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India’s Jobless - Photos, Visuals, Reference Data etc

9 November 2017

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Photo of entrance exam to qualify for jobs in the Madhya Pradesh State Police Department | AFP
Rajesh Kumar Singh/Associated Press Unemployed Indians stood in a queue at the Employment Exchange Office in Allahabad, Aug. 29 [2012]
Chart from livemint .com (Oct 21 2014)
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CMIE’s data also showed a drop in the labour participation after demonetisation, which was in line with new investments falling. Credit: CMIE


Stagnant Employment Growth - Last Three Years May Have Been the Worst by Vinoj Abraham (Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 52, Issue No. 38, 23 Sep, 2017)

1.5 million jobs lost in first four months of 2017

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Unemployment Rate in India

Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) (modeled ILO estimate)

India Unemployment Rate 1983-2017