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India - Pakistan: Move to Resolve The IPL Controversy Over Exclusion of Pakistani Cricketers

A public statement by concerned Indian citizens

1 February 2010

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31 January 2010 18:01

IPL controversy can still be resolved

Dear Friends

It is crystal clear that injustice has been done to the Pakistani cricketers
in the IPL 3. The controversy has pushed India-Pakistan relations to a low again. In the sub-continent, where cricket is a religion and cricketers are treated as demi gods, the cricket authorities and governments have to be more serious and sensitive.

We, the under signed, request IPL, Indian and Pakistan Cricket Board and both the governments not to adopt aggressive postures. Rather than taking pots shots at each other it is time to step back and try to resolve the controversy. We welcome the statement of P. Chidambaram, Indian Home Minister, that ignoring Pakistani cricketers was a “disservice to cricket”. Eleven Pakistani cricketers were available in the auction.

We also welcome the statement of Shah Rukh Khan, co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, that it was “humiliating” to see none of the Pakistani players being picked up and that the issue could have been handled better.

We feel that the situation is not irretrievable. Pakistani cricketers can
still be included as there are possibilities of replacement due to injury.
We appeal to all IPL team management to accommodate Pakistani
cricketers, and to the government to take initiative in assuring the team
owners that political groups will not be allowed to disturb the matches.

At the same time, we also appeal to the Pakistan Cricket Board to revoke the cancellation of NOC given to Pakistani cricketers to enable them to participate in the IPL 3.

Admiral Ramdas Mumbai

Mahesh Bhatt Mumbai

Jatin Desai Mumbai

Mazher Hussain Hyderabad

Kamla Bhasin Delhi

Seema Mustafa New Delhi

Sukla Sen Mumbai

Meena Menon Mumbai