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Links / Resources:

- Pakistan Institute for Labour Education and Research (Karachi)
- Gurgaon Workers News
- Self Employed Women's Association (Ahmedabad)
- Labour File from Centre for Education & Communication (Delhi)
- Appeal for Solidarity Against Repression in the Dhaka Export Processing Zone
by National Garment Workers Federation of Bangladesh
- India: Bhima Sangha, a union of, by and for working children
- New York Taxi Workers Alliance Home Page (60 percent of New York Cabbies are South Asian Immigrants)
- South Asian Workers Rights Project (USA) | Workers Awaaz (USA)

- Websites of some leading Trade Unions in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan:

Related Material:

- Labour Movement News from India 

"The case of East Parej Coal Mines Open Cast Project in
Jharkland, India"

Workshop on Indigenous Peoples, the Extractive Industries and the World Bank
Exeter College, University of Oxford, UK
14-15th April 2003

Present Status of Asbestos Mining and Related Health Problems in India -- A Survey
AL. Ramanathan and V. Subramaniam (Dec.2000)

Editing out the alternative: the disappearance of the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny from the history of the end of empire
by Barry Pavier



- Veiled in Vapour
(by Mukul Mangalik | India | The story of a steam locomotive driver and the camaraderie of steam crews)

- Secrets of Silicon Valley

- Backstage Boys: India's Labour Goes Global (Meera Dewan, India, 30 min | on the dreams and compulsions of Punjabi stowaways to Europe)

- In the Flesh (Bishakha Datta, India, 53 min | on
lives of three sex workers in India)

Legal Documentation

India: Factories Act of 1948

Equal Remuneration Act,1976

- Sweatshop Tales - Bangladeshi Workers in Kuwait
by Hana Shams Ahmed [August 29, 2008]
- India: NREG two Years On - Where Do We Go from Here?
by Santosh Mehrotra [August 2, 2008]
- India: - NREGA: ship without rudder?
by Jean Drèze [July 19, 2008]
- "As If I Am Not Human": Abuses against Asian Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia
 by Human Rights Watch [July 8, 2008]
- India: Gurgaon Workers News [May 11, 2008]
- India: Local Impact of Retailer-Driven Garment Supply Chains
by Anuradha Kalhan [January
26, 2008]
- Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone: Gender and Politics in Sri Lanka
by Sandya Hewamanne [n.d. 2007]
- India: A Sociological Profile of a Public Sector Workforce
by Dilip Subramanian [December 22, 2007]
- India: NREGA - Dismantling the contractor raj
by Jean Drèze [20 November, 2007]
- Gender and Class: Women in Indian Industry
by Samita Sen [October 23, 2007]
- India: Labour and Closure of a Mill
by Manali Chakrabarti [May 26, 2007]
- India: Economic Liberalisation, Work and Democracy
by Nandini Gooptu [May 26, 2007]

- Workers' Organisations in Pakistan: Why no role in formal politics?
by Christopher Candland [March 2007]
- India: Labour in Brick Kilns: A Case Study in Chennai
by Guerin Isabelle , Bhukuth Augendra , Parthasarthy , Venkatasubramanian G [February 17, 2007]
- India: Social security for street vendors
by Sharit K. Bhowmik [December, 2006]
- The Global Indian Software Labour Force: IT Professionals in Europe
by Carol Upadhya [2006]
- Organizing India's call center comrades
by Sudha Ramachandran  [November 21, 2006]
- Why Unions Fail in Organising India's BPO-ITES Industry
by Amandeep Sandhu [October 2006]
- National employment guarantee inaction
by Jean Drèze [September 12, 2006]
- Pakistan: Collective Care Arrangements in the Informal Labour Market
by Zeenat Hisam [May 27, 2006]
- India: Organising Call Centre Agents - Emerging Issues
by Ernesto Noronha , Premilla D'Cruz [May 27, 2006]
- UK: 30th Anniversary of the Grunwick Strike [May 16, 2006]
- Pakistan: Of Women, Work and Public Spaces: Thoughts on Karachi's Poor
by Kamran Asdar Ali [May 1, 2006]

- India: Labouring Unity
by Bela Malik [April 2006]
- Defending Workers Rights in Subcontracted Workplaces
by Rohini Hensman (Chapter in: Threads of Labour: Garment Industry Supply Chains From the Workers Perspective. 2005)
- India: Sex workers' Bill continues to stigmatise prostitution

by Rakesh Shukla
[December 19, 2005]
- Pakistan: A Flawed Labour Policy
by Karamat Ali and Omar Abbas
[December 17, 2005]
- India - New Delhi:
Trapped to Death: Deaths from fire at a Garment Factory in Vishwas Nagar
On the morning of 7 December [2005]
, a fire, resulting in the death of twelve workers, broke out on the second floor of Groversons Apparels Pvt. Ltd., a garment-manufacturing unit in Vishwas Nagar, East Delhi.

- Unemployment in Kerala at the turn of the century
by K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan
[August 2005]
- Right to Strike: Indispensable for worker's rights
by HRF [June 2005]
- India: Labour Activism and Women in the Unorganised Sector
by Supriya RoyChowdhury [May 28, 2005]

- Street Vendors in Asia: A Review
by Sharit K Bhowmik
[May 28, 2005]
- Deregulation and Labour Policies in a Public Sector Firm
by Dilip Subramanian
[May 28, 2005]
- Labour Flexibility Debate in India
by K R Shyam Sundar
[May 28, 2005]
- Social Reproduction of Third World Labour in the Era of Globalisation
by Rakhi Sehgal
[May 28, 2005]
- India: Worker Politics, Trade Unions and the Shiv Sena's Rise in Central Bombay
by Juned Shaikh [April 30, 2005]
- Indo Pak Fishermen and the invisible border
by Kurram Baig
[March 29, 2005]
- [Book Review]
Labour Flexibility Story in the 1990s
by K R Shyam Sundar
An open letter to the Pakistan President re representation of women and labour in local govt bodies [February 2005] Press report with major extracts=> Cut in seats for women, workers opposed [February 16, 2005]
India: Panchayats and employment guarantee
by A. Vaidyanathan
[February 15, 2005]
India - Shankar Guha Niyogi Murder Trial: Chronicle of A Murder Acquittal Foretold by Rakesh Shukla [February 8, 2005]
[Book Review] From Mills to Malls Loss of a City's Identity
by Mariam Dossal [January 29, 2005]
- Working class struggles, labour elites and closed shops: the lessons from India’s trade unions and experiences of organisation
 by Arjan de Haan with Samita Sen
[January 2005]
Unemployment guarantee bill
by Jean Dreze [December 31, 2004]
UPA Betrays Its Biggest Promise: Mocking at job guarantee
by Praful Bidwai [December 27, 2004]
Guaranteeing employment
by Amit Bhaduri [December 27, 2004]
Indian Cyber Workers in US
by Roli Varma, Everett M Rogers [December 25, 2004]
- The Shadow Lines of Citizenship: Prostitutes' Struggle over Workers' Rights

by Swati Ghosh
[?, 2004]
Behind the Label: The condition of Workers in the Delhi Leather Garments Industry:
Leather workers in Delhi working on piece-rates for leather garment exporters organised themselves as the Delhi Leather Karigar Sangathan (DLKS) in 1999. Their lives and struggles for a decent wage
[?, 2004]
- Job Law Can Sharply Cut Poverty This Decade
by Santosh Mehrotra [December 18, 2004]
Employment Guarantee for Rural India
by A Ganesh Kumar, Srijit Mishra and Manoj Panda [December 18, 2004]
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: A Historic Opportunity
by Mihir Shah [December 11, 2004]
The Poor in the Indian Labour Force: Scenario in the 1990s
by K Sundaram, Suresh Tendulkar [November 27, 2004]

Employment as a social responsibility
by Jean Dreze [November 22, 2004]
- [India]
Employment Guarantee Act - A Primer [October 2004]
- Strategies for Labour in Developing Countries
A V Jose [October 2, 2004]
Evasive Reform: Informalization in a Liberalized Economy with Wage-setting Unions
by Indraneel Dasgupta abd Sugata Marjit
[September 17-18, 2004] (PDF 152KB)
- Reforms and Informalization: What Lies Behind Jobless Growth in India
by Anushree Sinha [September 17-18, 2004] (PDF 172KB)
A Workable Right to Employment
by Mihir Shah [August 24, 2004]

- [India] Draft of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2004 [August 14, 2004]
An unconventional convention
by Jean Dreze [June 11-13, 2004]
Indian Workers in UAE
by K C Zachariah, B A Prakash and S Irudaya Rajan
[May 29, 2004]
- Unfree Labour in South Asia
by A Ercelawn and M Nauman
[May 29, 2004]
Railway Porters of Mumbai
Dennis Weitering, Gerben Nooteboom [May 29, 2004]
South Asian Labour for Peace & Development
by Karamat Ali and A Ercelan
[April 29-30, 2004]
Globalisation, Women and Work: What Are We Talking About?
by Rohini Hensman [March 6, 2004]
Cyber Coolies' in BPO: Insecurities and Vulnerabilities of Non-Standard Work
by Babu P Ramesh
[January 31, 2004]
- A union and a hospital [January 18, 2004]
- Old Classes and New Spaces: Urban Poverty, Unorganised Labour and New Unions by Supriya RoyChowdhury [December 13, 2003]
Lalit Deshpande interviewed by Lyla Bavadam (the well known scholar on the labour market studies of Bombay ...on the ehtnic riots for jobs) [December 6, 2003]
Violence forces Indian job recruitment campaign off the rails
by Maseeh Rahman [December 5, 2003]
Rethinking the informal economy
by Martha Alter Chen [Seminar, December, 2003]
Coping with impoverishment by Jan Breman [Seminar, December, 2003]
extract from Working in the Mill No More by Jan Breman. Oxford University Press, 2004
Solidarity First: An interview with Karamat Ali [November 30, 2003]
People's Courts Demand Corporate Accountability in India (November 25, 2003)
Karachi Declaration at the South Asia Labour for Peace Conference (Sept. 1-2, 2003)
Draft South Asian Labour Rights Charter
Resolution on South Asian Labour Rights Charter
South Asian Labour Forum
Book Review of 'The Power to Choose: Bangladeshi Women and Labour Market Decisions in London and Dhaka by Naila Kabeer'
- The "Low Road" in a Buyer-Driven Global Commodity Chain: Capital-Labour Relations in a Hidden Abode of Footwear Production in India
by Bernard D'Mello [February 6, 2003]

- India: Mysore Kirloskar: Workers' Alternative to Unemployment  
Attempts by workers to take over and revive companies in crisis have been a recurring response to the threat of closure. Such takeovers are a pragmatic response rather than an ideological reaction for establishing self-management.
by Sureshramana Mayya
[May 25, 2002]
- Book Review: Undermining Patriarchy, Empowering Women
Bangladeshi Women Workers and Labour Market Decisions ó The Power to Choose by Naila Kabeer; Vistaar Publications, New Delhi, 2001; pp 464 , Rs 575 (hardback).
by Rohini Hensman
[April 6, 2002]
- Reebok and the Global Footwear Sweatshop
by Bernard D'Mello
[February 2002]
- Work Organisation and Employment Contracts: Technological Modernisation in Textile Firms 
by Deepita Chakravarty [February 2002]

- Rural Migrants Segmentation and Labour: Micro-Level Evidence from Delhi Slums 
by Indrani Gupta and Arup Mitra [January 2002]

- Conformity or Resistance? Women Workers in Garment Factories in Bangladesh
by Petra Dannecker
- India: Workers' Rights in a New Economic Order
by Jairus Banaji [November 2000]
- Teleworking and Teletrade in India: Combining Diverse Perspectives and Visions
by Swasti Mitter [June 24, 2000]
- Corporate India's pursuit of competitiveness sparks labour unrest
by Nikhil Faleiro [April 24, 2000]
- World Trade and Workers Rights: To Link or Not to Link?
by Rohini Hensman [April 5, 2000] 
- Living Conditions of Women Workers in the RMG Sector in Bangladesh by Syeda Sharmin Absar (2000)
- Organized labour and economic liberalization: India: Past, present and future
by Debashish Bhattacherjee [2000]
The Politics of the Labour Movement: An Essay on Differential Aspirations
by Dilip Simeon

- The case of Indian and Pakistani fishermen, jailed for trespassing into each other country's territorial waters
by Mukul
- Responses to Globalisation: The Indian Experience
by Rohini Hensman
- Conformity or Resistance? Women Workers in the Factories in Bangladesh, Working Paper No. 326, Universität Bielefeld, Forschungsschwerpunkt Entwicklungssoziologie (1999) by Petra Dannecker
- On International Labour Migration from Pakistan and the Pakistan Economy - A Book review by Wolfgang-Peter Zingel
(Alain Lefebvre: Kinship, honour and money in Pakistan: Subsistence economy and the effects of international migration. London: Curzon Press, 1999)
- Metamorphoses of Agrarian Capitalism
by Jairus Banaji [Book review of Ecological and Agrarian Regions of South Asia circa 1930, edited by Daniel Thorner; Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1996; pp 148]
- A Study of Industrial Labour in Post-Colonial India
by Jan Breman, Amsterdam, 1998. (PDF, 248 Kb)
- Booking the Bourgeoisie: The Niyogi Murder Trial
by C.N. Subramaniam (1999)
- Battles for Bangalore: Reterritorialising the City [PDF]
by Janaki Nair
-The Mobilization of Women into the Garments Factories of Bangladesh
by Nazli Kibria (Downloadable File in Microsoft Word 6.0 / 209kb)
- Miracle Worker or Womanmachine?: Tracking (Trans)national Realities in Bangaldeshi Factories
Dina M Siddiqui
- Worker Co-operatives in India: Lessons from Kamani  
Is the Kamani experiment,the most celebrated case of worker take-over in India over? What are the lessons it offers?.......
by EA Ramaswamy [January 30, 1999]
- New Social and New Political Unionism: Labour, Industry, and the State in India and Pakistan
Christopher Candland
- Culture in Working Class History: A Discussion
Dipesh Chakrabarty
(An edited transcript of a lecture at V.V. Giri National Labour Institute on 25, November 1998.)
- First Conference of the Labour History Association of India
-Labour Legislation and Trade Unions in India and Pakistan
by Ali Amjad (Oxford University Press, Karachi, 2001)
- Women and Unions in India
by Arun Kumar (from ciber discussion of ICFTU 2000.3.1)
The Bombay Textile Workers' Strike of 1982: The Lessons of History, in Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars
by Bharat Patankar
- Computerization and women's employment in India's banking sector
by Sujata Gothoskar
- "Power, Agrarian Structure, and Peasant Mobilization in Modern India," on May 23-25, 1997 at the University of Virginia - A Symposium to honor Professor Emeritus Walter Hauser's contributions to peasant studies
- Travail ouvrier et consciences communautaires: l'évolution des mentalités des travailleurs de la mine en Inde contemporaine
by Gérard.Heuzé (Cahiers des Sciences Humaines, 1987, Vol. 23, Num. 2, p. 245-260)


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