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India: Perin Chandra, a veteran Communist and peace activist is no more

8 January 2015

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From Vidyadhar Date’s Timeline on Facebook:

"Mrs Perin Chandra, a veteran Communist and peace activist, passed away this evening at her residence in Colaba. She was 95. She is survived by her husband Romesh Chandra, a former chairman of the World Peace Council for several years, son Pheroze, a senior journalist, and daughter in law Chandita Mukherjee, noted documentary film maker and activist. Perin, born Perin Bharucha, and Romesh Chandra both hailed from well-to-do families. Her father was the surgeon general in Lahore and his father was in the ICS. But both devoted their lives to the Left movement and lived a simple life in a commune with several other illustrious Communists in Mumbai in the forties."

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From [Kamal Chenoy on Facebook]

Good bye to a Peace Maker
8 January 2015,

Comrade Perin Romesh Chandra, a leader and stalwart of the All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) passed away at the age of 96 years in the family home in Mumbai. She had been fading for the last couple of years, but her contribution to the peace movement was priceless. AIPSO became an organisation including all secular parties and movements. Younger people like university students were encouraged to join, and Perin took us all under her wing. Notably, when Perin thought she could not contribute any more, and that younger activists should take over, she gracefully stepped down.

A fine comrade,a major support to her husband Romesh Chandra in his World Peace Council days, her multifarious personality and resolute commitment to the cause of peace, was an inspiration to us all. We will miss her, but will remember what she did for AIPSO and how deftly she taught us to carry the peace and solidarity movement forward. Lal Salaam Comrade Perin.

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Freedom fighter Perin Chandra dies
Press Trust of India | Mumbai
January 8, 2015 Last Updated at 13:45 IST

Freedom fighter Perin Romesh Chandra died here after prolonged illness.

96-year-old Perin is survived by her husband Romesh Chandra, children and grandchildren.

As per her wishes, her body was donated to the Grant Medical College here, where her father had trained to be a surgeon, family sources said today.

She served in the peace movement of international communism and was part of its Indian leadership. Her husband was the President of the World Peace Council, and like her a CPI leader.

She was a friend of late Prime Minister I K Gujral from the days of the Lahore University and former Union minister and CPI stalwart Indrajit Gupta.