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India: ’Aye Button, Aye Button’, satirical song in hindi on the nuclear-button and boisterous talk of use of nuclear weapons

by, 23 April 2019

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Aye Button Aye Button - satire on the nuclear button
song recorded by IRADA in 1999 [reprocessed & digitised by in 2019]

’Aye Button, Aye Button’ is a Hindi song that was recorded and released on cassette tape in 1999 by Indians for Rational and Democratic Action (IRADA). This satirical political song that mocks at the love and banalisation of the nuclear weapons and a militarisation of public sentiment in India, following the nuclear tests of May 1998. This recording has been re-processed and digistised by the sound archive with permission from the founders of IRADA. BTW, listening to this reminds us of a wonderful 1967 satirical song by the great American comic Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go