A List of Some Secular Education Material in India

Ram Puniyani, EKTA, Committee for Communal Amity

We have been preparing the material and methods to communicate the secular
values to different sections of society. Also there is an attempt to
project the truth against the myths about minorities. In the process
following multi layered martial is now available. The following listing
and description goes from simple to more complex one.

1. India's Tryst with Pluralism, Harmony, Democracy
Pitched at most simple level, this booklet covers some of the myths and
also takes up freedom struggle, outlines the traditions of harmony and
amity between different communities, role of Kair, Nanak, Gandhi in
promoting communal amity. Also deflates the concept about temple breaking,
fights between Hindu Muslims etc.
Published by Voice of the Exploited (English) Gujarati being planned by
Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Center.
Contribution Price-Rs. 5

(Suitable for Higher secondary students and Junior college. Also for
average reader)


Booklet "Communalism:What is False What is true
(Language English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati are available. Attempts for
translation in other languages is going on)
The communal venom spread by communal outfits is one of the reasons due to
Which the atmosphere of hatred is created and the violence finds its
fertile ground. Since decades in a systematic fashion the myths are
manufactured, propagated and hatred against minorities is spread. This
hatred forms the base on which communal violence takes place strengthening
the communal politics. By now a "doctoring of mass consciousness has gone
very far. Any long term fight with communal
politics will need to answer these questions to the broad sections of

This booklet deals with following myths

a. Muslims Kings destroyed Hindu temples to humiliate them
b. Islam spread in India on the strength of sword
c. Muslims and Hindu kings fought with each other on religious
d. Muslims marry four times and produce more children
e. Truth behind Partition Tragedy
f. Kashmir Imbroglio
g. Islam and terrorism
h. Striving for secular society


Communalism: What is False What is True? (Hindi)
Audio Cassette and CD

Theme as above (2A)
These cassette-CD are in Two volumes, in Hindi and cover the

Total Duration 140 Minutes, in two volumes- Part-I and II- Rs. 80.
(Suitable for Junior college level and also for an average reader)

3. Communal Politics- An Illustrated Primer

Available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Malayalam translation
under progress

Deals with the total spectrum of issues since the Babri demolition. Covers
an evaluation of Mumbai riots, India's Syncretic traditions, Rise and
growth of Communal politics, Myths of History, The nature of Hindutva
Politics, Hindutva and Exploited sections of Society.
Richly illustrated with Photographs, cartoons and visuals (Over 100
English- Rs.150, Hindi Rs. 60, Guajrati Rs 40, Marathi Rs. 35.

(Suitable for Junior College and above. Also for average reader and

Facts versus Myths

CONTENTS : Preface / Introduction / Ancient India: Was It a Golden Period?
Medieval India: Dark Era or Foundations of Syncretism? / Gandhi and Godse:
Nationalism, Hindutva and the Freedom Struggle / The Partition: Who was
Responsible? / The Kashmir Imbroglio: How Green is the Valley? / The Babri
Masjid-Ram Janambhoomi Dispute: Abode of Ram or House of Allah? /
Minorities in
'Secular' India: Appeasement or Maltreatment? / Crime and (No) Punishment:
Communal Violence, Inquiry Commissions and Deliverance of Justice /
the Word: Conversions and Anti-Christian Violence / Ram Rajya: Religious
Nationalism or Secular Democracy / Hindutva: Fanatical Faith or Political
/ Unmaking the State: Rewriting the Constitution / God Willing: Genesis of
Terrorism, Motives of War and Islam / The Gujarat Experiment: Programmed
Pogrom / Epilogue / References / Index
2003 / 308 pages
Paper: Rs 295.00 (0-7619-9667-2)
(Deals with the total theme, graduate level Students, activists, scholars,

5. Fascsim of Sangh Parivar

Deals with the concept of Fascism, India's Freedom Struggle and Rise of
Communal Politics, Role of Gandhi. Role oftHindu Mahasabha-RSS in Freedom
Struggle, Ideological base of Hindutva, Social base of Hindutva, Hindutva
and exploited sections of Society.
Pages 125, Rs. 50, Media House, 375-A, Pocket 2, Mayur Vihar, Phase I,
Delhi 110091

(Suitable for serious readers and activists)

6.The Other Cheek-Minorities Under Threat-
Collection of articles on the theme of communal politics-Democracy,
Gandhian values today, Gender, Caste and Communal Politics

Pages 206, Rs. 95
Media House Delhi
(Suitable for activists, higher level students and serious readers)

7. Secular Challenge to Communal Politics
Anthology on Communal Problem

Covers the selected articles of Romila Thapar, K.N.Panikkar, Asghar Ali
Engineer, Mushirul Hasan, Imtiaz Ahmad, Rustom Bharucha, Tanika Sarkar,
Ratna Kapoor, T. Jayaraman and Ram Puniyani

Published by Vikas Adhyan Kendra, D-1, Shivdham, 62 Link Road Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Contribution Rs. 100.
(Suitable for serious readers, students and activists)


Jhoot Aur Sach

Facts against Myths of Medieval History, Partition and Kashmir. Pages 76,
Rs. 20
(Translated by Agyatmitra)
Published by EKTA,


1. Phadanichya Antarngat,
Facts Against Myths of partition tragedy and Kashmir Imbroglio
Pages 60, Rs. 20, Published by EKTA

2. Dharmavadache Rajkaran- Marathi Translation of Communal Politics,
Published by Keshav Gore trust
(Both these Marathi translations by Pradeep Deshpande. Pages 130, Rs. 35

3.Hindutvavadache Rajkaran-(Marathi) Deals with Communal politics,
Minority Problem, Communal Violence, Babri Mosque-Temple dispute, Hindutva
Politics, Constitution review.
Pages 88, Rs. 30

These books can be obtained from the Publishers, from PPH, Fountain, Salim
Saboowala or the undersigned.


The Second Assasination of Gandhi
Freedom Struggle and Indian Nationalism

English from Media House Delhi and Marathi from EKTA Mumbai
Deals with the concepts of nationalism, Rise of democratic nationalism and
the Communal Nationalism. Outlines the role of Hindutva votaries like
Savarkar and Vajpayee in Freedom struggle and then goes to explore the
reasons behind Gandhi'd murder by an RSS ex-Prachark and close associate
of Savarkar, Nathuram Godse. Has been edited by Prof. Richard Bonney of
Leicester Uni. (UK) and contains valuable documents related to Gandhi


1. Communal Politics-Facts versus Myths

Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd
B- 42 Panchsheel Enclave
New Delhi 100017

2. Fascism of Sangh Parivar and The Other Cheek (Minorities under
Threat) from Media House Delhi (Address above)

3. Secular Challenge from Vikas Adhyan Kendra

4. All others from

Pradeep Deshpande
B-1, 252, Jeevdani Darshan
Arunodaya Nagar Mulund (W) Mumbai, 400081

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