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2014 Appeal(s) to donate for flood relief in Kashmir

11 September 2014

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Appeals from different organisations for Relief work in wake of 2014 floods in Jammu and Kashmir [from Aman Biradri / Aman Trust / COVA / ANHAD / Pakistan India People’s Forum For Peace and Democracy and others] are listed below

1. Appeal to donate for flood relief in Kashmir [ From Aman Biradari Trust, Delhi]

Dear All,

I know that you must be following the devastating floods in Jammu & Kashmir. The situation is really grim and the exact death toll is still unclear. In fact, we have been unable to reach several of our friends even in Srinagar. There is a Delhi solidarity group for Kashmiris (comprising of many Kashmiris themselves) and they are trying to raise money to buy relief materials ASAP. Given the fact that this has come up really urgently and Aman Biradri is collecting money for flood relief and rehabilitation in Jammu and Kashmir. We can assure you that each and every penny that you give will be properly utilised.

We will also prepare a list of all the persons who donate money, and how much is collected from this circulate it to maintain transparency. Moreover, receipts will be available for anyone who wants to see where the money has eventually been used. We really hope that you can come out and donate money generously. These are very hard times for people living in Jammu & Kashmir and we hope that we can collectively do something to help them.

Warm regards,

Aman Biradari

You can send in your donations to the following bank account:

Bank Name: IDBI Bank Limited
Branch: 1/6, Siri Fort Institution Area,
Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi-110049.

A/c No: 010104000156950
IFSC Code: IBKL0000010
BSR Code: 110259002

For further information please contact Warisha (9953825580)

2. [from Aman Trust, Delhi / 11 Sept 2014]

Dear Friends,

Greetings from all of us at AMAN.

You are well aware of the unprecedented devastation brought about by floods in Jammu and Kashmir. Many of you have called and inquired about the wellbeing of AMAN colleagues in Kashmir. Some of you have asked if we have initiated any relief work for the survivors. Some have generously offered financial and material help. This is a brief update regarding these matters:

1/ For over 10 years AMAN has been running a health centre in a village in Baramulla. Several other projects are coordinated from our office in Rajbagh in Srinagar. We have about 15 Kashmiri colleagues who work with AMAN. Since last Saturday, we have lost touch with all of them. All our efforts to do so have been unsuccessful. Both our centres have been extensively damaged.

2/ A colleague from the Sadhbhavna Trust (SBT) who lives in Kashmir has informed us of her work in a makeshift relief camp in Srinagar. SBT and AMAN have purchased blankets, infant food, sanitary towels and water purifiers and managed to send it to her. She has been able to distribute it in the camp.

3/ The scale and impact of the tragedy has caused a sense of helplessness. Given our limited resources, we do not know where to begin. In the past our friends have immediately responded during disasters. The Kashmir earth quake in 2005 and the Bihar floods of 2008 were examples where AMAN colleagues responded promptly. However the scale of the current disaster is so vast that our friends are struggling to save their own lives and property. Communication and infrastructure have completely collapsed.

4/ The dimensions of the tragedy in Jammu & Kashmir will unfold further in the days and months to come. Given all this and our past experience in relief and rehabilitation work, AMAN has decided to first analyse the situation keeping in mind our resources and available skills. We want to devise long-term strategies of relief and rehabilitation so that our interventions are meaningful and effective.

5/ Many of you have offered material and financial donations. We request you to make only financial contributions. Past experience has taught us that managing, sorting and transporting goods, clothes and medicines is time-consuming and expensive. It is always best to purchase new relief material as we did with Sadhbhavna Trust. Needless to say, we will keep you updated on the work undertaken and expenditures incurred.

5/ To know more about our past relief and rehabilitation work in Kashmir and Bihar please visit the following link on our website:

You can find out more about the Aman Trust by visiting

Your contributions are exempted from income tax under Section 80(G).

You can make your contributions by drawing a cheque in favour of:
AMAN (Public Charitable Trust)

For wire transfer/RTGS/NEFT:
HDFC Bank, New Friends Colony Branch, New Delhi
SB Account No: 00891000049040
IFSC Code: HDFC 0000089
Name of Beneficiary: AMAN (public charitable trust)

6/ Several other organisations are collecting material and financial help. Here are some contact links:

6.1/ Goonj:

6.2/ Uday Foundation: Visit: , Call: 011-26561333/444

6.3/ AMAN Biradari trust
Bank Name:IDBI Bank Limited
Branch: 1/6, Siri Fort Institution Area,
Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi-110049.
A/c No: 010104000156950
IFSC Code:IBKL0000010
BSR Code: 110259002
Warisha (9953825580)

6.4/ Kashmir Volunteers in Delhi:

JNU - TEFLAS Centre, JNU, near Munirka. Contact: Idrees: 9717296427 Mudasir:9560474618 Suvaid: 9871623382, Umar: 8375912704

Kalkaji - 16/10, 2nd floor, Kalkaji, Near Deshbandhu College - Contact Irfan: 9953240039, Suvaid: 9871623382

North Campus - G-3/3, Model Town, Phase III, Opposite PNB - Contact Amit: 9818934162, 8451082417

Jamia - 451- Zakir Nagar West, Samin Appartments, First Floor, Flat No. 101, Near Masjid Abu Bakr- Contact: Owais: 09958717132, Iqram: 08750150771, Hashim: 08527514797

For GHAZIABAD and MEERUT areas: IDST Dental College, Modinagar UP. Contact: Aaqib Hussain: 08755477844, Aaliya firdous: 08171797712

FOR GURGAON- A1/1802 Uniworld City Sector 30 near Huda City Center Guragaon.
Contact- Jahanara Rabia: 9871562901

With kind regards
Jamal Kidwai

o o o


3. [From COVA - 9 Sept 2014]

Jammu & Kashmir is reeling under worst floods in six decades:
Appeal To Donate Magnanimously

Jammu and Kashmir is battling one of the worst floods in decades with rivers in the region in spate due to five days of incessant rains, submerging hundreds of villages and triggering landslides. Nearly 200 people have died and thousands are stranded across the state, including Srinagar. Thousands of people trapped in Kashmir’s worst flooding. Over 2,000 houses in the Jammu region have become uninhabitable as these have been completely or partially damaged. Many houses collapsed in Old Srinagar City. Trapped residents are standing on roof top of their houses and asking for help.

3000 villages have been affected by floods in Kashmir Valley and out of which 390 are totally cut off from the rest of the state. There is no respite from the rains which began on last Tuesday. Standing crops like paddy and horticulture crops worth hundreds of crores of rupees have been damaged due to the floods.

In this hour of crisis of national level disaster we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

In 2005 earthquake that affected Jammu & Kashmir, COVA provide relief to 6000 affected families and constructed 200 houses for the most destitute through a network of community based organizations established by COVA in 140 affected villages.

We appeal for donations in aid of flood victims. Your support will reach to the victims in Jammu & Kashmir through the networks of COVA. Indian donors will be able to avail 50% exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. COVA is also authorized to receive foreign contribution under FCRA. For more information please contact us on Phone: 040-24572984; FAX: 040-24574527; Mobile: 09346238430 or at covanetwork at .

4. [From: ANHAD]


The Kashmir valley has seen the worst floods ever. The enormity of the tragedy makes it impossible for any one organisation, govt set ups or international relief agencies to deal with the situation on their own.

Realising that as a small organisation we cannot respond to the disaster in a big way, we are trying to do our bit by ensuring that ANHAD volunteers work on the ground and reach out to people in distress at this stage. It is going to be a long relief and rehabilitation process and we will decide on future actions after the water completely recedes.

ANHAD volunteers from Buniyar, Baramulla are already working there. Our team from Kupwara and Delhi will be reaching Srinagar in a few days time.

Kindly urgently donate:

FUNDS: All donation to ANHAD are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax.
MEDICINES: Antacids, Anti-Diarrahael, Anti-Allergic, Vomiting, Cough syrup, Antibiotic of cold & cough, Fever, Malaria, Allergy/Asthma, Pain killers, Children’s pain killer, Antiobiotic ointment, Disinfectants, Water purification tablets, ORS,

Torch/batteries, Candles & matchboxes,Disposable cup & plates


5. Kashmir Flood Relief & Rehabilitation Initiative

C/o: F-10/12, (Basement), Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Contacts: 09811081240, 09818407882, 011-26671556 Website: Email:pipfpd.india at

13th September 2014

Subject: Appeal and request regarding the J&K Flood situation and

Emergency needs of the affected people

Dear members, friends and well-wishers of PIPFPD,

The Pakistan India Peoples’ Forum for Peace & Democracy is joined by many concerned people – comprising doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, social workers, activists and students from across India and the affected areas of Jammu & Kashmir – in writing this appeal letter.

We have been watching with increasing concern and dismay the fast deteriorating situation in the ground – on both sides of the international border, especially in the Kashmir valley and the hill terrains of Jammu region. We understand that the scale of devastation is unprecedented and the armed forces are doing their best. However, we strongly believe that much more needs to be done that too on an urgent basis.

Towards this, as part of PIPFPD’s intervention, we have initiated a coordination effort between groups and individuals to see to it that the devastated people of J&K get additional support, rescue and relief. This, we believe, will strengthen and reinforce the support extended by the state and central government agencies – including defence forces.

Relief and Rescue operations are still underway and is yet to reach far too many people in need. Our phone lines and information channels have been inundated by SOS calls and messages seeking basic assistance for water, food, and medicines. The calls and messages are coming from people in relief camps as well as from those still stranded on rooftops and upper floors of buildings and from hospitals.

We are repeatedly told that while all relief material is being collected at Jammu and Srinagar, the distribution of the same is too slow and inadequate. The death toll is rising by the minute. The spectre of epidemics looms large. Instances of the outbreak of some infections are being reported, pointing towards more disasters in the waiting. The carcasses of dead animals and no outlet for sewage in waterlogged areas is further compounding the situation.

On behalf of the collective of groups and citizens, we appeal to you to kindly contribute generously to the cause of the affected people of Jammu & Kashmir and stand in solidarity with them in this hour of great crisis. We are working in tandem with the young Kashmiri volunteers ( Volunteers in Delhi: Flood relief Facebook page), who have done a fantastic job in both rescue operations and ferrying relief materials:

a) Monetary contributions: Many organisations and individuals are collecting aid and relief materials along with cash. PIPFPD does not intend to overlap such efforts, but feel strongly that there is a great potential in using the last 2 decades of our public credibility, to seek support for the people of J&K at this stage, like what we did during the J&K Earthquake time in 2005. We are receiving contributions and donations in this regard in the account of ‘Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace & Democracy’, payable at Delhi. You can make your Cheques or Demand Drafts and send across to our Delhi office address: c/o F-10/12, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110017. If you want to wire money, please do call for further information on the numbers given below.

b) We need more life saving boats/rafts with relief materials, food, water, water filters, solar lights and medicines to the affected areas. If you have any access to such, or can make them available within a short time, do contact us. Kindly keep in mind that packed food (including bread & jam kind of common handy food) is the best way we can send across.

c) Medicines are in great demand (both first-aid related and other common medicines); allopathic or any other medical stream, with necessary clear instructions. The situation in Srinagar and Kashmir valley is such that doctors are struggling to save people’s lives, due to complete shortage of medicines. If you can contribute i towards this, kindly let us know.

d) Clothes (only new ones), blankets and Tarpolins are the other major category of things required. As water recedes, we will also require mosquito repellent creams, cooking and serving vessels and other such things that can help people deal with the new scenario.

We also appeal to you to kindly write and appeal through media to your respective state government to extend as much help as possible to the state government of J&K in this crisis.

We can organise or get help to reach your stuff free of cost from any airport in the country to Srinagar by air. Kindly do let us know in the contact numbers provided or by email.

We feel it is important to take international community’s help and support on the face of such a mammoth disaster. It is also important that we pressurise the Indian Government to raise the concerns in all international media and forums, immediately. While security concerns and risks can be raised as objections to deal with the flood situation in J&K – in comparison to other regions, it is important to realise that these concerns cannot be over and above the lives of our citizens and their right to rescue, relief and rehabilitation by the state. We also feel that it is important that we work in a consistent way committed to working on this in the long run and extend rehabilitation support once the relief operations are concluded like we always have.

We appeal to all of you to do your best to save the lives, property and dignity of the people affected by the worst ever floods in living memory in Kashmir region.

Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal & Asha Hans (Co-Chairpersons)

Jatin Desai (General Secretary)


[Laila Tyabji of Dastakar has endorsed this appeal]



As many of you know the most disastrous floods have recently devastated Jammu & Kashmir. Hundreds of people have died, thousands are stranded and in need of basic amenities. Relief operations are underway but people are in need of essential life saving commodities like Medicines, Blankets and Rations.

LAMO is working with Kashmir Loom to reach out to people in the State in order to help those who are in need and affected. Immediate needs will be attended to first, followed by long-term measures for rehabilitation and rebuilding lives where possible.

We desperately need your help in any way possible:

Essential Supplies:

Torches and batteries
Drinking Water
Sanitary napkins


Anti Inflammatory: Crocin, Children’s Crocin, Combiflam, Anacin, Disprin etc
Antibiotics: Amoxycillin, Azithral, Norflox , Zanocin
Anti Diarrhea: Imodium, Electral, ORS, children’s ORS
Pain Killers: Brufen, Meftal, Mobizox
Anti Allergy: Citrizine, Zertac, Avil
Cold/Flu: Crocin Cold and Flu, Actifed, Sinarest
Nausea: Stemetil, Avomine
Water Purifying Tablets

Supplies can be left at:

Kashmir Loom The LAMO Centre
A-21 Basement Below Leh Palace, P.O Box 152
Nizamuddin East Old Town Leh
New Delhi 110014 Ladakh 194101
Tel: 011-46502902/40588650 Tel: +91 - 9419178977/9820500569

Donations can be wire transferred to:

Account Name: The LAMO Trust
Account number: 30913378915
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Bank Address: Main Branch, Leh, Ladakh, J & K 194101
RTGS code: SBIN0001365

Cheques can be made in the name of ‘The LAMO Trust’ and sent to The LAMO Centre or:
Monisha Ahmed, Executive Director, LAMO
Praneta, Flat 2
23B Juhu Tara Road
Opposite Manekji Cooper School
Mumbai 400049, India
Tel: +91 – 9820500569.

Please send LAMO an email at in... at or monisha at letting us know if you have made a deposit and also mention your full name and address, PAN no, amount, cheque no and date, we will send you a receipt and 80G Certificate.

Please note LAMO cannot accept foreign funds as they do not have the necessary Indian government clearance.

LAMO – KASHMIR LOOM thanks you for your support, every contribution counts as it is much needed and will be appreciated in the challenging days ahead.


Oxfam India, seek contributions of funds rather than material: