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The Big March: Migratory Flows After Partition of India
by Prashant Bharadwaj, Asim Kwaja and Atif Mian (EPW, August 30, 2008)

Book Review: Partition Regrets
Partition and the Making of the Mohajir Mindset: A Narrative  by Brigadier AR Siddiqui (Oxord University Press Karachi, 172 pages)
by A G Noorani (Frontline, September 12, 2008)

Remembering Sylhet: A Forgotten Story of India’s 1947 Partition
by Anindita Dasgupta (EPW, August 15, 2008)

Book Review: Lines that divide peoples' hearts
The Partition Motif in Contemporary Conflicts
Edited by Smita Tewari Jassal, Eyal Ben–Ari (Sage. Pages 381. Rs.480)

by Kanwalpreet (Spectrum, August 3, 2008)

Partition as conflict resolution
by Rita Manchanda (Himal, June 2008)

Metaphor, Memory, Myth: recasting partition as
in Salil Choudhury, Manas Ray, Helene Cixous

by Tutun Mukherjee (EPW, May 10, 2008)

Book Review: Can Partition be undone?
Crisis in the Subcontinent: Partition, Can It Be Undone? by Lal Khan (Wellred Publications, London, 2001 / Lahore 2003 / Aakar Books, Delhi, 2007, pp225)
by Ranabir Sammadar (EPW, February 2, 2008)

The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories
by Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar
(Columbia University Press,
October, 2007, Cloth, 304 pages, 25 illus. ISBN: 978-0-231-13846-8)

Book Review: The Human Cost
The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan by Yasmin Khan (Viking, Penguin, Pages 251)
by AG Noorani (Frontline, October 6, 2007)

Book Review: Path to Partition - a witness account
An American Witness to India's Partition by Phillips Talbot (Sage, Pages 440)
by AG Noorani
(Frontline, October 6, 2007)

The psychiatrist’s Partition
by Anirudh K Kala, Alok Sarin and Sanjeev Jain (in Himal, August 2007)

A Bloody March in 1947
by Ishtiaq Ahmed (The News, August 18, 2007)

Other Travails: Telling the story of the most neglected victims of Partition
by  Ramachandra Guha (The Telegraph, August 18, 2007)

Would you like to visit Pakistan?
by Ravinder Kaur (The Guardian / Comment is Free, August 17, 2007)

Sixty years of Partition: Celebration or Lamentation
by K Z Islam  (The Daily Star, August 17, 2007)

Freedom Came With A Price
by Ashis Nandy (The Times of India, August 16, 2007)

India and Pakistan: partition lessons
by Ravinder Kaur (Open Democracy, August 16, 2007)

A 60-year partition of minds
by Ayesha Siddiqa and Kuldip Nayar (Rediff.com, August 14, 2007)

60 years of remembering
by Pamela Philipose (Indian Express, August 13, 2007)

Expatriates question the 1947 partition
(in The Times of India, April 16, 2007 ]

Book Review: Examining the great divide
Partitions: Reshaping States and Minds
by Stefano Bianchini, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Rada Ivekovic and Ranabir. Samaddar. Frank Cass, New York (First Indian reprint). Pages 176.
by V. N. Datta (The Tribune, April 1, 2007)

Book Review: Memory, lived and forgotten
Since 1947: Partition Narratives among Punjabi Migrants of Delhi
by Ravinder Kaur, Oxford University Press, 2007

by Urvashi Butalia (in The Financial Express, April 1, 2007)

Partition and the South Asian Diaspora: Extending the Subcontinent
by Papiya Ghosh 
(Publisher: Routledge India, January 2007, 308pp. [ISBN-10: 0415424097])

Book Review: Divided Memories
Bengal Partition Stories: An Unclosed Chapter, edited by Dr Bashabi Fraser - Publisher Anthem, September 2006, ISBN (HB) 1843312255
by Santanu Sanyal (in Business Line, February 2, 2007)

"A Tale of Two Cities: The Aftermath of Partition for Lahore and Amritsar 1947–1957"
by Ian Talbot (Modern Asian Studies, Volume 41, Issue 01, January 2007, pp 151-185)

Book Review: Surviving Liberation
Torn from the Roots: A Partition Memoir, Kamla Patel, translated by Uma Randeria, Women Unlimited, 2006
by Jyoti Nair Belliappa (in Literary Review / The Hindu, December 3, 2006)

Partitions, memories and reconciliation
by Satya P. Gautam (Seminar, November 2006)

Punjab, partition and Pakistan
by Iftikhar H. Malik (Seminar, November 2006)

Book Review: Letting Silence Speak
Unsettling Partition: Literature, Gender and Memory by Jill Didur
by Karen Herland (in Concordia Journal, November 9, 2006)

Rehearsing the Partition: gendered violence in 'Aur Kitne Tukde'
by Jisha Menon (Feminist Review, Volume 84, Number 1, 2006, pp. 29-47(19) )

'Religious Differences had nothing to do with Partition'
by Salil Mishra (Kashmir Times, September 16, 2006)

Pakistan scholar attempts to trace origin of Lohani Pathans
by Varinder Walia (The Tribune, August 24, 2006)

Birth Pangs
by Ashis Nandy (The Times of India, August 13, 2006)

The Last Journey:
Exploring Social Class in the 1947 Partition Migration
by Ravinder Kaur (EPW, June 3, 2006)

The Historiographical Operation:
Memory and History

by Ranabir Samaddar
(EPW, June 3, 2006)

Gendering Oral History of Partition
by Anjali Bhardwaj Datta
(EPW, June 3, 2006)

Book Review: Partitions by Kamleshwar, Penguin, Rs 350
Reviewed by Shams Afif Siddiqi (The Telegraph, May 26, 2006)

Book Review: Coming to terms with history
Partition Dialogues: Memories of a Lost Home
Alok Bhalla, OUP, hardback, p.244, Rs. 395

by Keki N Daruwala (in: Literary Review The Hindu, May 07, 2006)

A Train to Karachi -II
by Amar Jaleel (in: Magazine Section Dawn, March 12, 2006)

Routine Violence: Nations, Fragments, Histories
by Gyanendra Pandey (Published in 2006 by Stanford University Press / Permanent Black)

Manto's Open It: Engendering Partition Narratives

Sarvar V Sherry Chand  (EPW, January 28, 2006)

Book Review:
Old Maps and New : Legacies of the Partition : A Pakistan Diary
by Kavita Panjabi
(Calcutta, Seagull Books, 2005 |  ISBN : 8170462223) 

by Debali Mookerjea-Leonard (The Book Review, December 2005)

"Partition, Migration and Exile: Ritwik Ghatak and the Constitution of the Cinematic Signifier"
by Anuradha Ghosh (
a paper presented in the UGC – National Seminar on Diasporic Studies: Theory, Literature and Arts, December 15-16, 2005, held at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.)

Book Review: Ongoing History, Continuing Effects
Ramya Sreenivasan (H-Gender-MidEast, January, 2005) Ritu Menon, ed. No Woman's Land: Women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Write on the Partition of India. New Delhi: Women Unlimited, 2004.

Could Partition have been made less bloody?
Ramachandra Guha (Magazine Section - The Hindu, August 28, 2005)

Partition and Many Nationalisms
by Nonica Datta [EPW, July 15, 2005]

Book Review: Community Problems
Life After Partition: Migration, Community and Strife in Sindh, 1947-1962
by Sarah Ansari (Oxford University Press, Karachi, Pages: 240, Price: Rs 395)

by Tariq Rahman (June 19, 2005)

Book Review: Heroines from a Lost Homeland
Coming Out of Partition: Refugee Women of Bengal by Gargi Chakravarty - Bluejay Books, New Delhi, 2005, pp 200
by Sumanta Banerjee (EPW, April 23, 2005)

"Woman" and "homeland" in Ritwik Ghatak's films: Constructing post-Independence Bengali cultural identity
by Erin O'Donnell (Jump Cut, Winter 2005)

"Introduction: Mourning and Memory"
Rebecca Saunders and Kamran Aghaie (Comparative Studies of South Asia Africa and the Middle East, 2005; 25: 17 - 29)

"Gender, Memory, Trauma: Women's Novels on the Partition of India"
by Ananya Jahanara Kabir (Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East - Volume 25, Number 1, 2005, pp. 177-190)

"Generations of Memory: Remembering Partition in India/Pakistan and Israel/Palestine" 
by Jonathan D. Greenberg (Comparative Studies of South Asia Africa and the Middle East, 2005; 25: 89 - 110)

"Quarantined: Women and the Partition"
by Debali Mookerjea-Leonard (Comparative Studies of South Asia Africa and the Middle East, 2004; 24: 35 - 50)

Nostalgia of 'Desh', Memories of Partition
by Anasua Basu Raychaudhury (EPW, December 25, 2004)

Violence, Displacement and the Issue of Identity -- 1947
(Concurrent Session A-2 | SDPI Conference Islamabad, December 2004

Book Review
The Trauma and the Triumph: Gender and Partition in Eastern India edited by Jasodhara Bagchi and Subhoranjan Dasgupta;
published by Stree, Kolkata 2003; pp 272, Rs 500

by Tanika Sarkar (Seminar, December 2004)

Book Review: Partition and Its Meanings
The Trauma and the Triumph: Gender and Partition in Eastern India edited by Jasodhara Bagchi and Subhoranjan Dasgupta;
published by Stree, Kolkata 2003;
pp 272, Rs 500. 

by Himani Bannerji (EPW, August 21, 2004)

Book Review: The Aftermath of Partition in South Asia. By Tai Yong Tan and Gyanesh Kudaisya.
Reviewed by Sarah Ansari (Pacific Affairs, Summer 2004, Vol 77, No 2)

Forced Migration and Ethnic Cleansing in Lahore in 1947: Some First Person Accounts
by Ishtiaq Ahmed (June 2004)

Cinema's taboo on partition
by Mehboob Khan (BBC, 11 June, 2004)

Divided families and the making of nationhood in India and Pakistan, 1947--1965
by Vazira Zamindar, PhD Dissertation, Columbia University, 2003
Download the dissertation (PDF Format) -- (Only accesible to Columbia affiliates).

"The arrival impact of Partition refugees in Uttar Pradesh, 1947-52" 
by Yasmin Khan (Contemporary South Asia, 12:4, 2003)

Legacy of a Divided Nation: A Book reveiw of 'Witness to Partition: A Memoir by B.R. Nanda'
by Arnab Bhattacharya (The Telegraph, November 21, 2003)

'I am Not a Refugee': Rethinking Partition Migration
by Md. Mahbubar Rahman and Willem Van Schendel (Modern Asian Studies, 37, 3, 2003, pp.551-584.)

Borders and Boundaries in Partition Literature
by Shivam Vij (September 2003)

Book Review: Pointers to Partition
A Narrative of Communal Politics: Uttar Pradesh, 1937-39 by Salil Misra; Sage, New Delhi, 2001; pp 363, Rs 295.

by Gyanesh Kudaisya (June 2003)

Midnight's Children Humanities Festival - Teach-In on Thirty Years of Indian and Pakistani History: A Tryst with Destiny (March 6 , 2003) 
Aamir Mufti
Gyan Pandey

Partition: Why shy away from debate?
by Dr. Iftikhar H. Malik (August 20, 2002)

Social Roots of Partition Process
by Ram Puniyani (SACW, February 17, 2002)

Partition Revisited - A Letter to the Editor 
by Rajindar Sachar (Times of India, January 27, 2003)

The Partition debate - I
by Mushirul Hasan (The Hindu, January 02, 2002)

The Partition debate - II
by Mushirul Hasan (The Hindu, January 03, 2002)

Memories of a Fragmented Nation: Rewriting the Histories of India's Partition by Mushirul Hasan [N.D.]

Moment of Parting 
by Dipankar Gupta (The Telegraph, February 4, 2002)

The 1947 Partition of India:
A Paradigm for Pathological Politics in India and Pakistan

by Ishtiaq Ahmed

Cripps and India's Partition
by A.G. Noorani (Frontline, 20 - August 02, 2002)
Cripps and India's Partition-II
by A.G. Noorani (Frontline, August 3 - 16, 2002)

Misreading Partition Road Signs
by Hamza Alavi (November 2002)

India and Pakistan,1947-2002
by Gyanendra Pandey (March 2002)

[The Introductory Essay] Remembering Partition:Violence, Nationalism an History in India
by Gyanendra Pandey

Book Review: Retelling History
Pangs of Partition, Volume I: The Parting of Ways, and Volume II: The Human Dimension edited by S Settar and Indira Baptista Gupta; Indian Council of Historical Research, Manohar, New Delhi, 2002; pp 368+358, Rs 700 each.
by Charu Gupta (April 2002)

Porus Border, Divided Selves: A symposium on Partitions in the East (A special issue of Seminar, February 2002)

The 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary
by Lucy Chester (January 2002)

Review Article: The Partition of India
by A.G. Noorani (December 22, 2001)

Les partitions comparées
R. Ivekovic (Actes du VIII ème
Congrès de l'Association pour la Recherche InterCulturelle (ARIC)
Univ ersité de Genève - 24-28 septembre 2001)

India and Partition
by Nandini Gooptu [2001]

    "Remembered Villages: Representation of Hindu-Bengali Memories in the Aftermath of Partition,"
    by Dipesh Chakrabarty (Economic and Political Weekly, August 10, 1996)

Subcontinental Divide:
A study of the effects of Partition on India's people.
by Akash Kapur

History, Nation and Community: Reflections on Nationalist Historiography of India and Pakistan
by Rajeev Bhargava

Azad Jinnah and Partition [ A review article]
by Ayesha Jalal (May 1989)

The Legacy Project: Legacy Events Index
India - Pakistan Partition

The past in the present: India, Pakistan and history
by Maruf Khwaja

Freedom in an idiom of loss
by Jasodhara Bagchi (2002)

The Partitions of Memory
The Afterlife of the Division of India

Edited by Suvir Kaul
- See Review article: New perspectives on Partition by Naunidhi Kaur

Pakistan or Partition of India
by B. R. Ambedkar (1945)


- The Cloud-Capped Star (Meghey Dhaka Tara)
Directed by Ritwik Ghatak.
1960, 35mm, b/w, 126 min

Garam Hawa
by Directed by MS Sathyu, 1973
(An important film on the Partition of India -1947) [short excerpt on Youtube]
- The Division of Hearts (A documentary on Partition by Peter Chappel and Sati Khanna)
- Mammo (A valuable film on Partition by Shyam Benegal, 1994/ 130 mins)
-  Khamosh Pani (A film by Subiha Sumar)
- Earth (A film by Deepa Mehta)
- Tamas (A Television series based on the writing of Bhisham Sahni)
- Partition (A film by Tariq Ali and McMullen)
- Earth (based on Pakistani novelist Bapsi Sidwa's Cracking India on the political dynamics of the India/Pakistan 1947 partition)
- Karvaan a film by Pankaj Butalia (1999)
(A Review of the film Karvaan)
- Train to Pakistan
- Stories of the Broken Self (a documentary by Furrukh Khan)
Rabba Hun Kee Kariye (Thus Departed our Neighbours) (65')

a film by Ajay Bhardwaj on 1947 recounted in countryside Punjab
- Partition Footage from CNN:
1.9M/44 sec. QuickTime movie           
4M/44 sec. QuickTime movie          

- Partition - The Day India Burned (A BBC documentary)

- The Sky Below (75’)
2006/07, directed by Sara Singh
(The India-Pakistan frontier six decades after Partition)

- Rabba Hun Kee Kariye (65')
2007, directed by Ajay Bhardwaj
(The scars of Partition in Indian Punjab)


1. Dividing up a library at the time of 1947 partition [Photo: Life Magazine, August 1947]

2. Emergency trains crowded with desperate refugees

3. Epic misery:
Rare photographs of the horrors of India's Partition in 1947

Related Reference Materials:

Toba Tek Singh
A short story by Sadat Hasan Manto

Riots: Partition, 1947  
by Samarendra Sengupta

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Migration of the Punjab Families to Pakistan during the Partition of India, 1947
-- A family history website of the Namdar family

Partitions Compared and Lessons Learnt:
Issues in the Politics of Dialogue and Peace
(International Programme for Advance Studies at the Maison des Sciences de l'homme and the Columbia University Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall in Paris)

Partition and Genocide: Manifestation of Violence in Punjab 1937-47.
Anders Bjørn Hansen (Delhi. India Research Press, 2002)

Select Research Bibliography on the Partition of India
Compiled by Vinay Lal

Fragments of Imagination: Rethinking the Literary in Historiography through Narratives of India's Partition

Literatures of Partition

Earth: Background to Partition

Remembering Partition

Oral Archive: India: A People Partitioned

No Man's Land: Crossing the Border Between India and Pakistan by Stephen Alter Published by University of Pennsylvania Press (USA) and Penguin Books (India)

Halfway to Freedom: A Report on the New India in the Words and Photos of Margaret Bourke-White. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1949

Impact of Partition: Refuges in Pakistan
by Amtul Hassan.
Manohar. Pages 141. Rs 260

Partition and Genocide: Manifestation of Violence
in Punjab 1937-47
by Anders Bjørn
Hansen (Delhi. India Research Press, 2002)

Bengal Partition Studies

A life of commitment: Bhisham Sahni, 1915 - 2003
by Rajendra Sharma
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