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India: Unnithan Episode and the Moralistic Mobocracy in Kerala

by Venugopalan K M, 22 December 2009

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A recent story from Kerala as reported by the Malayalam press and
electronic media should perhaps remind us the need to uphold the Constitution of India Against Moralistic Terror

Just look at the horror stories in the media which tell us that Rajmohan
Unnithan (a Congress leader) was caught for being in the company of a woman in a rented house. The local people led by DYFI and PDP activists surrounded the house and they summoned the police to stop the alleged ’anaashasyam...’. Police have reportedly booked Unnithan and the owner of the house for committing/abetting ‘anasaasyam’.

Don’t ask neither the media nor the police what is the section under which
the case is booked here, though we are expected to assume that the crime as defined in the statute book is about racketeering on women by third
parties with motivation for profit, is invoked. But this is routinely done
by the police and an overenthusiastic moral brigade cutting across
political spectrums from far right to left to ‘feminists’(?), in all cases
of extra marital relationships.

‘Anaasasyam’ literally means undesirable activity, and in the common
parlance, it simply means extra marital sex even with mutual consent! It is
also among the most favourite items that make news for the evening dailies
in every small/big town in Kerala.

Several pro CPM womens’ activists indeed did loudly protest the act of
’anaashasyam’ by a Congress leader...

(According to their logic, women in such cases can neither have the agency
nor claims to rights as subjects. They are invariably seen as just the
victims of ‘sthreepeedanam’, which means ‘harassment of women’ by a
capitalist and sex tourism-oriented racket.

These protesters would have cared a damn for communal profiling of Muslims and dalits as terrorists.

It is no wonder, neither the Mangalore pub attack nor the cultural policing
campaign by Sri Ram Sene was unequivocally condemned by the Kerala Leftists and the ’affiliated feminists’!