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Citizens Against India-Pakistan Conflict in Kargil, Kashmir (May-July 1999)

Pakistan Peace Coalition

Delhi to Multan : Citizens Peace March (March 23 -May 11, 2005)

Pakistan-India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy 
an independent platform of citizens from the two countries to help develop direct links between the people.
- Appeal for Peace by Indians and Pakistanis (Nov 1995)
Resolutions from the Lahore Convention (Nov 1995)
Press Communique and Declaration from the Calcutta Convention (Dec. 1996)
Declarations & Resolutions from Peshawar Convention (21-22 Nov. 1998)
[ For more documents see web sites of the
India Chapter & to the Pakistan Chapter ]

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India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch
- South Asians Against Nukes Mailing List

External Links:
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
Aman Trust
Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society
Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group
No! No! Campaign!! [No to Missile Testing and No to purchase of F16s and F18s]
- Ban Land Mines Campaign Nepal


Crossing the Lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India
Pervez Hoodbhoy and Zia Mian, Film, Eqbal Ahmad Foundation, 2004 (45 minutes)
Re-thinking Kashmir [Film Review] by Beena Sarwar

Pakistan and India Under the Nuclear Shadow
A video documentary from the Eqbal Ahmad Foundation

P.O. Box 222
PRINCETON, NJ 08542-0222, USA

War and Peace / Jang Aur Aman - A Film by Anand Patwardhan

Quicktime Clip of Anand Patwardhans War and Peace War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman

Talking Peace in South Asia
Citizens proposal for nuclear risk reduction and confidence building agreements for consideration at the July 2001 Pakistan-India Summit by activists of Pakistan Peace Coalition and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP)

Symbols of Statehood: Military Industrialization
and Public Discourse in India

by David Kinsella and Jugdep S. Chima [October 1997]

- Latest Imbroglio in Kashmir: A Chronology and Initial Analysis
by Siddiq Wahid
[August 26, 2008]

- Avert Crackdown Make Way for Peace in Kashmir:
Statements by concerned citizens and rights groups
[August 24 2008] (updated on August 30, 2008)

- India: Cut down defence spending to fight inflation
by Ashok Mitra
[18 August 2008]
- Letter to the UN Re. Humanitarian Crisis in Kashmir
by concerned academics, activists, citizens
[August 12, 2008]
- Sri Lanka: Finding The Road To Peace
by Rohini Hensman
[June 27, 2008]
- Sri Lanka: How Many Deaths Will It Take
by Rohini Hensman
[April 30, 2008]
- Book Review: Witness to folly - An account of the mess created by India and Pakistan in Siachen
by AG Noorani
[February 2, 2008]

Content from 1996-2007:

- Economy of the Conflict Region in Sri Lanka: From Embargo to Repression
by Muttukrishna Sarvananthan
- How Not to Win Friends and Influence People
by Zia Mian
[October 3, 2007]
- A Global Satyagraha Against Imperialism
by Rohini Hensman
[September 30, 2007]
- The Ongoing Struggle For Democracy in Sri Lanka
by Rohini Hensman
[July 6, 2007]
- India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch no 168
[February 28, 2007]
- Siachen madness or mountain peace
by Q Isa Daudpota and Arshad H Abbasi [February 13, 2007]
- India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch no 167
[December 30 - January 15, 2007]
- Is there Light at the end of the Tunnel
by Rohini Hensman [January 2, 2007]
- Sri Lanka's International Straitjacket
by Sunil Bastian
[December, 2006]
India Pakistan Peace Talks and Missile Race Go Hand in Hand
by J. Sri Raman
[November 30, 2006]
- War and learning from our mistakes
by Rohini Hensman [September 11, 2006]
The death of Nawab Akbar Bugti and continuing operation by the army and or paramilitary forces in Baluchistan
A declaration by JAC [August 31, 2006]
- Pakistan: Waiting for Enligtenment
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
[July 24, 2006]
- We Condemn the heinous Crime in Mumbai
A statement by Pakistani Peace Activists on
bombings of July 11, 2006  [July 12, 2006]
- Sri Lanka: Women Say No To War
[May-15, 2006]
- Report of the Fact Finding Mission to Trincomalee (Eastern Province) Sri Lanka
[April-16-17, 2006]
- Sri Lankan Steers Parents to Peace After Loss in War
by Nora Bousatny
[April 19, 2006]
- An Open Letter to Nepali Democrats
by Dilip Simeon and Madhu Sarin
[April 5, 2006]
- Sri Lanka: Funding the “Final War” - LTTE Intimidation and Extortion in the Tamil Diaspora
a report by Human Rights Watch
 [March 15, 2006]
- India: CNDP statement on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal
[March 11, 2006]
- A Deal Not Worth Emulating
by Praful Bidwai
[March 11, 2006]
The US / India Nuclear Pact - A Bad and Dangerous Deal
by Arjun Makhijani
[March 4-5, 2006]
- How the Stalemate Machine Works
by Sanjib Baruah 
[February 20, 2006]
- The Iran Issue
by Achin Vanaik
[February 20, 2006]
- The Nuclear Edge: Pakistan-India war of 2002
Amy Davidson in a discussion with Steve Coll [February 13, 2006]
- Controlling the Bomb
by Zia Mian 
[February 11, 2006]
- Kashmir: A Solution Anyone ?
by A. G. Noorani 
[December 19, 2005]
- When "Security" Looms Larger Than Tsunami
by J. Sri Raman 
[December 19, 2005]
Tall Claim, Little Evidence (that Nuclear deterrence keeps India and Pakistan from going to war) - A book review of
Fearful Symmetry: India-Pakistan Crises in the Shadow of Nuclear Weapons by Sumit Ganguly and Devin Hagerty; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2005
by M V Ramana [December 10, 2005]
- War and Tsunami: Challenges of Post-disaster Development of Coastal Areas in Sri Lanka
by N. Shanmugaratnam
[November,23 2005]
- Pakistan Peace Coalition wants military sales to be scrapped [November 7, 2005]
 - Beyond the wasteland and the minefield: What Afghanistan has to teach
by Aseem Shrivastava
[September 16, 2005]
- Sri-Lanka:
Achieving Legitimacy with Accountability - 'Peace-building and Reconstruction Monitor' No.3
[ A review of vol.16 of Conciliation Resources's Accord Series "Choosing to Engage; Armed Groups and Peace Processes"]
by Sri Lanka Democracy Forum (SLDF) [September 13, 2005]
Dialogue in search of common ground
by Siddharth Varadarajan
[September 5, 2005]
- 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Special Issue, 2005 - Peace Now - Journal of India's Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
Edited by Zia Mian And Smitu Kothari
Hiroshima Memories Don't Deter South Asia's Hawks
by J. Sri Raman [August 9, 2005]
The Road to Peace - Life along the A9:
A Mobile Exhibit
in Sri Lanka
- Call to Purge South Asia of Nuclear Arms
News report on the seminar 'Assessing people-to-people initiatives' [May 28, 2005]

- News Report on the Karachi event 'Imperatives of denuclearization and the peace process' [May 28, 2005]
- Land of No Return?
by Muzamil Jaleel [May 15, 2005]

The seven-year N-itch hasn't ended
by Praful Bidwai

Kashmir: Keeping the bus going
by Harish Khare
[April 13, 2005]
The Road to China
by Sanjib Baruah [April 10, 2005]
Peace road stretches from Delhi to Multan
Amrita Chaudhry [April 10, 2005]
Understanding the Army Doctrine
by Gautam Navlakha
[March 26, 2005]
Peace and Irresponsibility
Recent actions by the Naxalite movement in Andhra Pradesh raise questions about the ethics and lack of accountability on the part of these groups.
by Kalpana Kannabiran, Volga, Vasanth Kannabiran
[March 26, 2005]
India - Pakistan: Rediscovering Each Other by Sandeep Pandey [March 20, 2005]
Fuelling the Arms Race
by Praful Bidwai [March 12, 2005]
Pakistan's Changing Images of India: A Personal View
by Zubeida Mustafa
[winter 2005]
Prejudice in Paradise - Part I, Part II, Part III
A Baggage of distorted histories and divisive myths have made the Kashmir conflict messier, murkier
by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
[February 2-4, 2005]
US Dollar Hegemony - The Soft Underbelly of Empire
by Rohini Hensman, Marinella Correggia
Jammu and Kashmir: Autonomy via Control
by Gautam Navlakha [January 29, 2005]
Farewell to Arms - Don't equate national strength with military might
Editorial, Times of India [January 25, 2005]
A Last Chance For Peace in Sri Lanka
by Rohini Hensman [January 21, 2005]
Don't send the Nagas away empty-handed
by Bharat Bhushan [January 17, 2005]
Urgent appeal to build a new peaceful Sri Lanka
by concerned citizens [January 11, 2005]
Talking peace, making war
by Zia Mian, A H Nayyar, M V Ramana [January 08, 2005]
India-Pakistan 'flashpoint' has not faded away
by J. Sri Raman [December 21, 2004]
Courting insecurity through arms
by Praful Bidwai [December 16, 2004]
Training guns yesterday, peaceniks today
by Sujan Dutta [December 5, 2004]
New Context for India's Struggle against Nukes
by J. Sri Raman [December 3, 2004]
Indo-Pak relations - The hard facts
by M B Naqvi [October 11, 2004]
Who wants peace?
by Anjum Altaf [October 10, 2004]
Solving Kashmir without the Kashmiris
by J. Sri Raman [October 10, 2004]

Sri Lanka: Broadening the discourse on peace and security
by Prof. Asoka Bandarage
[September 23, 2004]
Securing India: Treating Unlikely as Likely
by Gautam Navlakha
[September 18, 2004]
-  What India, Pakistan Won't Talk About
by J. Sri Raman
[September 15, 2004]
- Global nuclear safety regime needed: [An interview with ] Admiral (r) Ramdas
by Waqar Gillani
[September 15, 2004]
Pakistan - India: Inching towards - what?
by M B Naqvi
[September 15, 2004]
- Peace Soldier Admiral Ramdas
Excerpts from an interview conducted by H.Balakrishnan [September 12, 2004]
- No peace without civil society
 by Praful Bidwai
[September 10, 2004]
- PIPFPD demands easier visas, demilitarisation [September 6, 2004]
PIPFPD 10th anniversary celebration: 'Donít exaggerate the threat of war'
by Waqar Gillani
[September 5, 2004]
Resolution adopted at the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Pakistan India People's Forum For Peace and Democracy, Lahore, September 5, 2004
- Opening a Window in Kashmir
 by Ramachandra Guha
[August 28, 2004]
- Dismantling Prejudice -The Journey to a people based peace strategy
Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas [August 27, 2004]
- Peace, Justice and Democracy in Sri Lanka
Asoka Bandarage [August 20, 2004]
- 'Women's Role in Building Peace between India and Pakistan' McGill University, Montreal (July 30 - August 1, 2004)
by Beena Sarwar

- Poor Seek Employment, Not Weapons
by Kuldip Nayar
[July 21, 2004]
- Blurred Borders: Coastal Conflicts between India and Pakistan by Charu Gupta, Mukul Sharma [July 3, 2004]
- Invitation to Anti War Assembly by  Citizens Against War and Occupation [July 24-25, 2004]
Next Steps For Nuclear Talks
by Zia Mian, A.H. Nayyar, R. Rajaraman, M.V. Ramana
[June 24, 2004]
Re-thinking Kashmir [Film Review]
by Beena Sarwar
[June 27, 2004]
Reduce Nuclear Risk With Pakistan
by Editorial, The Hindu
[June 19, 2004]
When three Kashmirs met in London
by Bashir Manzar 
[June 18, 2004]
The Sri Lankan Peace Process
 Asoka Bandarage [June 13, 2004]
Reducing nuclear risk
 M. V. Ramana & R. Rajaraman [June 4, 2004]
The New Line of Control
Omar Noman [April 2, 2004]
Peace in South Asia?: An interview with Zia Mian
by Justin Podur

- Declaration of 4th South Asian People's Summit, 2-4 January 2004, Islamabad
- Passage to India
by Sherry Rehman
[January 3, 2004]
- Report on the media sector meeting held during the Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) summit in Karachi on Dec 13, 2003
Some things to agree on
by Zia Mian, A H Nayyar, Sandeep Pandey And M V Ramana
[January 1, 2004]
Where have we to go
by M B Naqvi
[December 24, 2003]
Rethinking Plebicite in Kashmir
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
(December 22, 2003)
Tapan Bose : Talking peace
by Zaman Khan
[December 21, 2003]
Karachi-to-Delhi Friendship March - June-October 2004
Proposed at PIPFPD meet in Karachi by Karamat Ali And Sandeep Pandey
[ December 15, 2003]
Karachi Declaration at the 6th Convention of the Pakistan India Peoples Forum For Peace and Democracy [December 2003]
Selected press reports on the 6th Convention of Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy in Karachi | December 2003
- One Big Peace Party by Beena Sarwar [December 21, 2003]
Tea and company across the border line by Vidyadhar Date [December 21, 2003]
Peace bid welcomed by Shamim-ur-Rahman [December 15, 2003]
Media urged to strengthen peace in subcontinent by Hasan Mansoor [December 14, 2003]
War on terror a crushing blow to liberalism by Shahid Husain [December 14, 2003]
Indo-Pak body formed against large dams

- Time to seize the Initiative
by Praful Bidwai
[December 6, 2003]
- Kashmir and Rest of India: First Emotional Rupture
by Balraj Puri
[December 6, 2003]
- India and Pakistan must act on the confidence building proposals now
[November 25, 2003]
Broadening the Perspectives for Peace in Sri Lanka
by Asoka Bandarage
[November 10, 2003]
- [Kashmir] Softening the Line of Control
by Luv Puri

- Militarisation and democratic rule in Nepal
by Hari Roka

- PIPFPD: Through a decade of stormy waters
by B .M. Kutty & Karamat Ali
- Conflict yields dividends only for vested interests: Asma Jehangir
by Kalpana
Sharma  [November 18, 2003]
- Pakistan, India urged to work for better ties
A report in Dawn
[November 17, 2003]
- Balancing peace moves, not arms
by Farhatullah Babar
 [November 17, 2003]
- Nikhil Chakravarty and the Momentum of Peace
by Dr Mubashir Hasan
The nuclear thick-skins
by Praful Bidwai [October 25, 2003]
Kashmir: Political Economy of Fiscal Autonomy
by Gautam Navlakha
[October 4, 2003]
What Will They Do to Kashmir Now?
by K Balagopal
[June 21, 2003]
Human rights and the peace process in Sri Lanka
A civil society appeal
[June 6, 2003]
Pluralism, Democracy and Ethnic Conflict Resolution: Trajectories in Sri Lanka
by Jayadeva Uyangoda [May 06, 2003]
- Guns or growth: how ethnic conflict and military spending are bleeding Sri Lanka dry?
by M. Sarvananthan
- Confronting Constructionism: Ending India's Naga War by Sanjib Baruah [May 2003]
Peace Dividend, Development and the Distributional Problem in Sri Lanka
by N. Shanmugaratnam
- South Asian Workshop on Gender , Peace And
(October 21 - 2 5 , 2002) Toshalisands , Puri, India
by Organised by Jagori/ Sangat
Citizens Against War : Joint Statement by Eminent Persons
26 Indians and 26 Pakistanis  [3 June 2002]
- The Most Dangerous Place in the World
by Salman Rushdie
[May 2002]
Splitting the Difference
by Amitava Kumar
Which way now for India? The secular dream is under threat...
by Luke Harding
[June 9, 2002]
- Peace as Daily War
by Krishna Kumar
[June 12, 2002]
- A report on the present condition of custody of Mohd. Yasin Malik, a POTO detainee
by Committee for Initiative on Kashmir (New Delhi) [April 2002]
Untying the Kashmir Knot
Radha Kumar [Spring 2002 ]

- The Current History of Peace Politics; the other side of the war in Kashmir
by Tapan K Bose [2002 | PDF File]
Peace in South Asia: Pipe-Dream or Real Possibility?
by Rohini Hensman
[March. 2002]
- India and Pakistan are caught in a dangerous struggle over
Kashmir. But what do its people want?

by Isabel Hilton
[March 11, 2002]
The Lost Generation: The story of the children of Kashmir
Peace Dividend in South Asia
by Farukh Saleem
(August 2001)
Final Declaration - The Pakistan-India People's Solidarity Conference, New Delhi [July 12, 2001]
- The website of the Pakistan-India People's Solidarity Conference coordination
- Dear India and Pakistan
by Baljit Malik
(June 2001)
The Hour of the Hawk
by Pamela Philipose
(July 2001)
Global Vigil for Peace on 2 October 2001 (on Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday)
A Tiny Antiwar Movement Takes on Nukes, Military Spending, and Dictatorship Pakistanís Peaceniks
by Michael Kamber
(October 24, 2001)
A People's Expedition across South Asian Borders
- A Very Friendly Hostile Country
 by students of Delhi university
following their trip to Pakistan
- Bitter Chill of Winter [India, Pakistan and Kashmir]
 by Tariq Ali
(April 2001)
- A Window on Pakistan
Sumanta Banerjee (April 22, 2000)
- To See an End of Blood Bath in Kashmir
 by Amit Chakraborty
(May 2000)
Opening Borders, Welcoming Peace
by Kalpana Sharma
(9 April 2000)
Governing through Peace Accords: A Democratic Inquiry
by Ranabir Samaddar (1999)
- No Such Thing Aa A War For Peace
by Qadri Ismail
(Dec 27, 1999)
- Imagine...
by Irfan Hussain [1999]
- Jingoistic hysteria takes hold in India
by Praful Bidwai
- Nuclear Circus Comes to Town
by Zia Mian [May 9, 1999]
- India Pakistan: People Want to Scale Walls of Hatred
 by Rita Manchanda 
The End of Imagination
by Arundhati Roy 
Give Peace A Chance
by Kalpana Sharma & Ayesha Khan
Citizens Vigil at the Pak-India Border
A Kashmiri People's Solution for Kashmir
by Eqbal Ahmed
Indian & Pakistani Women Connect across borders
 by Amrita Chhachhi
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