (INDIA)' sign-board. Sangama is located on the first floor of this building.

SANGAMA is facilitated through a MacArthur Foundation's individual Felloship
for Elavarthi Manohar.