Writing History of India and dangers from the far right: Web resources "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past" -- George Orwell's 1984
Communalisation Of History:  The Long Battle Ahead
by Amar Farooqui [August 17, 2008]

Predicaments of Secular Histories
by Neeladri Bhattacharya [Winter 2008]

The Right-wing is the final authority on the Ramayana, there's no space for debate or scholarly discussion
by Khalid Akhter [April, 2008]

A New Edifice : A book review
by Rudrangshu Mukherjee [March 28, 2008]

Many Rams: Many Ramayanas
by Ram Puniyani [March 25, 2008]

Crying wolf: Ramayana, Ramanujan and the ABVP
by T K Rajalakshmi [March 15, 2008]

Unlikely Arrows In Ram’s Quiver
by Raghu Karnad [March 15, 2008]

How many Ramayanas ? I am for many Ramayanas
by DP Satish [reproduced at SACW on March 6, 2008]

Case of the Missing Wife: History is free, and thus should be used responsibly
by Rudrangshu Mukherjee [March 6, 2008]

Sahmat statement re ABVP's assault on the Department of History, Delhi University
[February 26, 2008]

Upholding scientific principles of historical writing: Interview with K.N. Pannikar
by C Gouridasan Nair [February 25, 2008]

Violence by ABVP activists in the Delhi University's Department of History [February 25, 2008]
An e-mail account from Delhi

Response to Sangh objections on AK Ramanujan's History text
Note prepared by the departmental council of the department of history, University of Delhi, in its meeting of February 4, 2008

ABVP protests and Mayawati support them on 'contentious' text
A news report [February 3, 2008]

Looking for a Hindu Identity
by D N Jha
[Presentation at the 66th Indian History Congress, Shantiniketan, January 28, 2006]
Selected news reports on the 66th Indian History Congress
Guard against colour to history says Pranab Mukherjee at the India History Congress (News Report - 28 January 2006)

First official Pakistan delegation to attend IHC
by Jayanth Jacob

Detoxify Textbooks
by Manjari Mishra  [December 8, 2006]

NCERT refuses to chop beef mention
[May 27, 2006]

Review Article

India: The War Over History
by William Dalrymple  [April 7, 2005]

The Rediff Interview / Romila Thapar
[February 10, 2005]

A scathing indictment
by T.K. Rajalakshmi
The exoneration of the historians involved with the "Towards Freedom Project" in the interim report of the Bandopadhyay Committee is evidence of the BJP-led government's communal agenda. [January 29, 2005]

Forgotten themes
R. Champakalakshmi talks to historian Romila Thapar [December 19, 2004]

History Textbooks in India: Narratives of Religious Nationalism
by K N Panikkar
[October, 2004]

Caught in historical cliches
by Praful Bidwai
[September 11, 2005]

"Learning History Without Burden" - the Advisory prepared for India's National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT) on how teachers could teach using the pre-2000 and the existing textbooks, which are flawed and biased, and endeavour to work towards more child friendly books in future. [August 2004]

Report of the Panel of Historians submitted to Ministry of Human Resource
Development, Government of India [August 2004]

India considers historic rewrite
by Scott Baldauf
[July 16, 2004]

India's Battle Over its History
by J. Sri Raman [June 4, 2004]

One nation's many pasts

by Romila Thapar [April 2, 2004]

Saffron Infusion: Hindutva, History, and Education
by Latha Menon
[?, 2004]

Historians plan 'parallel textbooks'
[December, 2003]

Myth and History
by AndrÉ BÉteille [October 11, 2003]

Text-Books, Politics and the Practice of History
by Tripta Wahi [September 2003]

Bulldozing the Past into Existence
by Janaki Nair [2003]

Romila Thapar: Her Struggle for a Non-Sectarian History Continues
by Richard Barnett and B. P. Giri [Fall 2003]

In Defence of the Indian Historian Romila Thapar 
SACW Alert [April 28, 2003]

Paradigm shift' in history? - I
'Paradigm shift' in history? - II
by Michael Witzel [April 1 and April 8, 2003]

A new brand of history - II
by Vishwa Mohan Jha [March 1, 2003]

A critique of NCERT texts - I
by Vishwa Mohan Jha [February 15, 2003]

Hindutva and its ‘mhystory’
by Pradip Kumar Datta [February 2003]

Historical pedagogy of the Sangh Parivar
by Tanika Sarkar [February 2003]

'The Problem' in: Rewriting History
by Neeladri Bhattacharya [February, 2003]

History As Told By Non-Historians
by Anjali Modi

Teaching against Communalism: Role of Social Science Pedagogy 
by Ananya Vajpeyi  [December 21, 2002]

"Communalization of Education: The History Textbooks Controversy"
by the Delhi Historians' Group 

History Period
by Shahid Amin [March 31, 2002]

Communalising Education
by Bipan Chandra, Yogendra Singh, Namwar Singh, G S Bhalla, Annie Koshy, Kamala Menon, Sumit Sarkar and a large number of others.
Delhi [March 9, 2002]

Attempt to rewrite History fascist: Bipan
[ 21 February, 2002]

Communalisation of Education: Fighting history's textbook war [January 28, 2002]

History and community sentiment
by Rajeev Bhargava
[Jan 02, 2002 ]

India moves to "Talibanise" history
by John Elliott
[17 December 2001]

History and the enterprise of knowledge
by Amartya Sen

The text of inaugural address at the 61st session of the Indian History Congress.
[Jan 20, 2001 ]

Hindutva and history: Why do Hindutva ideologues keep flogging a dead horse?
by Romila Thapar 
[October 13, 2000]

Horse Paly in Harrapa: The Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax
by Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer
(report on media hype, faked data, and Hindutva propaganda in recent claims that the Indus Valley script has been decoded. Ever since the publication of this article, the Hindutva Far right has consistently attacked and derided the work of Witzel and Farmer)

October 13, 2000]

History and interpretation: Communalism and problems of historiography in India
by Irfan Habib

Rightist history is communal history
The Rediff Interview/ K N Panikkar

To reduce history to religion is distorting history
The Rediff Interview/ K N Panikkar

Communalism And History Textbooks
by R.S. Sharma

Does Indian History Need To Be Rewritten?
by Sumit Sarkar (December 2, 2001)

Time, Chronology and History: the Indian Case
by Harbans Mukhia

The history project
The reconstitution of the Indian Council of Historical Research points to a continuing drive to project a certain ideological agenda.
by Sukumar Muralidharan

Historians flay bid to communalise history (News report) Nov. 2001

The Communal Offensive and the Indian Council of Historical Research
by Tanika Sarkar
[April 2000]

The falsification of history
by Parvathi Menon
[March 18, 2000]

Righting or rewriting Hindu history
Ann Ninan [February 2000]

Against Communalising History
by D. N. Jha
[March 1999]

History Writing Takes a Strong Hindu Turn
by Ann Ninan

Hindu zealots altering history: scholars
by Deepshikha Ghosh, New Delhi

Project on history terminated
[The Hindu, 3 November 1998]
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Interview by Shiraz Sidhva

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Speak Out Against the Hindutva Assault on California's History Textbooks
How the Hindu Far Right in the US tried to undermine history writing on India:
Hindutva Goes to School
by Shalini Gera & Girish Agrawal
[Feb 4, 2006]

Defending the Faith: New Battleground In Textbook Wars: Religion in History

Daniel Golden in Wall Street Journal [January 25, 2006]
India History Spat Hits the US
by Scott Baldauf
January 24, 2006]

Yankee Hindutva: Indian Jim Crow in “Victim”
by Raja Swamy [January 19, 2006]

Rewriting textbooks in California
by Nalini Taneja
[January 14, 2006]

Indian-Americans Decry Attempts by Hindu Supremacist Groups to Rewrite India's History
by Friends of South Asia
[January 12, 2006]

The Hindutva deluge in California
by Kanupriya Vashisht [January 11, 2006]
Now, Hindu Nationalists Rewriting California Textbooks
by Angana Chatterji
[January 6, 2006]

Interview with Professor Michael Witzel
by Rediff.com
[December 30, 2005]

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