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India: End Hostilities, Start Dialogue

by Citizens Initiative for Peace, 11 December 2009

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The following is a statement issued on behalf of the Citizens Initiative for Peace.

While there were indications from the government as well as the Maoists some time back that they were prepared to consider the idea of a dialogue as proposed by the Citizens Initiative for Peace and other groups, the CIP notes with deep concern that operations by the security forces of the Central and State governments have already been launched in several States causing untold miseries to the tribal people in the affected regions.

Meanwhile, the CIP also observes with grave anxiety that work on mega projects continues unabated despite the local people’s persisting resistance while the demand for making the MoUs public has fallen on deaf ears.

In this context the CIP firmly believes that unless the concrete problems of poverty, deprivation and displacement are addressed urgently by the authorities the present cycle of violence cannot be reversed.

Therefore the CIP

(a) calls upon the governments to implement forthwith the Samatha Judgement of the Supreme Court that recognises the tribal communities’ right and control over land, forests and natural resources, including underground minerals, within their domain;

(b) feels that to create a conducive atmosphere for dialogue work on the mega projects should be suspended;

(c ) urges the government as well as the Maoists to cease hostilities without any condition so that free and frank dialogue can take place on the issues involved and for exploring the possibilities of finding solutions to the tribal people’s basic problems which have remained neglected for long years leading to the current crisis;

(d) appeals to both sides to create peaceful conditions for fruitful talks.

Surendra Mohan, D. Bandyopadhyay, Manoranjan Mohanty, Ravi Hemadri, Sumit Chakravartty