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Pakistan: Feminist Artist Lala Rukh Passes Away

7 July

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Well known Feminist Artist Lala Rukh from Pakistan passed away on the 7th of July 2017. Born in Lahore in 1948, Lala Rukh was a co-founder and an active member of the Women’s Action Forum (WAF) the pioneering women’s rights platform in Pakistan created in 1982.

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Poster for the 1st Women’s Action Forum, 1982. Designed by Lala Rukh
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1985 Women’s Action Forum Calender - designed by Lala Rukh
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Lala Rukh (far left) burning a chador during a demonstration organized by the Women’s Action Forum in Lahore, 1987, in protest of the killing of two sisters in Karachi. The spontaneous chador burning took place when the police prevented the group from marching any further. Photo by Azhar Jaffery
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Hieroglyphics IV (2005) by Lala Rukh
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