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Blasts and the State of Terror

by I K Shukla, 27 July 2008

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After Bangalore now Ahmedabad has been rocked by blasts taking a toll of 45 innocent lives and maiming a hundred others. Despite the oft unmasked state complicity, its collusion with, and its absolution of terror rained on the minorities since 1992, not one of its architects, promoters and practitioners has ever been punished let alone pilloried. This is tantamount to continuation of terror as institutional policy and official statecraft. That means, the state is determined not to punish but protect the killers and criminals, and that it will also continue persecuting the victims of violence. Sleeping over the Sri Krishna Commission Report and cocking a snook at the Liberhan Commission (on Babri Mosque demolition of 1992) provide starkest evidence of a failed state and its lethal lurch into a rightist and regressive theocracy.

Two fatally divisive factors of this massive national betrayal that aid and abet the seditious mayhem and treasonous turmoil engulfing India are: 1.the community-weighted and caste-privileged electoral charade masquerading as parliamentary democracy, and 2. the semantic deception borrowed from the empire – "war on terror", that camouflages its hardcore intent and predatory objective of global dominance and militaristic control of world’s resources. Ruling classes, steeped in vicious injustice and yawning social disparities, have found this feral war of terror handy to quell dissent and snuff out resistance against the inhuman socio-political evils of privileged and putrid status quo. Nation states are replicating at home the empire’s terror ravaging the globe. Like the empire, they are partisans and votaries of outlaw justice blanketing their crimes under the convenient but dishonest slogan of ’fighting terrorism’.

This barbaric war against the nation, begun in Gujarat 2002 through the administratively executed slaughter spree against Muslims, was swept under the carpet and confidentially lauded by the then Home Minister of India, Lal Kishenchand Advani who had already earned mountainous notoriety, along with others, for involvement in the Babri demolition. And, it is he who always reflexively, like Pavlov’s dog, screams loudest for more stringent laws to nab the blast bombers, i.e., in his jaundiced presumption, Muslims. What these laws have already done is noteworthy: exculpating the saffronazi criminals and destroying the lives of numerous innocent Muslim men, women and children. Advani’s moral deficiency and lack of scruples was obscenely loud when, even before the investigations had begun, he had absolved the Bajrang Dal’s Dara Singh in the multiple murders of Staines family in Orissa. For his crime, Hindu fascists rewarded him with a ticket for the UP assembly. This is sectarian Hindutva idea of "cultural nationalism". This thuggish cult spurns the national flag and shuns the national anthem.

Unless the banal reversal of cause and consequence is renounced, unless Hindu fascism is punished, unless public apology and contrition is expressed unconditionally and immediately for traitorous and inhuman crimes against the minorities, unless the rehabilitation and restitution of those who suffered in Gujarat 2002 at the hands of the Hindu rapists-arsonists-killers-thugs, the wounds would not heal nor even minimal justice appear to have been done. Treason and war against the nation launched by Gujarat Terror 2002 would appear to be continuing and condoned, applauded and absolved. To let the culture of crime, modeled on Gujarat Genocide 2002, entrench itself in the nation and swarm it, would be to reward the irredeemable traitors and inveterate terrorists.

The agents of foreign powers need not infiltrate India. They have been here all along. Treason and cowardice have been ordained as the sacred duty of Hindu fascists as any primer of RSS by its founders and leading lights would amply and abysmally show. The loyal acolytes are living daily by their sacred texts that openly preach hatred, violence, division and regimentation. They have had the effrontery to call collaboration with the enemy, betrayal of the nation, suborning of the law and trashing of the Constitution - bravery. They persist in calling one such cowardly collaborator and iconic stooge of the Brits "brave". He had played a big role in Gandhi’s assassination.

Let the honchos of Hindutva make a clean breast of their crimes, let them be seen publicly reprimanded and punished, let their nationwide networks of terrorism and bomb-making, and their training camps for violence and sabotage be investigated and destroyed without their resort to legalistic subterfuge enabling clandestine continuance of their criminal dens. Let them avow loyalty to the nation and pledge fealty to its Constitution, let them abjure the evil of communalism and forswear the blind, brutal pursuit of vote bank politics. In short, let them prove to be civilized and patriotic.

The onus is on them. Their rag of rhetorical demagoguery is now too tattered to conceal their horrendous crimes against the nation, against humanity, against civilization, and against the national ethos and its multichrome, multiverse and multivalent heritage. They are stripped naked. Let them repent and abandon the evil that they have chosen as their path to power.

Let them reject their gods of foreign origin – Hitler and Mussolini. Let them uncoil themselves from fossils and freaks like Manu and James Mill. Let them strive to graduate from humanoid to human, from anti-India traitors, sectarian terrorists and servitors of foreigners at least to citizens and nationalists, if not patriots and democrats which, genetically destitute and disabled, they can never be.