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Enough of this War, Deteriorating Security Situation in Afghanistan - Press Release from Afghan Women’s Network (Oct 27, 2020)

29 October 2020

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Afghan Women’s Network

Press Release On Deterioration of Security Situation and the Reaction of International Community The Voice of Afghan

Date: October 27, 2020

Kabul – Afghanistan

In the current state of affairs, Afghans have lost hope for a peaceful end to the conflict and a future where they can live with their families in peace and harmony. Today, every family in Afghanistan carries the grief of their loved ones who have been killed in the front lines, in hospitals, schools, in carries the grief of their loved ones who have been killed in the front lines, in hospitals, schools, in the public, or in their homes. These children, youth and elderly victims were capitals of Afghanistan and were playing a crucial role in the prosperity of their country. The everyday killing of Afghans has tormented our people for a long time and has driven them to a point where they are ready to standup against injustice, oppression, and terror. However, Afghans are doubtful whether the international community and human rights organizations have truly done their part in stopping the bloodshed? Or whether democracy and human rights are our connecting point, and phenomenon to understand one another’s pain? Will a Talib who kill innocent people in the name of religion, a thief who kill them in the name of poverty and an ISIS member who kills people in the name of establishing a new generation of fighters, would have any justifications for their atrocities? There is no religious basis for killing of civilians and innocent people. As such, there is no justification for the continuation of war in Afghanistan. This is while the representatives of both sides; the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as the Taliban, are negotiating in Qatar to supposedly bring peace and end the war in the country. But unfortunately, every day, their offensive, suicide bombing and explosions kill, injure and displace hundreds of our compatriots and brothers. This is a clear indication of their lack of commitment to end the war and bring peace to our country. Among others, the current state of affairs is particularly painful and intolerable for Afghan women, who want an immediate end to the conflict. Right now, Afghans are mourning; from north to south and from east to west. They live under the constant fear of the rise in criminal activities, target killings, and armed robberies. All this violence, coupled together, are the source of misfortune for our people and country. According to UN weekly report and media coverage, the war has displaced more than 10,000 families within a week and has left thousands of dead. Women, children and civilians have carried the burden of a war that has no rational justification. Once again, Afghans are relying to both sides of the conflict that they have had enough of this war! An immediate and country-wide ceasefire is the basic need of Afghans and a positive starting point for the intra-Afghan peace talks. Both sides of the conflict will answer to God and the people for every drop of blood they have shed. We call on both sides to end this meaningless and imposed war with sincere and invincible will through negotiation and understanding, and by agreeing on a country-wide ceasefire, which will reestablish peoples’ trust in the process and provide a fruitful ground for negotiations to ensure lasting peace in our beloved country.