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IG Khan Memorial Trust


This Trust is in memory of an extraordinary man. He was not famous in the way of celebrities, but in a life that was rich and eventful, he managed to become extremely well known and well loved across different social classes and all over the world. A historian of achievement and promise, he was one of the most popular teachers at the Aligarh Muslim University. He also organized a union of cycle- rickshaw pullers, whom he worked with on a range of welfare and political issues. There was no aspect of his life or work that was unconnected with his sense of social responsibility. More telling than these isolated ‘achievements’, however, are the many small, seemingly trivial incidents that indicate his rare gift of being able to touch people’s lives. It is difficult to find the right words to communicate a sense of his vitality and innocence. We will leave it at this- that he had the ability to never stop trying to change things around him. That he was utterly fearless in opposing any form of injustice. And that he was brave enough and wise enough to live by and die for what he believed in. He was murdered on Feb 14th 2003 in an act of senseless violence. This Trust, established in late 2003 by his family and friends, is an attempt to continue his struggles and his achievements by working in the areas closest to his heart.