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Nepal: The peace process must be allowed to work to its logical end of full democracy

by Progressive Nepali Forum in Americas, 6 May 2009

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Press Release - 5 May 2009

Progressive Nepali Forum in Americas (PNEFA) is deeply concerned over the
unfortunate political developments arising out of the civilian coup staged by
President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav in connivance with the Nepal Army General
Rukmangad Katwal, who was fired by the Maoist led government for his
insubordination to civilian authority.

PNEFA believes President Yadav’s move has not only violated the constitution but also seriously undermined the legitimate mandate of a democratically elected civilian government. While reinstating the fired Chief of the Army Staff the President has overstepped the boundary of the constitution. He has acted in a regressive and reactionary way, a move reminiscent of Ganendra Shah’s assumption of executive power through dismissal of the elected government in February, 2005.

We further believe that the President has become a pawn at the hand of conniving military generals, foreign stooges, and anti national elements positioned inside different political parties. As a result, President Yadav has lost the moral as well as constitutional ground to lead the office of highly respected institution of Presidency. We urge all Nepalis who believe in democracy, rule of law, and civilian government to condemn this unconstitutional act and demand immediate withdrawal of his illegal move.

We also strongly condemn the act of certain foreign powers, whose interference in Nepal’s internal political dynamics encourages the regressive forces to turn the country back to the sad condition that existed before the last elections.

We also condemn United Marxist Leninist (UML), Nepali Congress (NC) and other forces who sought foreign help and made themselves available to be played at the hand of foreign power. This tactic might have served these opportunist parties’ political expediency but it has hurt the patriotic sentiment of the people of Nepal.

PNEFA welcomes the decision of Prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to resign and congratulates for his bold action. We urge CPN Maoist to act proactively and to carry forward the agenda of writing the new constitution. The peace process must be allowed to work to its logical end of full democracy.

We urge the Supreme Court to nullify the President Yadav’s unconstitutional action and restore civilian supremacy. Failing to do so, we urge the members of Constitution Assembly to impeach the President, safeguard national independence by saying NO to foreign meddling in internal affairs of Nepal. We believe in the unflinching unity among patriotic and republican democrats to safeguard national unity and independence.