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Conference Declaration - 7th World Atheist Conference 2009

Vijayawada, India, 7 January 2009

by, 28 January 2009

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We, the Atheists, Humanists, Rationalists and Freethinkers from around the world, gathering in Vijayawada, for the 7th World Atheist Conference, January 5-7, 2009, are concerned about the growing fundamentalism, religious obscurantism, marginalization of communities and the negative impact of human activity on the environment and development, and collectively raise our voice for addressing them.

The participants declare that:

  1. We affirm atheism and humanism as an alternative life stance (a way of life). There is no doubt that our values come from atheism and humanism.
  2. We recognize that critical thinking, scientific temper and free inquiry are essential for thought and development in the society.
  3. We uphold gender equality, an aspect still denied by several religions and the rights of children and minorities.
  4. We demand that legislations be based on common concerns, rather than religious beliefs, and we demand the separation of religion from politics, the state, the law and education.
  5. We stand for a secular state.
  6. We want miracle claims to be challenged and investigated as they militate against the modern scientific temper and knowledge.
  7. We recognize the importance of promoting secular values, so as to enhance tolerance, peace and harmony in society.
  8. We are concerned by the prospects for world environment and climate change and demand special attention to address them.
  9. We deplore violence in the name of god or religion.
  10. We are committed to promote democracy and human development.

Vijayawada, India, 7 January 2009