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India: Every saffron terrorist may be free before Modi completes his term

by Faraz Ahmad, 30 April 2018

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Faraz Ahmad’s Blog, April 28, 2018

Few people of the present day generation would know or recall the Hawala case of mid 1990s in which several prominent political leaders of BJP. Congress and even Janata Dal, led by L K Advani were charged with collecting bribe money from Hawala dealers Jain brothers of Madhya Pradesh. Except for then Janata Dal leaders Sharad Yadav and Devi Lal, after years of apparent meticulous probe by the CBI under the supervision of the Supreme Court, all were honourably discharged, for lack of evidence. Sharad and Devi Lal unfortunately said on camera that yes they had been given party funds and therefore they were initially denied the honourable acquittal till 1999 general elections they too aligned with the BJP and then onwards no one heard anything about the Hawala scam. The same is now happening with Saffron terror.

It all started with Amit Shah soon after Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi assumed the Prime Minister’s chair leading a Government in which his party the BJP had a clear majority. Never mind the transferring out of one CBI judge, the death in mysterious circumstances of the next Justice B H Loya, the third judge without any further delay discharged the BJP president within minutes of the court assembling for its first hearing of the case.

Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit, Pragya Singh Thakur and all the saffron terrorists rounded up for Malegaon, Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Dargah bomb blasts are now out enjoying complete freedom. So are the fake encounter specialists D G Vanzara, G L Singhal, Chudasma and all other officers. Some like P C Pande had also been reinstated.

Former Gujarat minister and six time MLA from Naroda, Maya Kodnani a gynaecologist, against whom the trial judge Jyotsana Yagnik found overwhelming evidence collected by the Special Investigative Team (SIT appointed by the Supreme Court and led by Modi’s trusted confidant R K Raghavan) to convict her for 28 years for allegedly leading and instigating mobs to kill at least 97 Muslims in the post Godhra pogrom, was acquitted the other day by the Gujarat High Court suddenly because the higher court preferred the testimony of BJP president Amit Shah, who initially avoided testifying that Maya Kodnani was not at Naroda Patiya because she was with him in the Civil Hospital at the time the massacre of 97 Muslims took place.

The only one who could not be saved was Babu Bajrangi because the fool boasted in a Tehelka sting video how he slaughtered Muslims, threw them in the well, poured kerosene and burning tyres at them to give men, women and little children the most gruesome death. He too might escape the jail soon on the pretext of old age and alleged health problems. After all in his tape he states how three judges were changed at the instance of none other than Narendra Modi to get him out on bail.

Another saffron sadhu Swami Aseemanand charged with terrorism, had confessed before a magistrate. A confessional statement before a magistrate in an open court is not to be disputed. While making a “voluntary confession, the Sanghi sadhu had stated that he had a change of heart after one of the young Muslim boys accused of Mecca Masjid blast instead of nursing any grudge against him served him and treated him well in the Chanchalguda jail and there he admitted to this young man Shaikh Abdul Kaleem and another person Maqbool Bin Ali to his involvement in all the crimes he committed against Muslims at the instance of RSS. Kaleem was acquitted of the charge in 2008, soon after Aseemanand’s confession before the magistrate.

NIA judge Ravindra Reddy discharged the sadhu dismissing his confessional statement on the specious plea that the NIA gave no proof of any meeting between Kaleem and Aseemnanad and that Kaleem was there at all in Chanchalguda jail. Ha, ha! This Kaleem had been acquitted in 2008 and all the judge was required to do was to go through records of Kaleem in the court records and see where this Kaleem was interned and for how long. Nothing can be so unconvincing than the plea on which Justice Ravindra Reddy let off Swami Aseemanand. Reddy resigned immediately after delivering this judgment leading to speculation that like Loya he too might have been under pressure to free one more Saffron sadhu. Next day Kaleem came on record to ask why the court failed to ascertain the truth whether he and Aseemanand were there in that jail at the same time. Reddy too took back his resignation within 24 hours. But Aseemanand had to be freed lest he spilled more dark secrets about Sanghi terror. After all in February 2014, he told the Caravan magazine that some of the worst terror attacks in India were sanctioned by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and its then General Secretary Mohan Bhagwat. Although Aseemanand subsequently denied making such allegations, the magazine released audio tapes of the interviews which included the Swami’s stunning allegations.

In the meantime witness after witness in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case is “turning hostile.” Already one upright Judge has been abruptly transferred out soon after she pulled up the investigating agency for not providing adequate security to the witnesses. Quite clearly the task for the new judge is cut out.

At this rate, one can safely predict that before Modi led BJP government completes its term and goes for the next general elections, every single person involved or charged with Saffron terror will be out. Never mind any amount of evidence and testimony.

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