Social Change Communications (SCC)

A registered non profit association in France [Association Loi 1901]
No.SIRET: 451154462-00019 | Code APE: 913E
E-mail contact address: <
sacw (AT)

We are geared at electronic networking for peace and democratisation; and information diffusion against nuclearisation (development of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy programmes) and sustained counter information work on the dangers of far right fundamentalist politics; for labour and women's rights in South Asia and elsewhere. We also support secular, socially useful and citizen centred web content making internationally.

Social Change Communications was set up:
- in order to handle money donations for South Asia Citizens Web / South Asians Against Nukes
and associated sites
- to act as the administrative, legal, back office umbrella structure for our South Asia
focused web sites and mailing lists.

Affiliated websites and blogs:

South Asia Citizens Web (since 1996)
South Asians Against Nukes (since May 1998)
South Asia Counter Information Project
- Content Relay
and SACIP Blog (since 2003)
South Asia Peace Wire
(since 2005)
Communalism Watch (since 2002)
Screening South Asia (since 2003)
The following were developed around specific events -
Citizens Challenge Emergency Rule in Pakistan (since November 3, 2007)
Delhi to Multan: A Citizens Peace March (April 2005 but not active now)
atelier asie [a resource on 2005 Tsunami for the French Speaking] (in 2005 but not active now)
Bombay's Demolition Drive - 2004-2005 (in 2004 not active now)

Affliliated mailing lists

South Asia Citizens Wire (since 1996 and has operated under the name SACW since 1998)  - South Asians Against Nukes Posts (since 1998) - India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch (since 1999) - Labour Notes South Asia (since 2000)
You can help us keep afloat by supporting our websites and mailing lists. Social Change Communications accepts electronic donations via PayPal. Money that is donated will be distributed to our affiliated web sites: SACW / SAAN / SACIP, to our affiliated lists, to meet our reproduction costs. Identities of donors are kept confidential.

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