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India: Commission appointed in Stalkgate by Narendra Modi – Another attempt to whitewash his own guilt

by Mukul Sinha, 25 November 2013

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In the political history of India, a very potent weapon in the hands of the ruling party is the appointment of Judicial Commissions under the Commissions of Enquiry Act. It is the safest method to dilate the entire issue at hand or get a favourable report to claim a clean chit. The Godhra Commission headed by Justice Nanavati is a glaring illustration of this fact. Appointed in March 2002, for enquiring into the train burning incident at Godhra and the violence that followed, the Commission is yet to submit its final report on the primary issue as to who were responsible for the violence and whether there was any administrative collapse.

In the meantime, Mr Modi has been showered with clean chits from several other forums making the entire exercise of Commissions a mockery. The commission reports are so bizarre that Nanavati Commission actually gave a ‘clean chit’ to Mr Modi in the Godhra Train Burning Incident though there was never a question regarding the role of Mr Modi in the burning of the train! Likewise there have been 3 full fledged commission of inquiries in the Sikh Riot cases since 1984 initially headed by Justice Ranganath Mishra and lastly presided by the same Justice Nanavati of Godhra Commission and even after 30 years, the Sikh Community have been completely denied Justice.

In 2006, due to the completely wrong policies of Gujarat Government and more particularly the Irrigation Minister, the entire city of Surat was inundated causing enormous loss to life and property of the Surtis. A commission presided by former Judge Sugnaben Bhatt was appointed and the commission filed a report on September 29th, 2008, giving a complete clean chit to the Government of Gujarat.

Modi Government has today appointed yet another commission presided by the same former Judge Sugnaben Bhatt along with another member KC Kapoor to inquire into the stalkgate scam purpotedly to find out the truth behind the surveillance afforded to Mansi Soni.

We at Truth of Gujarat, firmly believe that the appointment of this commission is merely an eye-wash and specifically aimed to tide over the period from now till 2014 Elections such that the most illegal and immoral act of Narendra Modi remains in the closet of the Commission and the real truth is subverted.

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Post: Commission appointed in Stalkgate by Narendra Modi – Another attempt to whitewash his own guilt
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