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Terrorism a common threat for India and Pakistan - PIPFPD Condemns Attacks on The Wagah Border

4 November 2014

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Pakistan India Peoples’ Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), India

November 4, 2014

Pakistan-India Peoples’ Forum for Peace & Democracy (PIPFPD) has strongly condemned the dastardly terror attack at the Wagah border on the Pakistan side on Sunday late evening. More than 65 innocent people were killed and over 175 injured. We condole the loss of precious lives and convey our sympathies to the family members of those who have lost their near and dear ones.

Terror attacks are a common threat for India and Pakistan because their perpetrators are operating and attacks are taking place on both sides of the border. They promote a culture of religious fanaticism and communal hatred on both sides which is on the rise and inimical to the interests of peace.

PIPFPD also expresses solidarity with the people of Pakistan who are fighting a do or die battle against the terror groups. Such cowardly attacks and religious fanaticism are against the interest of common people in Pakistan and in the sub-continent.

PIPFPD maintains that the Wagah attack is also a shared concern of India and Pakistan, specially because the venue of the attack is also a shared space that promotes to and fro movement of people across the borders. Unfortunately, the governments on the two sides have turned the Wagah border into a symbol of military pageantry and military pride.

We once again reiterate our stated position of amending the present jingoistic and militaristic flag lowering ceremony beating the retreat at Attari / Wagah border. Instead Wagah should be turned into a space for cultural exchanges and programmes which will inspire friendship and peace, not hatred and animosity.

Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal & Asha Hans

Jatin Desai
General Secreatary

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Pakistan Chapter HQ: 11, Temple Road, Lahore, Pakistan