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Ask for Water Rights. Raise your voice to stop the water privatization. No Water, No Vote!

27 November 2013

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Dear Friends and Comrades,

’’The privatisation of water is a deliberate policy choice by the government. We all believe that local communities are ‘natural protectors and sustainable users’ of water; not its ‘customers’. The privatization of water is against the spirit of a welfare state, as enshrined in our Constitution. Privatization of water leads to corruption and makes water a profitable market commodity which we are experiencing in Delhi and others parts of India where water has been privatized leading to increased financial burden in the form of high water bills for the end users ie. the citizens. The Delhi Government is privatizing city’s water supply to allow corporate control over water through “Public-Private-Partnership” that will lead to high water tariffs. It is clear that private corporations have no ethical agenda to make water a ‘social good’, rather they have to “develop markets” to make huge profits out of water.

All over the globe, the model of Privatisation has been miserably failed and we see a reversing trend in privatisation, and re-municipalisation of water services to regain public control in countries like France, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Tanzania, Indonesia and Malaysia, while there is a strong resistance to water privatization in different countries around the world, e.g. in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Brazil and others.

We therefore appeal to you to raise your voice to stop the privatization and commodification of water services in Delhi and strengthening of public water services in Delhi.

Please find attached the leaflet as part of our water manifesto and circulate this widely, within your network and with people. If any of you are interested in distributing this Parcha among voters/in your neighborhood, please contact me on 9818065092 or send a mail.

Let us make our struggle for water democracy, a success. Right to water flows with Right to Life.



Kiran Shaheen
Convener, Delhi-NCR
National Platform Against Privatisation of Water