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Refugees and the State
Practices of Asylum and Care in India, 1947-2000

Edited by:
Ranabir Samaddar

India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch Newsletter
- Paying the price for someone else’s displacement
by Walter Fernandes [July 2008]
- The Immoral Economy of Counter Insurgency in India
by Nandini Sundar [October 5, 2007]

- Neglect of Children Under Six in the Union Budget 2007-8: A letter to India's Prime Minister
the Government of India will be spending less than Rs 5,000 crores this year on children under six, who represent more than 15 per cent of India’s population.  This compares with Rs 96,000 crores to be spent on "defence". 
by  Jean Dreze, N.C.Saxena, Shantha Sinha, Aruna Roy, Kavita Srivastava, Harsh Mander, Vandana Prasad, Arun Gupta, Annie Raja, Veena Shatrugna, Sudha Sundararaman  [March 9, 2007]
- Interim Report of the Citizens' Committee on Singur and Nandigram
Sumit Sarkar, Colin Gonsalves, Sumit Chakravarty, Krishna Majumdar and Tanika Sarkar were part of the factfinding team   [January 20, 2007]
- "Evictions Now a National Crisis"
Miloon Kothari in conversation [May 10, 2006]
- Abandoning the Displaced
by Ramaswamy R Iyer [May 10, 2006]
- Development through dismemberment of the weak: Threat of Polavaram Project
by N Subba Reddy [April 15, 2006]
- Creating Dispensable Citizens
by Usha Ramanathan [April 14, 2006]
- Forgotten People
by Joe Athialy [April 11, 2006]
- Damned, as always
by Harsh Mander [April 9, 2006]
- Borders, Migration and Sub-Regional Cooperation in Eastern South Asia
by Mayumi Murayama
[April 8, 2006]
- A Paradise Poisoned
by Nandini Sundar
 [January 14, 2006]
- Challenges of Post-disaster Development of Coastal Areas in Sri Lanka
by N. Shanmugaratnam [November 2005]
India - Madhya Pradesh: Displacement with State Subterfuge: Case Study of Indira Sagar Pariyojana
by Harsh Mander
[November 26, 2005]
- Anatomy of Violence: Analysis of Civil War in East Pakistan in 1971
 by Sarmila Bose
[October 8, 2005]
- India: Pushed over the Edge - Village Relocation from Sariska
by Ghazala Shahabuddin, Ravi Kumar, Manish Shrivastava
[August 6, 2005]
- India: Project Mumbai Makeover: Casualties of Development
by Shivali Tukdeo

- India: A Bill that takes away more than it gives
by Sheela Barse
[July 1, 2005]
- India - Maharashtra: No rain, but 'snow' and water parks
by P. Sainath June 22, 2005

- India: Tragic Kashipur - Horrible Government
by Debaranjan Sarangi
[18 June 2005]
- Conflicting Nations in North-East India
by Sanjay K Roy
[May 21, 2005]
- Jungle Book: Tribal Forest Rights Recognised For First Time
by Nandini Sundar
[May 4, 2005]
- Punjab's prosperity not linked to Bhakra, says study
by Gargi Parsai
[April 19, 2005]
- Bombay: The Metropolis and The Land - Whom Does It Belong?
by Sanjay Sangvai and Raju Bhise
[March 28, 2005]
- Displacement and Rehabilitation of Tribals
by Biswaranjan Mohanty
[March 26, 2005]
- India: Interview with Ms. C.K. Janu , Leader of Tribals in Kerala
by Subhash Gatade
[March 18, 2005]
- Whither the Indian Village: Culture and Agriculture in 'Rural' India
by Dipankar Gupta
[Feb 19, 2005]
- Call for fair procedure to determine nationality
report in The Hindu
[Feb 09, 2005]
- Excerpts from "Democracy, Citizens and Migrants: Nationalism in the Era of Globalisation" by Citizen's Campaign for Preserving Democracy [February 9, 2005]
- In perspective : Slum Demolitions in Mumbai by Vidyadhar Date [Feb 20, 2005]
- Citizens Appeal to Orissa Govt. Stop Human Rights Violations in Kashipur [Feb 5, 2005]
- In Bombay, a battle over slums
by Scott Baldauf
[Feb 3, 2005]
- India's 'biggest slum demolitions'
[Feb 2, 2005]
- Addresses without homes
by Dilip D'Souza
[January 31, 2005]
State Repression in Kashipur
by activists of PPSP
[January 26, 2005] [word file]
- Migrants in Flight: Conflict-Induced Internal Displacement of Nepalis in Northeast India
Lopita Nath
[January 2005]
- "Dams Rivers and People" -[January 2005]
- Dark Clouds: A new Government order to scatter Tsunami survivors in Tamil Nadu by Babu Mathew
[January 16, 2005]
Oustees of Indira Sagar Dam Saga of Harsud
by Betwa Sharma
- Bhopal still suffering, 20 years on
by Randeep Ramesh in Bhopal
[November 29, 2004]
- The World Bank should stop funding large Indian hydro projects
by Himanshu Thakkar
[ - September 13, 2004]
- India: Mushhars: Tales of untold miseries by V.B.Rawat [September 10, 2004]
- Contesting 'Infantilisation' of Forced Migrant Women by Rita Manchanda [September 11, 2004]
- India: Harsud Lost by Angana Chatterji [August 21, 2004]
- India: What the State Cannot Destroy by Harsh Mander [August 7, 2004]
- Bangladesh: Projects of Mass Destruction by Anu Muhammad [July 27, 2004]
- India: A town called Nowhere
Harsud's evacuees should at least have been rehabilitated properly
by Kuldip Nayar
[July 13, 2004]
- Letter to the Chief Minister of the State of Goa, India
by Human Rights Watch
[on forced eviction and displacement of thousands of residents of Baina beach, Goa] [July 6, 2004]
- Indian villagers set to battle Alcan
The Canadian Mining firm sets base in Orissa
by Martin Regg Cohn
[July 3, 2004]
- Short-changing the Displaced: National Rehabilitation Policy
by Chittaroopa Palit
[EPW | July 3, 2004]
- Pakistan: Forgotten weapons continue to destroy lives
[International Committee of the Red Cross News - July 1, 2004]
- Resettled on paper
by Hartosh Singh Bal [
June 26, 2004]
- [Bangladesh] Don't keep Bihari refugees in a black-hole
Editorial, Daily Times, Pakistan
[June 25, 2004]
-Jai Kisan! not Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan!
by Aseem Shrivastava
[SACW | June 23, 2004]
Atrocities on Adivasis - I
by V.R. Krishna Iyer
Atrocities on Adivasis - II
by V. R. Krishna Iyer
- Book Review: Developmeent Induced Development -- Case of Kerala: Jose Murickan, M. K. George, K. A. Emmanuel, Jose Boban, R. Prakash Pillai
[June 8, 2004]
- The Dam and the Tribal
by Subir Bhaumik
[May 2004]
- How deep shall we dig?
by Arundhati Roy
[April 25, 2004]
- Democracy and Right to Food
 by Jean Dreze
[April 24, 2004]
- Mining 'Development' and MNCs
by Debaranjan Sarangi [April 24, 2004]

- India, 2004: The Digitization of Fascist Feudalism: A corrective for public amnesia on the eve of General Elections
by Aseem Shrivastava
[SACW | April 14, 2004]
- Sri Lanka: An Eyeful of Green
by Bina Srinivasan
[April 1, 2004]
- Illegality and Exclusion: Law in the lives of Slum Dwellers
by Usha Ramanathan [2004 -2]
- Mumbai slums and the search for 'a heart': ethics, ethnography and dilemmas of studying urban violence
by Atreyee Sen
[?, 2004]
- Narmada revisited
by Amita Baviskar
[Magazine / The Hindu, 4 January 2004]
- Nurseries of alienation
by Mihir Shah
[The Hindu, 30 December 2003]
- 'Community' and 'Nation': Groping for Alternative Narratives
by Mahua Sarkar
[EPW, December 27, 2003]
- Border fence leaves hundreds out of India by Krittivas Mukherjee [December 29, 2003]
- Power project dashes hopes of tribals by Rajiv Ranjan Jha [The Times of India, December 28, 2003]
- Despair of the displaced by Ravi Sharma
...lost their land and/or livelihood as a result of the building of the 'Project Seabird', an Indian naval base are yet to find their feet. [Frontline, December 20, 2003 - January 02, 2004]
- Pagladiya Project: Poor Rehabilitation of Oustees by Akhil Ranjan Dutta [EPW, December 6, 2003]
- In Bhopal, the Poison Still Flows by Pierre Prakash [Liberation, December 3, 2003]
- Contexts and Constructions of Water Scarcity by Lyla Mehta [EPW, Nov., 29, 2003]
- Over 17,000 flee Assam violence BBC News [26 November, 2003]
- Insurgency & Displacement; Perspectives on Nepal by Sarah Kernot, Manjita Gurung [2003 SAFHR paper series - 15]
- Parties have no time for gas victims by Rasheed Kidwai [The Telegraph, November 22, 2003]
- Pakistanis in Bangladesh : Stuck in Alien Nation by Sharier Khan [OneWorld South Asia , 21 November 2003]
- [Bangladesh] Eid day death threat to Kadianis by Amanur Aman [The Daily Star, 18 November 2003]
- Forest Myths, Jungle Laws and Social Justice by R K Rao, S R Sankaran [EPW, November 15, 2003]
- Calculated hospitality [Book Review "Refugees and the State. Practices of Asylum and Care in India, 1947-2000 Edited by Ranabir Samaddar" by Chanakya Sen (Asia Times, Oct 31, 2003)
- [Sri Lanka] Rights of persons subject to involuntary resettlement.
[The Sunday Island,12 October 2003, page 13]
- India, Bangladesh must find solution to refugees' problem [The Hindu, May 25, 2003]
- Arundhati Roy discusses the Sardar Sarovar dam with host Mishal Husain (Programme Transcript for 'The Dammed', broadcast on September 18, 2003 | Wide Angle on PBS)
- Troubled Waters: Residents have fought for decades against dams on India's Narmada River. Now they're almost out of options and the waters are rising by Meenakshi Ganguly
- Sardar Sarovar Dam - Woes of the Displaced by Lyla Bavadam [August 30, 2003]
- The displaced people [Book review of 'The Elsewhere People: Crossborder Migration, Refugee Protection, and State Response: Omprakash Mishra and Anindyo Majumdar; Lancer's Books, P.O. Box No. 4236, New Delhi-110048] [August 19, 2003]
Illegal lives Karachi's two million immigrants face a government crackdown by Hasan Mansoor [Himal magazine, July 2003]
- Monsoon Risings: Mega-Dam Resistance in the Narmada Valley
by Chittaroopa Palit
(New Left Review 21, May-June 2003)
- Risks and Rights: Causes, Consequences, and Challenges of Development-Induced Displacement by Courtland Robinson [Brookings-SAIS, May 2003]
- [Sri Lanka] Land and property rights of Internally Displaced Persons by Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA) [February 2003]
- Deep in the woods A murky battle rages on inside India's forests and court rooms. by Nava Thakuria, Sopan Joshi and Satyasundar Barik. (15 January 2003)
- Press Release after Public Hearing on Hunger, New Delhi January 10, 2003 | Call for Action
- Dying of hunger in a land of surplus by Luke Harding
(21 November 2002)
- Nepal: From evil state to civil society Two decades of NGO-led development in Nepal has been accomplished through a steady privatisation of the state's welfare functions and an erosion of community institutions by Saubhagya Shah. [Himal Magazine November 2002]
- The Politics of Agitation and Confession: Displaced Bengalis in West Bengal by Abhijit Dasgupta
- Orissa: Surviving against Odds: Case of Kashipur 
by Deba Ranjan sarangi [August 2002]
- [Sri Lanka]: National Human Rights Commissions and Internally Displaced Persons by Gomez, Mario [Brookings-SAIS, July 2002]
- Death of a school by Jugnu Ramaswamy (June 24, 2002) 
- Displaced Sri Lankans starve as politicians play by Renuka Senanayake [March, 2002]
- India: Development Displacement : Whose Nation is it
by Smitu Kothari
- Refugees and Internaly Displaced People in India A report by U.S. Committee for Refugees
- The Phenomenon of Displacement: A Photoessay by Preeti Singh
- The Greater Common Good (A critique of the Naramada Dam Project) by Arundhati Roy
- The Cost of Living by Arundhati Roy
- Sagarmatha Declaration
{On water resource policies and projects relating to water and hydropower, rights of the people of South Asia over the resources of our lands} [December 2002]
- …xposure: Portrait of a Corporate Crime by Raghu Rai, with an Introduction by Anil Sharma and Bhopal Gas Tragedy: The Worst Industrial Disaster in Human History by Suroopa Mukherjee, with photographs by Raghu Rai Karna Basu [Book Review]
- After 18 years, Bhopal still waits for justice - The Independent (UK) (Aug 29, 2002)
- Invitation from Diane Wilson, who is fasting for the last 29 days in solidarity with the people of Bhopal, July 2002
[See Rediff Article on Diane Wilson]
- The nation that is India by Irfan Habib [The Little Magazine 2002/2]
- Refugees in their own land by Usha Rai [Magazine, The Hindu, January 20, 2002]
- The Fragility of Peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh by Thomas Feeny [Forced Migration Review, October 2001]
- Confronting Bombay's Slums
Sheela Patel, founder of Society for Promotion of Area Resource Center (SPARC) and Mahila Milan (Women Together), long time activist for social justice in slums in Bombay and worldwide
[June 26, 2001] [Radio Programme]
- The adivasi struggle for land rights at Koel-Karo Jharkhand PUCL report [February 2001]
- India: Undermining welfare: In Kashipur today, a no-holds-barred contest is on between old adversaries: tribals and 'industrial development' by Prafull Das [January 7, 2001]
- Involuntary Resettlement and Voluntary Organisations: A View from India by Hari Mohan Mathur [July 2000]
- The Politics of Agitation and Confession: Displaced Bengalis in West Bengal
by Abhijit Dasgupta
[May 2000]
- Dams, Displacement, Policy and Law in India (Case study commissioned by the World Commission on Dams) by Harsh Mander, Ravi Hemadri, and Vijay Nagaraj
(August 1999)
- 13th Anniversary of the Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal - Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udyog Sangathan (BGPMUS, is the Organization of Bhopal Women-Worker Victims)
- Bhopal Revisited: The View from Below by Aparna Basu (a paper on the 10th Anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, when the BJP govt. was in power in MP)
- Interview with Jabbar Khan [Convener of The Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udyog Sangathana (the BGPMUS, the Organization of Bhopal Women-Worker Victims), an organization predominantly of Muslim women, has been at the forefront of struggles against UCC, the eviction of slum dwellers, and communal violence. For More on Bhopal => Bhopal Group for Information and Action | Sambhavna Trust | Bhopal Express | CorpWatch's Bhopal Pages

Homeless - Foundations of our lives by Jai Sen + Still photos by Marc Edwards [New Internationalist, 1996]

India -- Olga Tellis v. Bombay Municipal Corporation (1985.07.10) (Right to Life and Livelihood for Homeless) [7 October1985]
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