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Peace Mumbai condemn’s Salman Taseer’s killing

8 January 2011

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Peace Mumbai strongly condemn’s the brutal assassination of Salman Taseer, the Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab Province, on Tuesday. He was shot dead by his security guard for taking a principled position on the controversial Blasphemy Law.

Mr. Taseer was in favour of amendment to the Blasphemy Law. Recently a Court in Sheikhpura near Lahore sentenced to death Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman, for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The sentence has yet to be confirmed by the High Court and Supreme Court and it will take couple of years. Taseer wanted to secure pardon for Aasia Bibi from the death penalty. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan that a woman has been sentenced to capital punishment under the Blasphemy Law. The Blasphemy Law is wielded primarily against minorities and is often used to settle personal scores. Many a time, local people take the law into their own hands and lynch individuals accused of blasphemous acts.

It is a matter of concern that people are coming out in open support of the killer of Mr. Taseer on various social networking websites and expressing joy at this ghastly murder. Rising religious extremism has to be curbed and the Pakistan government must act strongly against forces promoting hatred and violence.

We demand that the Pakistan government take stern action against the people who issued death threats against Salman Taseer, Sherry Rehman and others. The government must strive to ensure the safety of Sherry Rehman for taking a courageous stand and introducing an amendment to this Law in the National Assembly.

Jatin Desai

Sukla Sen

Asad Bin Saif