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India : Harassment of the peasants and adivasis of Narmada valley struggling for their just rights and implementation of court orders and the rule of law

by Narmada Bachao Andolan, 3 November 2009

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Press Note / 3rd November 2009




The administration continues to harass the peasants and adivasis of Narmada valley struggling for their just rights and implementation of court orders and the rule of law in the state. The police is discovering and adding newer cases everyday to intimidate the displaced people and undermine their demand of implementation of the orders of the Hon’ble High Court. On the other hand, there has been widespread condemnation of the highhanded and unlawful attitude of the state government.

Today, suddenly, the police has filed a new case under Section 333 IPC. This discovering of charges and adding them piece-meal is hampering the rule of law in the state. It is also violating the constitutional and democratic right of the people and in consequence diminishes people’s faith in democratic processes. The andolan is determined to fight against this attitude of the government.

Repressing the andolan is a violation of the court

A delegation of about 50 local intelligentsia and supporters of Narmada Bachao Andolan collected in Indore today and met the Commissioner to condemn the atrocities of the Khandwa district administration on the andolan activists. They reminded the Commissioner that the acts of the district administration was unlawful and was depriving the displaced people of their rights that have been upheld by the court. The delegation comprised of senior educationist Prof. R.D. Prasad, literary scholar Shri Saroj Kumar, cultural activist Shri Chinmay Mishra, Shri Amulya Nidhi of Sanskriti Kendra, Shri Rakesh Chandore of Jhuggi Basti Sangharsh Morcha and others.

In Badwani, activists and villagers associated with the Jagrit Dalit Adivasi Sangathan met the Badwani Collector today, to send a protest letter to the Chief Minister and extend support to the Narmada Bachao Andolan.

In Harda, the Samajwadi Jan Parishad and Kranti Hammal Union organized a dharna at Narayan Talkies Square and submitted a memorandum for the Chief Minister to the district Collector that condemned the acts of the Khandwa district administration. Shri Sunil of Samajwadi Jan Parishad said that arresting and jailing the activists who were trying to ensure implementation of court orders is a case of contempt of the court.

In Bhopal, members of Janpahal group Ms Sarika Sinha, Ms Sushma and Shri Deepak Bhatt met with the State Human Rights Commission and presented fresh evidence of human rights violation and repression by the state to the commission. The SHRC took cognizance of the gravity of the state’s acts and ensured prompt action after they receive the report called from the district administration on Wednesday.

In Durg, Chhattisgarh a torch rally is being organized today by Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha in support of the andolan and in protest of the unlawful detention of NBA activists and continued harassment of the displaced people.

Yesterday, on Nov 2nd, a road meeting and candle light vigil was organized in Bhopal by Yuva Samvad and MP Mahila Manch in solidarity with Irom Sharmila for her struggle against the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Narmada Bachao Andolan for their non-violent struggle for the rights of the displaced. Members of the two groups condemned the repression and violence that the state is unleashing on all democratic peoples movements. They raised slogans against the recent lathi charge on the ten thousands protesters of the Narmada valley and the jailing of its activists and termed it a matter of grave concern and shame that the government that is supposed to work for the rights of the people is crushing their peaceful protests while they fight for their rights. They said that while Sharmila has become a symbol of protest against states excess, the people of the Narmada valley have by their prolonged non-violent struggle against biased model of development, brought the issue of displacement to the forefront. It is very disturbing that the state of madhya pradesh has been using brutal force and false cases to crush such movements. They demanded that the government take accountability for this crime and release the imprisoned activists and also comply with the courts order and give people their rights.

(Kailash Chauhan) (Ashish Mandloi) (Gajraj Singh)

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