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CNDP Statement on Ongoing Indo-Pak Armed Conflict (28 February 2019)

28 February 2019

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The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) notes with grave concern the ongoing conflicts between neighbouring India and Pakistan, both armed with nuclear weapons together with all the three delivery platforms ensuring a "second strike" capability in case of being hit by a "first strike".

To recall, the present phase was triggered by an abominable suicide blast - following a serious security lapse, on Feb. 14, carried out by an alienated local Kashmiri youth targeting a convoy of Indian paramilitary forces in transit in the state of J&K, causing tragic loss of around forty lives.

The war of words that followed between the two countries moved to a strikingly higher level, on Feb. 26 early morning, with Indian fighter aircrafts crossing into Pakistani airspace for bombing specific target(s).
As India would claim successful destruction of training camp(s) of a terrorist organisation which had owned up the responsibility of the Feb. 14 suicide blast, Pakistan had emphatically denied any meaningful physical damage on its side while denouncing the breach of airspace.
The following day, Pakistani jets moved into Indian airspace, in the state of J&K, in order to bomb some Indian targets.
While there are conflicting claims from the two sides, India has, for sure, lost one of its fighter jets with its pilot being now held in Pakistani custody.

The breach of airspace, in the context of a conflict between two nuclear-weaponised countries, clearly constitutes the crossing of a long established redline.
The wisdom underlying the convention has been chillingly demonstrated by way of Pakistan, almost immediately, following the Indian lead.

Lest the situation spirals and spins out of control and end up in an unimaginable nuclear holocaust, the CNDP calls upon both the feuding states to take immediate actions to de-escalate.
It also takes serious note of the highly irresponsible role of the media, in both the countries, with warmongers beating the war drum in reprehensible denial of the possible horrific consequences.

Engaging in talks is the best way to de-escalate.
Exchange of fire must yield to pursuance of diplomacy.
A tit-for-tat response would only end up in collective suicide.
With that in mind, the CNDP does welcome the latest announcement by the Pak PM promising release of the held Indian IAF officer tomorrow.

Achin Vanaik
Lalita Ramdas
Jayaprakash ND
Anil Chaudhary
Sukla Sen