AIDS Bhed Bhav Virodhi Andolan (ABVA)
[AIDS Anti Discrimination Committee]

PO Box 5308,
Delhi 11053,

The ABVA is based in Delhi and it has been running a free dispensary amongst women in prostitution at GB road, Delhi's red light district for the last several years.
ABVA got involved with AIDS activism in 1989 on hearing from women in the red light district that doctors from a govt hostpital along with the people from the Indian council of medical research had forcibly tested them for HIV with the help of police. ABVA protested this action, asking that good quality condoms, humane treatment and rehabilitation schemes for the HIV positive be made a prerequisite for any government screening for HIV.

ABVA sucessfully managed to stall the draconian AIDs prevention Bill, 1989 through petitions to parliament, public meetings, protest actions, & networking both in India and abroad. As a result the bill now lies with a parliamentary review committee. Between 1990 onwards ABVA organised a series of public demonstrations. All throughout ABVA has broadbased its actions by involving other NGOs, people from slums around Delhi and gay people. Meetings have been held with authorities and a series of citizens reports have been produced. Its most well known publication is
'Less than Gay: A citizens report on the Status of Homosexuality in India' It has been campaigning also for the decriminalistion of Sodomy by repealing all disciminatory legislation.

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