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Joint Statement by Indians and Pakistanis on the Demise of Sarabjit Singh

2 May 2013

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Joint Statement by Indians and Pakistanis on the Sad Demise of Sarabjit Singh

We the citizens of India and Pakistan are pained by the sad demise of Mr. Sarabjit Singh as a result of a dastardly attack on him in the Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore, Pakistan by some inmates on 26th April 2013. We express our deep and heartfelt condolences for the family of the deceased.

Given the statements by most Indian prisoners in Pakistan jails of good and humane treatment, this unusual and inexplicable attack on Sarabjit Singh and the allegations of torture in the recent death of Chamel Singh in Pakistan jail indicate some conspiracy by vested interests to destabilize relations between India and Pakistan that were showing marked improvement in recent times. Hence we demand a thorough and complete investigation under the supervision of the UN or any independent international body.

Prisoners any where are the responsibility of the governments and the Government of Pakistan should immediately take strict and exemplary actions against all those responsible for the attack as well as the planners and conspirators. Pakistan and India should especially ensure that all steps are taken for complete protection and safeguarding all human rights of the prisoners of other country in their jails.


Mahesh Bhatt- Mumbai
Mazher Hussain- Hyderabad
Ram Punyani- Mumbai
Jatin Desai- Mumbai
John Dayal- Delhi
Javed Anand- Mumbai
Jamal kidwai- New Delhi
Varsha Rajan Berry- Mumbai
Sandeep Panday- Lucknow
Feroz Mithiborewala- Mumbai
Hasan Mansoor- Bangalore
Vijayan MJ- Delhi
Haris Kidwai- Delhi
Ramesh Jadav- Amritsar
Mohammed Turab- Hyderabad


Mohammad Tahseen – Lahore
Abbas Ali Siddiqui- Lahore
Dr. A. H. Nayyar, Pakistan Peace Coalition
Dr. Tipu Sultan, Pakistan Medical Association
Qazi Javed, Forum for Secular Pakistan
Zulfiqar Halepoto, Pakistan Peace Coalition, Sindh
Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, PILER
Miss Zeeenia Shoukat PILER
B.M.Kutty, Pakistan Peace Coalition
Dr. Haroon Ahmed, Forum for Secular Pakistan
Ms. Sheema Kermani, Tehreek-e-Niswan
Karamat Ali, PILER
Muhammad Yaqoob, Takhleeq Foundation
Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum(PFF)
Dr. Ali Ercelan, PFF
Shamsuddin, PIPFPD and HRCP
Mir Zulfiqar Ali, Joint Action Committe, Karachi
Ms. Farhat Perveen, NOW Community, Karachi