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The Chief Justice of India isnt above law | DUE PROCESS NOT, DUDE PROCESS!

India: Sexual Harrassment Accusations Against Chief Justice Gogoi - Due Process Must Be Followed - select reports, commentary & protests

Womens Rights Activists Protest the so Called Clean Chit to the Chief Justice in a Sexual Harrassment Case

9 May 2019

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[updated on 13 May 2019]

The harrowing account of the former SC employee who has accused CJI Gogoi of sexual harassment. She lost her job, was beaten, jailed, husband and brothers in law lost jobs, harassed by police. Supreme Charge by Atul Dev and Nikita Saxena, 20 April 2019, The Caravan

Chief Justice of India sexually harassed me, says former SC staffer in an affidavit to 22 judges by Sruthisagar Yamunan & Supriya Sharma (, 20 April 2019)

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India: Sexual Harassment Case Against SC Chief Justice: High-Level Independent Inquiry Needed, Human Rights Watch, April 25, 2019

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Sign-On to Open Letter to Retired Judges:

The highest court of our land has completely disregarded due process in its in-house probe of the sexual allegations against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

Yesterday, the committee cleared him of all charges by holding that the allegations have "no substance", without giving the complainant a fair hearing, without even furnishing a copy of the findings to the complainant.

This is unacceptable! We call upon the retired judges of the Supreme Court to intervene and safeguard the integrity of our judiciary. No one is above the law!

Click here to add your name to the Open Letter:

Full text:Why the woman who accused CJI Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment is withdrawing from the inquiry (, April 30, 2019)

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who will guard the guards? by Arvind Datar (Bar & Bench May 7 2019)

Why Is Nobody Allowed to Question the Inquiry Into Allegations Against CJI Gogoi? by Women in Criminal Law Association (The Wire, 8 May 2019)

Interview by Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta (The Wire, 9 May 2019)

‘I’ve lost everything. Financially, mentally, everything,’ says ex SC staffer in CJI case … The 35-year-old woman, whose complaint that CJI Ranjan Gogoi had sexually harassed her was dismissed as having ‘no substance’, opens up in a detailed interview. by Sruthisagar Yamunan & Ipsita Chakravarty,, 9 May 2019

The handling of the Gogoi case has hurt the moral authority of the Supreme Court: The country’s highest court is a workplace, and the rules applicable to other workplaces should operate here, Editorial, The Telegraph, 9 May 2019

Redeeming the Constitution: The Supreme Court must right its wrongs by Kalpana Kannabiran, The Leaflet, 10 May 2019

Sexual harassment allegation against CJI Gogoi: Grotesque injustice by all the justices of the Supreme Court: Are judges above the law? by Paras Nath Singh, The Leaflet, 13 May 2019

Photo of protest outsite India’s Supreme Court on May 7, 2019 [ Photo by Aparna Seth for The Leaflet
Women rights activists & lawyers protested outside the Supreme Court against the clean chit given to CJI Gogoi by the In-house Committee in sexual harassment allegations against him.

Delhi: Women lawyers and activists held a protest on 7 May 2019 outside the Supreme Court against the procedure adopted to deal with sexual harassment case against CJI Ranjan Gogoi. Section 144 was been imposed outside SC following the protest and the protesters for forcibly taken away and detained at a police station

All India Democratic Women’s Association members protest the clean chit given to CJI in the sexual harassment case in New Delhi on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. (PTI)
PHOTO: via The Telegraph,9 May 2019

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Photo from Bombay - Ptotest at Dadar ’we stand in Solidarity with the complainant’ 9 May 2019
We, at #Mumbai activists and individuals from women’s groups and civil society, stand here today to speak out against a gross violation of all the principles of natural justice. We stand here for justice.