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Concern for Kashmir - Demand for a Permanent Solution

10 August 2010

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Press Release

9 August 2010

We, as concerned citizens of India are greatly anguished by the continuing violence that is going on in Kashmir for over two months now. Apart from the deaths of many children and youth, the people of Kashmir are undergoing extreme hardships due to the violence and long spells of curfews that have totally disrupted normal life.

We welcome the call given by Mr. Geelani of the Huriat Conference to the youth of Kashmir to desist from violence and undertake only non violent protests. We call upon all leaders of Kashmir- from the main stream parties and the separatist organisations to issue similar appeals immediately and also persuade the demonstrators to remain peaceful. We also urge the government to restrain the security forces. It is only when all sides practice complete restrain and desist from the use of violence in any form that normalcy can return back.

Every time violence erupts in Kashmir, the government of India and political leaders talk of a political solution but as soon as the conditions return to normal no initiative is started to seek a viable solution to this vexed issue. This has become almost an annual ritual and if things are not taken seriously and addressed with sincere intent, the violence will come back to haunt us next year and for years to come devastating the people of Kashmir and causing irrevocable damage to the Indian polity.

Kuldip Nayar

Swami Agnivesh

Admiral L. Ramdas

Kamla Bhasin

Jatin Desai

Mazher Hussain