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Progressive forces are under threat from extremists in Pakistan

by Communist Party of Pakistan, 28 January 2009

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27 January 2009


Spokesman and member central secretariat Communist Party of Pakistan has condemned the coldblooded murder of an aged and old political worker Comrade Jamil Lala, by fascist religious forces. He offered condolences to members of grieved family on behalf of central committee of CPP. He demanded restoration of peace in Pakhtunkhwa province.

Comrade Jamil Lala, aged 65, passed his life as a committed political worker. He did not marry due to his total commitment to revolutionary struggle. He passed his time in his native place, Timergara District Dir Lower in welfare work and promoting Marxism. He was kidnapped on 24th January 2009, while travelling in a car. He was beaten and then shot dead and his dead body was thrown at central city crossing. His body has marks of cutting and torture. A letter was also left near his body threatening same fate for all those spreading western cultures or communism. All such person has been directed to leave the country.

Some times ago Comrade Jamshed Nayab, writer of many books and member of provincial committee of the party was murdered in D.I. Khan in similar fashion. Provincial Secretary of the Party Comrade Taj was killed with burst of Kalashnikov in Dir Lower in the Zia’s era. The list issued by Pakistani Taliban for appearing in Taliban’s own Shariah courts also contains the names of the members of NWFP organization of the party. The persons mentioned in the list have been warned of targeted killing in case they failed to appear in the courts established by obscurantist. The provincial secretary of the of the party and members of provincial and central committees, residing there are under constant threat of being eliminated. The existing Provincial Secretary and two central committee members are under serious threat from Talibans and urgently need protection. The provincial government has now limited to the Chief Minister House and Governor House at Peshawar. In Pakistan the state is unable to protect the lives of the citizens. The Party members are threatened, their houses are attacked and they have migrated to other places, however Talibans continue their search in other places as well.

Communist Party of Pakistan appeals to all democratic and secular parties to pressurize the government to protect the lives of the political workers belonging to progressive and secular parties.

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Central Secretariat

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