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Jadugoda, located in the mineral-rich Singhbum district of Jharkhand, is the chief source of Uranium in India, providing fuel for the nuclear reactors. However, the uranium comes at a colossal human cost. In this case, those paying the price are adivasis (indigenous population), the Santhal, Munda and Ho tribes. Due to the proximity of the mine, a large number of villagers suffer from cancer, skin diseases, physical deformities, blindness, brain damage, disruption of menstrual cycle or loss of fertility. Villagers, evicted from their lands, work as miners and are exposed to a heavy dose of radiation. Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL), responsible for operating the mine refutes the allegations and refuses to acknowledge the problems. However, independent researchers believe that it is difficult to conceive of any reason, other than radiation, for the human and environmental catastrophe. This site has been created to provide a window to outside world to Jadugoda and its problems, a creation of our own. In the hope that those responsible for creating problems can also work towards addressing them.