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India: Press Release by Citizens Groups on Violent Attacks Against Adivasis in Assam

24 December 2014

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Press Release

New Delhi, 24 December, 2014: Sanmilito Janagosthiyo Oikya Mancha, Assam (An United Platform of 23 Organisations) strongly condemns the brutal Killings of innocent Adivashi People BTAD and its adjacent areas of Assam. On 23rd December, 2014 by Bodo Terrorist Group NDFB(S) attacked upon most oppressed Population of Assam Adivashi Santhals in two separate District of the State. The indiscriminte attack took place at Shantipur, Lungshung - Ballamguri, Ultapani under Kokrajhar District of BTAD, Assam where atleast 26 Bodies were found till yesterday evening. In Sonitpur District which is adjacent to BTAD witnessed two separate attacks in Batashipur and Fulpur (Under Pavoi Reserve Forest) where atleast 36 innocent people specially women , children were Killed. It is important to mention that all the areas where attacks took Place falls under the proposed Bodoland area where Bodos are Microscopic Minorities. Though Bodos are microscopic Minorities in this areas, they want to be in Majority through continious Ethnic Cleanching since 1989. Forces of Bodo Political Hegimony are behind this continious attacks and Ethnic cleansing. Though these continious Attack taking Place for more then three decades, the Govt. is very soft towards this Millitancy. The Bodo Millitants Groups including NDFB (R), NDFB (P), NDFB (S), Ex-BLT and many other hidden Miscreants group very much Active all over BTAD and Proposed Bodoland areas Govt. is not taking any actions against these Groups. Due inaction from the Part of the Govermnent ,Killings, Kidnapping and large scale Extortion are Day to Day happenings in these areas. There is not a single village having Population Koch-Rajbonshi, Bengali Hindu, Assamise Muslims, Adivashis and other Non-Bodo Groups where Extortion Letter has not been served by this Millitant Groups. As per Govt reports before this round of Attack 177 People were Killed more then 377 People were Kidnapped by Bodo Millitants only in BTAD area this Year. Unfortunately, though some of them have returned paying huge ransom, many of them still traceless or were killed even after paying huge ransom. Sanmilito Janagosthiyo Oikya Mancha, Assam has been demanding more security posts in the area and to start combing operations against Terrorists and illegal Arms in the area and immediate compensation for the victims. It is matter of concern that The Adivashi and other Non-Bodo Groups of Peoples living in Pavoi Reserve Forest were threatened since last three months to Vacate their Land by these Terrorist Groups, Govt. did not took any Security measures where 30 people were killed yesterday. In Lungsung where atleast 12 persons were Killed Yesterday, the BTAD Council itself trying to Vacate the Land for the last three Years. So, the nexus between BTC Authority and the Millitants can’t be ignored.

After this indiscriminate firing of militants, the situation is going to be deteriorated very fast in BTAD and its adjacent area of Sonitpur district. In many places burning of houses and clash between inactive police and general people is taking place. Government must take strongest action to root out the militants and tackle the situation carefully.

The government of Assam has failed in tackling the situation and as the violence is spreading very fast in many parts of the area. central government should have sent additional forces to tackle the situation. Government must start combing operation against the militants very quickly to save the people.


1- Mr. JAMSHER ALI (President, BTAD Citizen Rights Forum) spoke about the present conflict situation in Assam and the massive ethnic program which has been going on. in 1987, demand for seperate Bodoland for BODO community was raised mainly in the northern part of Brahmaputra valley. central and state governments failed to deal with the violent situation.

Commission under the leadership of Bhupinder Singh refused their demands. Government of India never took notice of the Bhupinder Singh Commission report which led to the rise of BODO autonomous council.

2008 and 2012 witnessed incidents of violence and ethnic cleansing in different districts. In the recent yesterday attack, they have targeted the Adivasi Santhals and mainly women and children are killed belonging to christian minority group.

He brought into light, the BTAD (Bodoland Autonomous Council) is runned by ex-military group. it is said, that the agencies of central government is providing them support. General Amnesty is provided to the militants group which is encouraging the militancy.

He demands the deployment of permanent security forces and para-military forces in all conflict areas which has been attacked since 1989-2014. And that the ’sixth schedule to the constituent amendment act’ to be reviewed.

Since the situation is worsening at a fast pace, SJOM demands support from the central government for effectively dealing with the situation.

He informed about the incident of killing common people in police firing, who were agitating against their inaction.

He exposed the controversial win of the BJP candidate Ram Prasad Sharma from Tejpur District with open support from NDFB-S militant group.

9th August 2014, a meeting with Rajnath Singh (Present Home Minister) was held and a 444 page memorandum was put forward. But Government’s negligience is causing continued attacks.

2- Mr. NAVAID HAMID blamed the NDA regime for series of violent attacks and the ongoing support from the BJP to the militant groups. He mentioned the previous attacks on the muslim community which lead to the displacement of nearly 4 lakh people, who were forced to become refugees in their own land. He accused the BJP government for reaping political benefits which is evident in recent trends.

3- Mr.ABDUL AZIZ (President, ASOM SANKHYA LUGHU SANGRAM PARISHAD) raised his demand of reviewing the BTC Accord. The immediate need to seize illegal arms and their availability in every household.

Muslims, Adivasis, Bengali Hindus and Hindi speaking people are widely attacked in various districts. He said it is a strategy of expanding the BTAD area through terror activities.


  • Sanmilito Janagosthiyo Oikya Mancha, Assam (An United Platform of 23 Organisations)
  • ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy)
  • AIDWA (Delhi)
  • JTSA
  • People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism
  • JSSF
  • Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians
  • Nagrik Ekta Manch

DATE :- 24.12.2014.

New Delhi.