Indians & Pakistani citizens oppose war in Kargil, Kashmir

Citizens Oppose
India-Pakistan Conflict in Kargil Kashmir

(May-July 1999)

In solidarity with anti-war and peace initiatives from both sides of the Indo Pak border

As Pakistani
and Indian citizens
we extend our hands
of friendship across
borders and jointly
challenge the war hysteria launched
by both our

Statements & Declarations by Citizens Groups

Statements from India Chapter of Pakistan India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD) May - June 1999

Press Release by Action Committee Against Arms Race (ACAAR), Karachi on 24 May 1999

Press Release by Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament (MIND) May 28, 1999

Joint Statement by Prominent Indians and Pakistanis issued in Delhi and Karachi, June 1, 1999

All India Catholic Union appeal for urgent steps to de-escalate tension and restore peace (Press Statement of June 14, 1999)

Press Release by Chairperson of India Chapter of Pakistan India People's forum for Peace and Democracy, Hyderabad, June 18, 1999

Press Release, 21 June 1999 by Pakistan-India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy Islamabad / Rawalpindi Chapter

Press Release from Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC) 26 June 1999 
Pakistani Rights Activists ask India & Pakistan not to move towards war
[news report, June 30, 1999]

Pakistani Carpet Workers Oppose War
Report by Farooq Sulehria

Report of a Procession in Calcutta against War in Kargil [A memorandum to the Indian & Pak PM's signed by 350 people]

Pakistan Peace Coalition Press Statement
(8 July 1999)

Press release by Pakistan India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy, West Bengal Chapter (11th July,1999)

1000 people March in Calcutta
to demand Peace
A Report by Amit Chakraborty
(15 July 1999)

Citizens Initiatives

Citizens Against War - India
Citizens Against War was formed in New Delhi on June 18, 1999 at a meeting called by the National Committee of Pakistan India Forum for Peace and Democracy. The anti-war forum at present consists of 12 Delhi based human rights groups, women's groups, environmentalists, lawyers, trade unions, university and school teachers, cultural workers, and other mass organisations.

A Discussion list called South Asians for Peace:
on the Web at
To subscribe, email to

On Victims of War:
Relevant News Stories

15 June 99 (BBC)
Thousands displaced by Kashmir fighting

18 June 99 (BBC)
Mass exodus over war fears

24 Jun 99 (BBC)
Border villages feel the fallout

6 July 99 (BBC)
Kashmiris Caught in the Crossfire

20 July 99 (BBC)
Punjab border villagers keep away

They love this war - have a stake in it

India's Far Right Calls for the Use of Nuclear Weapons against Pakistan

Writings on the undeclared war in Kargil Kashmir, on the danger of nuclear war & on Indo Pak Ties (May-July 1999)

The Enhanced Dangers of a Clash Over Kashmir
By Amin Saikal

The Imperilled Paradise
by Salman Rushdie

From Pokharan to Kargil: The Nuclear Danger Is No Fantasy
by Praful Bidwai

The warning from Kargil
By Achin Vanaik

War is No Solution
by Mohammad Farooq

Line of Control:
Reflections on the State at War in South Asia & the World


When Gunfire Blew out the Peace Candles
by Mohua Chatterjee

Law rather than War on Kashmir
by Zia Mian

Battles in the Mind
by Teesta Seetalvad

Don't Escalate Kargil To All-Out-War
by Siddharth Varadarajan

Call for an End to Armed Intrusion
[News report in The Hindu, 26 June 1999]

War would be suicidal for both Nations: Pakistani Poet
By Ikram Ali

A Foolish Ban
by Chanchal Sarkar

I am Venal you are Scum
by Dilip D'Souza

The Ordinary Pakistani Wants Peace with India
by Beena Sarwar

The Precipice at Kargil
by Iqbal Jafar

A Way out of Kashmir Quagmire
by S.P. Udayakumar

E-mail message from a Pakistani to an Indian Friend
[Identity withheld]

Reporting from Gagangir, A Kargil War Refugee Camp
by Tapan Bose

Real issues are clouded by national chauvinism
by Ashim Chatterjee

Passions and Paranoia
by Irfan Hussain

War and Peace
by Anand Patwardhan

Patriotism and Pacifism in Times of War
by Nivedita Menon

Media and Muslims [in India]: Looking beyond Kargil
by V.B. Rawat

Kargilonomics: Let's make peace, not war
by Ashim Chatterjee

Is Peace Unthinkable
by Kalpana Sharma

A School in Alibag - A Bunch of Kids - & Sundry Conversations: A Ray of Hope In The Worst Of Times
by Lalita Ramdas

Paki-Bashing In The Age Of Subcontinental Nukes
[A comment by an expatriat Indian on the hateful reference to Pakistani's in Indian Media & e-mail discussion lists]

Open Letter to Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan
Safdar Hasan Siddiqi

It will soon be Minus 50 in Kargil
by Rashme Sehgal

The Price of War
by Shrikant Rao

The Dogs of War
by S Venkitaramanan

The War in Kargil
by Ravi G

What does it mean to be a nationalist ?
by Dr. Sandeep Pandey

The Real Cost of Kashmir
by Irfan Hussain

War clouds in the subcontinent
by Omar Kureishi

South Asia: A Plea for Peace
by Ahson Saeed Hasan

The Kashmir Conundrum
by Pritam K Rohila

Who is afraid of Indo - Pakistan Peace
by V.B. Rawat

Victory in Reverse: The Great Climbdown
by Ayaz Amir

Kargil: Scattered Realities
by Mubashir Hasan

In Defence of Dilip Kumar
A statement by Anand Patwardhan, Teesta Setalvad
Nikhil Wagle, Nalini Malini, Jayant Kriplani

Darkness on The Edge of War
by Dilip D'Souza

Patriot Games
Editorial in the Times of India

Strategic clarity is lacking in approach to Kargil
by Arvind Das

Need to make Line of Control the international border
by Amitabh Mattoo

Avoiding War in South Asia
by Shambhu Lama

Kargil and Badal
[A story from India]
by Anonymous

Saffron Nation Theory
by Ashok Mitra

Jingoistic hysteria takes hold in India
by Praful Bidwai

A Post-Kargil-Mortem
by Shad Moarif

Indo-Pak Power deal off, a victim of Kargil
by George Iype

Heart Surgery heals old wounds of hatred
A report in Indian Express

Only Economics Can Bury South Asia's Ghosts
by Vineeta Kumar

The Kargil Fallout
by Kuldeep Nayar

Links to other materia on the Kargil War:

Shrinking spaces, new places
by P.Sainath

Media Representations and Memorialisations of the Kargil Conflict [and the Gujarat Riots]
by Subarno Chatterji

Indo Pak Border war on Siachen glacier in the Western himalayas
[An Article by Barry Bearak from New York Times]

Amid the high peaks of the western Himalayas, where the air is thin and the temperature drops to 50 below, Pakistan, like India, has about 3,000 soldiers fighting in a border war that is now 15 years old. "This is like a struggle of two bald men over a comb," said Stephen P. Cohen, an authority on the Indian subcontinent at the Brookings Institution.
"Siachen is the epitome of the worst aspects of the relationship. These are two countries that are paired on a road to Oslo or Hiroshima, and at this
point they could go either way."

Pakistani Villagers Willing to Wait for Passage to India
by Pamela Constable (from Washington Post)

On Kashmir

A Kashmiri People's Solution for Kashmir
By Eqbal Ahmad

Kashmir: A Willing Suspension of Reason
By Tapan Bose

Behind the Conflict in Kashmir
A Report by Human Rights Watch

On Lahore

The bus can bring a
Nobel Prize
By Eqbal Ahmad

By Irfan Hussain

A new turn in
India-Pakistan ties
By Asghar Ali Engineer

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