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India: Modi Magic in Muzzafarnagar

by Mukul Sinha, 10 September 2013

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The strategy remained the same. Pick on a spontaneous communal event and thereafter pour communal fuel to snow ball a minor event into a communal cauldron. Those are the time tested tactics of the Sangh Parivar. Even a perfunctory scrutiny of the two riots, the 2002 Gujarat riots and the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, reveal that both have similar genesis.

Muzzafarnagar Riots

Muzzafarnagar Riots

On 27th February, 2002, like any other day, the Sabarmati Express rolled into the Godhra station at 7.53 am, though about 5 hours late. The passengers got down to have their morning cup of tea; some squabbles followed with the local vendors. A minor communal conflict followed between the karsevaks of the train and the local Muslim vendors. Most unfortunately, the conflict spiraled out of control and the S6 coach was burnt to ashes killing 58 passengers. It was a national tragedy that deserved a national mourning. But Modi had a wholly different idea. He realized the provocative potential of the burning of the S6 coach; by evening he had reached Godhra and announced that the burning of the S6 coach was a pre-planned terrorist act. The announcement was a call for reprisal. The reprisal that followed was swift and brutal; in the first 24 hours over 600 men, women and children were butchered in Ahmedabad, Baroda and Panchmahal districts of Gujarat. With clinical precision, the rioters struck in smaller towns and thereafter spread into the villages where the Muslims were in very small number. At the last count around 1200 were left dead and millions worth of property and households destroyed.

On 27th August, 2013, exactly eleven years and six months later, three youths were killed in Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar over a matter of eve-teasing. Conflict between the parties was wholly private in nature. Akhilesh Yadav could have nipped it at the bud by arresting the killers and enforcing the law strictly. But he didn’t do it; he doodled to get some mileage from the minority community but he miscalculated the potency of communal black magic. He also overlooked the fact that the black magic wand of Modi, Amit Shah, was already planted in UP and he has a hat full of dirty tricks.

Within a few days. a fake video was shared through Youtube by a BJP MLA, which was subsequently downloaded and burnt into a CDs for circulation. The fake video was edited to incite the passion to illustrate typical bearded Muslims killing helpless innocent Hindu boys who were just trying to protect honor of their sister. Despite the police trying to block the video from being circulated, it went viral. This is the specialty of the diabolical planning of BJP. A minor private conflict was fueled by the fake CD, hate speeches, and the whole district was burnt down. The game is so well played and well covered by the anchors of the TV channels, that the main culprits once again became respectable debaters To complete the polarization which is the main motive of BJP, the attack was directed to the villages where the Muslims are in wee minority. Thousands of Muslims thus got dislocated from their own homes and became refugees. The scenario is quite like Gujarat except, thankfully, the death toll is much lower because of a non-BJP Government. The S.P. Government ought to have learnt the lesson that an election strategy based on collection of higher percentage of Muslim votes neither leads to a genuine secular Government nor does it assure real security for the Muslims. In fact the Muslims of Muzaffarnagar rightfully feel that SP has done nothing for them and the situation is as bad as it was in Gujarat!

Post: Modi Magic in Muzzafarnagar
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