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Pakistan ought to bury the male chauvinist tribal customs of honour killings
A compliation by siawi.org of media editorials and an appeal from a human rights organisation (August 31, 2008)

Love in the time of foeticide
by KS Dakshina Murthy [August 24, 2008]

A Factsheet on Womens Malnutrition in India - by Sunny Jose, K Navaneetham [Aug 16, 2008]

Bangladesh: Campus Violations
by Hana Shams Ahmed (August 1, 2008)

Disppearing Daughters
A brochure based on a report by Action Aid [June 2008]

Fascist violence against a women’s policy in Bangladesh
A compilation from the Bangladesh Press
on siawi.org [25 April 2008]

Pakistan: Sex and the State
by Rafia Zakaria [December 16, 2006]

Strength of a woman
Masum teaches women to fight injustice and learn their fundamental rights
by Subhash Abooj [December 4, 2006]

India: Men at Work
by Janaki Nair
[August 16, 2006]

Pakistan: Commercial Marriage of Girls
by Nafisa Shah
[July 9, 2006]

Pakistan: Tribal Approval of Honour Killings Decried
by Ashfaq Yusufzai
[May 12, 2006]

Bangladesh Women Organise For Their Rights - An interview with Kushi Kabir
by Sujatha Fernanded and Michael Tardif 
[May 12, 2006]

India: Ridiculous Changes in the Prostitution Law
by Indira Jaisingh
[March 9, 2006]

India: 6000 sex workers march to demand equal rights
[March 8, 2006]

Moral Victories
by Flavia Agnes [February 2006]

Pakistan: Changing Anti-Women Laws (Editorial in Dawn) 
[February 26, 2006]

Pakistan: Karachi - Women councillors urged to unite
[January 1, 2006]

India: Women and insurgency
by Patricia Mukhim  The Telegraph [November 29, 2005]

India: Sex and Sensibility in Tamil Politics 
by S Anandhi [November 19, 2005]

The Sweet smell of Gender Trouble:
Khushboo sniffs out the ticking time bomb of cine-patriarchy

by Ra Ravishankar [November , 2005]

India: Criminal Law on Domestic Violence: Promises and Limits
by Jayna Kothari  [November 12, 2005]

A Pakistani Woman Speaks Out Against Discrimination

Women's Rights to Land and Assets
by Nitya Rao [EPW, October 29, 2005]

Is Microfinance a 'Magic Bullet' for Women's Empowerment?
by Naila Kabeer
[EPW, October 29, 2005]

Human Security and Gender Violence
by Radhika Coomaraswamy
[EPW, October 29, 2005]

Women's Agency in Peace Building
by Rita Manchanda [EPW, October 29, 2005]

Women in Governance in South Asia
by Gail Omvedt [EPW, October 29, 2005]

'Women didn’t receive rights without struggle
by Bina Agarwal
[September 13, 2005]

Feminist struggles in Bangladesh
by Firdous Azim
[Feminist Review, issue 80, July 2005]

A Free Woman
by Nicholas D. Kristof

[June 19, 2005]

Injustice epitomised
by Masooda Bano
[June 17, 2005]

Co-ed footrace a giant step for moderates in Pakistan
[June 1, 2005]

Pakistan: Mind behind movement

We were so fortunate to have counted Shahla Zia among us. Much work remains, and it will be very hard indeed to proceed without her in our midst
by Ayesha Khan [March 20, 2005]

Acquittals in Pakistan gang rape - BBC [March 4, 2005]
Related Materials -
-Text of the Meerwala case judgment
- web site on Mukhtar Mai

Pakistani religious law challenged
by Scott Baldauf
[March 2, 2005]

Pakistan: Sign the letter against the gang-rape cover-up and the intimidation of Dr. Shazia.
--Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women
[February, 2005]

Morality play comes to town
by Rakesh Shukla [February 15, 2005]

Pakistan: News report on meeting to commemorate the protest march against the Hudood ordinance by women activists in Lahore, on February 12, 1983.

Pakistan: Women's struggle: one step forward, one step back

by Dr. Farzana Bari [The News International, February 12, 2005]

[Pakistan] Slashing women's representation [in Local government]
Editorial, Dawn [January 31, 2005]

Doing it their way
The recent move to set up a separate All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board at Lucknow may be welcomed with cautious optimism by the Indian feminist movement. by Janaki Nair [The Telegraph, February 9, 2005]

Anxieties of Control - Sex, technology and the Great Indian Value System by Nivedita Menon [The Telegraph, January 13, 2005]

Timely Reminder: On women and the Naga movement by Rita Manchanda [December 28, 2004]

A Bill of her own?
Proposed amendments to the Hindu Succession Act arent enough by Bina Agarwal [December 23, 2004]

Culture as politics: An interview with Sheema Kermani [December 10, 2004]

India: Girl, Interrupted
- Sex ratio may decline further by next census by Bishakha De Sarkar [The Telegraph, 19 September 2004]

Censuses, Communalism, Gender and Identity: A Historical Perspective by Charu Gupta

Gender Conflict and Displacement: Contesting 'Infantilisation' of Forced Migrant Women
by Rita Manchanda [EPW, Sept.11, 2004]

Body of the Nation
Why women were mutilated in Gujarat

by Martha C. Nussbaum [Boston Review - Summer 2004]

Dangerous Desires: Television
and Erotics in Late Twentieth
Century India

by Purnima Mankekar
[Journal of Asian Studies, May 2004]

Justice immolated
by Kavita Srivastava
[The New Nation, Jun 30, 2004]

Remembering the Bangladeshi feminist Salma Sobhan (who died on December 30, 2003)

- In memoriam
Salma Sobhan
A human being extraordinaire

Habibul Haque Khondker (
The Daily Star, January 1, 2004)

Eminent HR activist Barrister Salma Sobhan passes away  The Daily Star, December 31, 2003

Salma Sobhan passes away
The New Nation, December 31, 2003

Pakistan: Supreme Court legalises "free-will" marriages
[UN Regional Information Asia, December 30, 2003]

Renaming Women's Studies Centres

by Jasodhara Bagchi [EPW, Letter to Editor
November 22, 2003

Pakistan women's rights take centre stage

by Adnan Adil
[November 11, 2003]

Gayatri keeps knocking on justice's doors
The story of one rape survivor
by Laxmi Murthy [November 06, 2003]

Sex Ratios and 'Prosperity Effect': What Do NSSO Data Reveal?
by Siddhanta S, Nandy D and Agnihotri S B
[October 11 , 2003]

Despite Sound and Fury, 'Hudood' Laws Still Stay
by Zofeen Ebrahim
[September 26 , 2003]

On the Retrogressive Move to rename Womens Studies Centers in India
by Neera Desai, Maithreyi Krishnaraj et.al[August 30, 2003]

Women's Liberty Under Attack in Northwest Pakistan
By Juliette Terzieff
[June 30, 2003]

Rape Victims in Kerala
by Usha Venkitakrishnan and Sunil George Kurien

Domestic violence across generations: findings from northern India
by Sandra L Martina, Kathryn E Moraccoa,b,c, Julian Garrod, Amy Ong Tsuia,e, Lawrence L Kupperd, Jennifer L Chasea and Jacquelyn C Campbell
[International Journal of Epidemiology, 2002;31:560-572 ]

No honour in these killings
by Kalpana Sharma
[November 3, 2002]

For Pakistan's women, election quotas are a start
by Farhan Bokhari
[May 31, 2001]


Permanent Collection and Links

When state panders to religious interests, it threatens womens rights: the case of Asian women in UK
by Pragna Patel [May 2, 2008]

Women's Demands for Justice in Sri Lanka
by Kishali Pinto Jayawardena
[December 2007] <via sacw - 24-25 Dec 2007>

SACW - Women's rights special - March 8, 2007

Agency, Inequality and Human Rights

by Amartya Sen [December 2006]

Litigating Reproductive Rights: Using Public Interest Litigation and International Law to Promote Gender Justice in India
by Avani Mehta Sood [Center for Reproductive Rights, 2006]

Listen to Irom Sharmila's Voice of Conscience! Repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act Now!
Theeradesa Mahilavedi fishers womens group and other women's groups in solidarity [September 10, 2006]

Sexual Harassment at Delhi University: The Dayal Singh College Case
by Forum For Democratic Struggle [July 26, 2006]

Towards a Politics of Justice: Affirming Diversities; Resisting Divisiveness
Declaration of the National Co-ordination Committee of the Seventh National Conference of Autonomous Women’s Movements in India, Kolkata 2006
[posted on SACW on June 22, 2006]

Women, Political Parties and Social Movements in South Asia
by Amrita Basu
[July, 2005] 

Press Statement by Women's Organizations In India Re: 'community panchayats' [June 20, 2005]

Protest Against Police Inaction and Glorification of Sati

by Saheli - New Delhi [May 27, 2005]

South Asian Women's Community Centre (SAWCC--Montreal, Canada) position on the recommendation to use the Arbitration Act of Ontario to settle family legal matters based on religious laws
[March 17, 2005]

India: Remembering Kanak Mukherjee

Women Against Fundamentalism

by Dolores Chew

Marriage, Family and Community

by Chayanika Shah, Rohini Hens
man, Mary E John, Anupama Rao and Rinchin [EPW symposium- February 19 , 2005]

India: Sex Choice as Advertisement, Rape as Infotainment ! Corporate vultures ?

by Subhash Gatade [February 14, 2005]

Pakistan: The Dr. Shazia Rape Case | Press Statement
by Joint Action Committee for People's Rights [Lahore, February 8, 2005]

India: Joint Statement of Women's Groups Against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA)
[17 January 2005]

India: Open Letter to the Media by PUDR, Saheli, Nirantar, Lok Raj Sanghatan, Sama, CREA, Tarshi, Centre for Development and Human Rights, PRISM, Sahrwaru, Delhi University GCash, Purogami Mahila Sanghatan, Akshara, Awaz - e- Niswan, Vacha, Forum Against Oppression of Women, Ashray Adhikar Manch, Rahi, Jagori, Mati Munsiari, Ankur, Anandi, Olakh, Sanlaap, Swayam, Gramya Resource Centre, Majlis, Labia [September 30, 2004]

Rajasthan High Court Accepts Sati Writ Petitions: Issues Notices
- Press Note [August 6, 2004]

Sati glorification: Crime, Society and the Wheels of Injustice
by Rakesh Shukla
[20 March 2004]

Women Status in Pakistan under Customs and Values
and The Controversial Hudood Ordinance 1979

by Rana Riaz Saeed

Opening the Pandora's Box: Sexual Harassment, Corruption and Malpractice in an NGO
A Report by Saheli, Delhi, Stree Adhikar Sangathan, Delhi and Allahabad, People's Union for Human Rights, Mirzapur | December 2003

Pineapples and Oranges, Brahmins and Shudras: Periyar Feminists and Narratives of Gender and Regional Identity in South India
by Glynis R. George [2003]

Pakistan: Brutality cloaked in tradition
by Beena Sarwar [August 6, 2002]

Sri Lanka Shadow Report on the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 
by CENWOR [December 2001]

Nationalism, Gender and Space in Pakistan
Liberation From Above or Within?

by Shahnaz Rouse [2001]

Too Hot to Handle: The Cultural Politics of Fire
by Ratna Kapur [2000]

Is Privacy Bad For Women? - What the Indian constitutional tradition can teach about sex equality.
by Martha C. Nussbaum [April 2000]

Feminism, Imperialism and Race:
a dialogue between India and Britain

by Barbara N. Ramusack and Antoinette Burton [1994]

South Asia Feminist Declaration 1989 

Message by Pakistani Feminists to women of Bangladesh

The Feminist Movement in Sri Lanka by Rohini Hensman

A Question of Honour: Women, Ethnicity and Armed Conflict by Radhika Coomaraswamy (May 1999)

A Profile of Women in Pakistan [Drawn from: Khawar Mumtaz and Fareeda Shaheed: "Women of Pakistan: two steps forward one step backward", Zed Press, London, 1987. ; Sabeeha Hafeez: "Metropolitan Women in Pakistan: Studies", Renaissance Publishing House, Delhi, 1990 [1st published 1981]

Central Sati Act - An analysis
by Maja Daruwala

Militarization, Women and Gender: Women's bodies as arena's of violent conflict by Rubina Saigol

Patriarchy, the Feminist Movement and the New Wave by Nighat Said Khan [An Audio File can be heard in Real Audio]

When Women Speak Out [in NWFP, Pakistan] by Omar Asghar Khan

The Women's Movement in Pakistan: An Interview with Hina Jilani

Pakistan: A law to lament by Asma Jahangir [June 2002]

Framing custom, directing practices: authority, property and matriliny under colonial law in nineteenth century malabar by Praveena Kodoth [Oct 2002 | PDF File]

Reproductive Rights in the Indian Context : An Introduction [PDF File] by Saheli Womenís Resource Centre English version of chapter that appeared in Nariwadi Rajaneeti -- Sangharsha evam Mudde (Feminist Strategies -- Struggles and Issues), Editors: Sadhana Arya, Nivedita Menon and Jinee Lokaneeta, (Delhi: Delhi University, March 2001)

Practicing Rakshabandhan: A Case-Study of Boyhood in Ranchi (Bihar, India)
by Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff [Sept, 2000]

'Flames of Fire': Expressions and Denial of Female Sexuality
by Abha Bhaiya [2001]

Women and Religion in Bangladesh by Bamandas Basu
Bangladeshi Women and the Politics of Religion by Gitiara Nasreen

Emancipating India's Women : Discrimination as Part of Hindu Culture by Roger Bernheim* [2001]

Indian Women and Violence - A Bibliography [September 1996]

Going Home
by Surina Khan [1999]

Widows versus Daughters or Widows as Daughters? Property, Land, and Economic Security in Rural India by Bina Agarawal [Modern Asian Studies, February 1998]

Sex Workers' Manifesto First National Conference of Sex Workers in India [November 1997]

Pakistani Women in a Changing Society by Hamza Alavi

India [Phoolan Devi] Shady Girl, Blazing Guns & The Political Fast Lane by Arundhati Roy

Sexual Violence and Predicament of Feminist Politics in Kerala (India) by  J Devika & Praveena Kodoth

Remembering Sudesh Vaid by Neeraj Malik, Kumkum Sangari, Svati Joshi, Uma Chakravarti, Urvashi Butalia

Terror as a Bargaining Instrument: A Case Study of Dowry Violence in Rural India by Francis Bloch and Vijayendra Rao [May 2000]

Is Privacy Bad For Women?What the Indian constitutional tradition can teach about sex equality.
by Martha C. Nussbaum [May 2000]

Two of Sri Lanka's Leading Feminist Voices: Sunila Abeysekera | Kumari Jayawardena

Women and Peace in Sri Lanka: Some Observations by Sunila Abeysekera

[Sri Lanka] Stepping Out: Women Surviving Amidst Displacement and Deprivation by F. Zackariya and N. Shanmugaratnam [2002]

Bangladesh: Sexual Harassment and the Public Woman
by Dina M Siddiqi
[May 2002]

Sunila Abeysekera: Peace Campaigner on A War-Torn Island Interview by Ethirajan Anbarasan (1999)

International Womens's Day Message, 8 March 2002 [Sri Lanka] by Tamil Feminist Forum

Sri Lanka: Addressing the psychosocial problems of women in a war ravaged society by Daya Somasundaram [People's Forum "Integration of women in the peace process" University of Jaffna, 8-9th Feb., 2003]

Sri Lanka: Power Dressing by Farzana Haniffa [July/August 2003]

Sixth National Conference of Women's Movements, 1997 (Ranchi, India)
Women's Studies Course in Pakistan (ASR/ Lahore)
Appeal to The Prime Minister of Bangladesh in Defence of Landless Peasant Women of Bangladesh
Action Alert from Naripokkho - Bangladesh (22 July 1999)
Alert for Action to Defend Prominent Pakistani women's rights organisation Shirkat Gah (May 21, 1999)


On Feminism in India

Organisations / Journals etc.

AIDWA (India)
Ain O Salish Kendra: A legal resource centre for women (Dhaka)
Akshara (Bombay)
Anweshi (Calicut)
Apne Aap Women's Collective (Bombay)
Blank Noise (Bangalore)
Centre for Feminist Legal Research (New Delhi)
Center for Women's Development Studies (New Delhi)
Center for Women's Research (Colombo)
Feminist Approach to Technology - FAT (New Delhi)
Gender and Space Project (Bombay)
Indian Association of Women's Studies (New Delhi)
Institute of Women's Studies / ASR: Women's Resource Centre (Lahore)
Jagori (New Delhi)
Journal of South Asian Women's Studies
Khuli Zabaan
Majlis (Bombay)
Manavi (U.S.A.)
Manushi (The Indian Feminist Journal)
MASUM (Poona)
Network of Women in Media (India)
NFIW (India)

Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies: Alam-e-Niswan
Point of View (Bombay)
RAHI [Recovering & Healing from Incest] (New Delhi)
Saheli (New Delhi)
Sahil (Islamabad)
Sakhi (U.S.A.)
Sakhi (Trivandrum)
Sakshi (New Delhi)
SEWA (India)
Shirkat Gah (Lahore)
Simorgh (Lahore)

South Asian Women for Action (U.S.A.)
South Asia Women's Network
Stree: Feminist Publisher n bookstore (Calcutta)
Streelekha: Feminist Bookstore (Bangalore)
Swayam (Calcutta)
Tamil Nadu Women's Collective (Madras / Chennai)
Tehrik e Niswan (Karachi)
Women's Center (Bombay)
Women and Media Collective (Colombo)
Women for Peace (Colombo)
Women Unlimited (India)
Women Workers Centre (Karachi)
Zubaan Books (New Delhi)
Random links to work of some feminists and internationalists:

The Emma Goldman papers

Aleksandra Kollontai

Simone de Beauvoir

Zillah Eisenstien

Women: What Is to be Done?
by Richard Sennett
[New York Review of Books - April 20, 1972]

Psychoanalysis and Politics
Juliet Mitchell Then and Now

by Lynne Segal
[Radical Philiosphy, 2000]

Excerpts from - Women's Consciousness, Man's World

by Shiela Rowbotham

Woman, Resistance and Revolution by Shiela Rowbotham

What is Socialist Feminism by Barbara Ehrenreich

A conversation with Juliet Mitchel by Tamar Garb and Mignon Nixon

A Very Careful Strike - Four hypotheses
by Precarias a la Deriva  Collective
(english version in in 2006 of original in Spanish,  Madrid, February 2005)

Links to some journals and goups:

Secularism is a women's issue

Feminist Dialogues

Feminist Review

Bitch: Feminist Response to Popular Culture

La coordination Feministe et Laique
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