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India: Comrade Abhay Sahoo speaks of the false and trumped up charges against activists of Anti posco steel plant struggle in Orissa

1 October 2012

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Abhay Sahoo: is the leader of anti-Posco movement in India. He is himself the founder of the movement.

Case Against him: Murder, sexual assault, atrocities against Dalits, wrongful confinement... 50 cases in all! It is not surprising that the Odisha government will try to keep Sahoo in jail as long as possible — he was behind bars for 14 months in 2008-09 , and 5 mon
ths in 2011-2012 .
Anti POSCO Struggle: POSCO Pratirodh Sangarm Samiti (PPSS) is spearheading a relentless struggle against the establishment of integrated steel plant and captive port by POSCO, a South Korean company, opposing this project for the last seven years through peaceful, democratic forms of struggle. There have been number of undemocratic tactics used by the POSCO Company and the state government to break the democratic struggles. Instead of acting as a welfare state, the state government is very much interested for the welfare of POSCO thereby depriving the land and livelihood of more than 22,000 people. The state police in collusion with the POSCO sponsored goons have launched an assault on the peaceful protesters who have been fighting an exemplary democratic struggle for their survival (Jal, Jangal, Jameen) over the last seven years. After inflicting severe physical injuries on people, old and young, the administration has slapped numerous fictitious cases and booked a large number of them on these fictitious grounds. Till now 4 persons are in the jail, more than 200 false cases have lodged against the villagers and warrant orders has been issued against more than 2000 people out of which more than 500 are women. Over 100 women were arrested during the last 3 years but were released on bail.