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India: Letter of Appeal to the UN Re. Cases of Security Forces Killing and Injuring Civilians in Kashmir
by Angana Chatterji [September 11, 2008]

India: Kashmir “economic blockade” and its aftermath - an investigation
Press Release by PUDR [August 26, 2008]

Statement on Censorship and Violence against Press in Kashmir
by Reporters Without Borders [25 August 2008]

India: Getting Away With Murder: 50 years of the Armed Forces (Special Power's) Act
by Human Rights Watch [18 August , 2008]

Letter to Pakistan's Prime Minister to Abolish the Death Penalty
by Human Rights Watch [17 June 2008]

State-Sponsored Repression, Say Human Rights Activists
by Keya Acharya [3  June 2008]

The Jaipur terror scapegoat: The poor Bengali muslim migrant
A report by Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan [24 May 2008]

India: Fair Trial Doubtful for Honored Rights Advocate
Chhattisgarh Government Should Not Use Naxalite Issue to Silence Critics

by Human Rights Watch [April 29, 2008]

Citizens Challenge Emergency Rule in Pakistan
A record on dissenting views and public action, peoples initiatives from Nov. 3, 2007 on

Pakistan: State Of Emergency And Crackdown:
Media reports, edits, analysis + citizens response + protest actions

[SACW | 2-5 November, 2007]

Judicial Review of India’s Special Security Laws Goes from Bad to Worse
by Masooda Parveen

[July 2007]

So-called Anti-Terrorist Laws are Tools of State Terrorism
[Sub: Submission for South Asia Sub-Regional Hearing in New Delhi, New Delhi, 27-28 February 2007]
by  Rohit Prajapati [28 February 2007]

Clemency for Mohd. Afzal Guru - A petition submitted to the President of India - with a full list of the names of those who endorsed it on the Internet [submitted on 7 February 2007 at 22.36 hrs ]

Valley Of Nightmares : Mental health in Kashmir needs urgent attention
[29 January 2007 - Human Rights Features)

Post-mortem of Afzal Guru Case
- by K. G. Kannabiran  [14 November 2006]

- Gujarat as another country:
The making and reality of a fascist realm
by Prashant Jha [October, 2006]

- Halting the descent into medieval barbarity
by Praful Bidwai [October 21, 2006]

- Scrutinising these special powers of India's armed forces
by Rakesh Shukla [October 20, 2006]

Hanging Afzal Would be a Stigma on Indian Democracy: Afzal in his own words
A booklet by The Society for the Protection of Detainees' and Prisoners' Rights
[October, 2006]

- Attack on India's Parliament: Last Chance to Know What Really Happened
by Nirmalangshu Mukherji [October 17, 2006]
- Revenge isnt justice: An open letter to India's President and Prime Minister
by Jagmohan Singh and Anand Patwardhan [October 4, 2006]

- Save Afzal Guru From the Gallows
by JKCCS [October 2006]

- Anti-terrorism and Security Laws In India: AReport To The Association of The Bar of the City of New York
by Anil Kalhan, Gerald P. Conroy, Mamta Kaushal, Sam Scott Miller, and Jed S. Rakoff [September 19, 2006]

- Everyone Lives in Fear: Patterns of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir
by Human Rights Watch
[September 12, 2006]

- India: Press Release by Committee for enquiry on December 13 [August 11, 2005]

- A Very Special Police: India's 'Special Cell' and Abuses
by Nirmalangshu Mukherji [July 1, 2005]

- Torture in South Asian Perspective and Few Words
by Odhikar and Ubinig [on the occassion of the International Day Against Torture]

- Untoo, the police and the press
by Mukul Dube [June 15, 2005]

-Playing on fear, from Godhra to Guantanamo
by Siddharth Varadarajan [June 13, 2005]

- Book Review: Official secrets and a frame-up by Sarbari Sinha (My Days in Prison by Iftikar Gilani; Penguin Books, 2005; pages 148) [May 7, 2005]

- India: Many Lives of S.A. R. Geelani ! - J' Accuse !
by Subhash Gatade
[March 15, 2005]

- India: Geelani's Guilt: Presumed or Being Fabricated?
by Mukul Dube
[March 10, 2005]

- India: Citizens Letter to National Human Rights commission re disinformation campaign by the police and sections of the media in the case relating to the murderous attack on Prof. S. A. R. Geelani [February 14, 2005]

- India: Low credibility of police
by Kuldip Nayar [February 14, 2005]

-India: The Bare Life of S.A.R Geelani, Ph.D.
by Ananya Vajpeyi [February 12, 2005]

- An Open Letter to the Home Minister of India [February 9, 2005]

[ See Photos of citizens protest against attack on Professor Geelani in Delhi on 9 February 2005 | Photos by Mukul Dube > 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]

- Reviving Nepal: King Gyanendra must be
told where to get off -- Human Rights Features 113 [17 Feb 2005]

- SAHR Demands Nepal's return to democratic rule
[Released on February 12, 2005]
- Nepal: a list of confirmed detainees and the circumstances surrounding their detention -- Human Rights Watch [9 February 2005]

- Nepal Under Military Rule: Urgent Public Appeal from the Nepalese Human Rights Community [February 8, 2005]

- Royal Takeover in Nepal: Drastic and Ill-advised by Kanak Mani Dixit [SACW - February 3, 2005]


- India: Concerned citizens Open Letter to PM - Re: The attack on Parliament and its implications [26 November 2004]

- Dead end in Punjab by Brad Adams [December 20, 2004]

- Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) Repeal Ordinance - Myth and Reality by Rajindar Sachar

- South Asia Citizens Wire #2 | 8-9 October, 2004 [India: Human Rights Special]

- India's Draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act by Sriram [October 6, 2004]

- Who Attacked the Parliament? by Nirmalangshu Mukherji [September 30, 2004]

- India: Beyond the Limits of Law by Ajay K Mehra [August 21, 2004]

- Soiled Hands: The Pakistan Army's Repression of the Punjab Farmers' Movement by Human Rrights Watch [Report | July 21, 2004]

- Twenty Years of Impunity: The November 1984 Pogroms of Sikhs in India. [150-page report | July 2004]

- India | Shock on the body: The Sadashiva commission report on police violence should be published
by Bhaswati Chakravorty
[May 13, 2004]

Bangladesh: The Ahmadiyya Community - their rights must be protected
by Amnesty International
[23 April 2004]

- India: Gujarat: Human spirit refuses to be vanquished
by Biraj Swain and Somnath Vatsa
[April 2004]

India: Interim Report into the Demolitions at Yamuna Pushta -- PUDR [24 April, 2004]

India: Price of Honour: Caste Panchayats as Instruments of Terror
by Brinda Karat
[April 14, 2004]

Committee for Information and Initiative on Punjab vs. State of Punjab and Paramjit Kaur vs. State of Punjab and Ors.
-- Brief Amici Curiae of Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights and Human Rights Watch (about large scale cremations committed by the Punjab Police from 1984 to 1994.) [November 2003]

Supreme Court of India Judgement in Madan Singh Vs. State of Bihar [April 2, 2004]

India: A translation in Punjabi of "Break the cycle of impunity and torture in Punjab" -- Amnesty International [Sep 23, 2003]

Appeal to health professionals and human rights activists against the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy in India's Mental Health Institutions
by Aparna Waikar, Bhargavi Davar, Chandra Karhadkar and others
[April 3, 2003]

India: Notes from prison by Iftikhar Gilani [18 January 2003]

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